Fahrenheit 451

By Ray Bradbury

“L33T” filter

isbn 978-0-557-07703-8


Translates the text into leet or l33t alphabet, replacing letters of the regular latin alphabet by resembling ASCII characters. The text remains — somehow — readable, but its essence, its bits are completely different.

Fahrenheit 451

By Ray Bradbury

1t w4s 4 pl34sur3 t0 burn 1t w4s 4 sp3c14l pl34sur3 t0 s33 th1ngs 34t3n, t0 s33 th1ngs bl4ck3n3d 4nd ch4ng3d. W1th th3 br4ss n0zzl3 1n h1s f1sts, w1th th1s gr34t pyth0n sp1tt1ng 1ts v3n0m0us k3r0s3n3 up0n th3 w0rld, th3 bl00d p0und3d 1n h1s h34d, 4nd h1s h4nds w3r3 th3 h4nds 0f s0m3 4m4z1ng c0nduct0r pl4y1ng 4ll th3 symph0n13s 0f bl4z1ng 4nd burn1ng t0 br1ng d0wn th3 t4tt3rs 4nd ch4rc04l ru1ns 0f h1st0ry. W1th h1s symb0l1c h3lm3t numb3r3d 451 0n h1s st0l1d h34d, 4nd h1s 3y3s 4ll 0r4ng3 fl4m3 w1th th3 th0ught 0f wh4t c4m3 n3xt, h3 fl1ck3d th3 1gn1t3r 4nd th3 h0us3 jump3d up 1n 4 g0rg1ng f1r3 th4t burn3d th3 3v3n1ng sky r3d 4nd y3ll0w 4nd bl4ck. H3 str0d3 1n 4 sw4rm 0f f1r3fl13s. H3 w4nt3d 4b0v3 4ll, l1k3 th3 0ld j0k3, t0 sh0v3 4 m4rshm4ll0w 0n 4 st1ck 1n th3 furn4c3, wh1l3 th3 fl4pp1ng p1g30n-w1ng3d b00ks d13d 0n th3 p0rch 4nd l4wn 0f th3 h0us3. Wh1l3 th3 b00ks w3nt up 1n sp4rkl1ng wh1rls 4nd bl3w 4w4y 0n 4 w1nd turn3d d4rk w1th burn1ng. M0nt4g gr1nn3d th3 f13rc3 gr1n 0f 4ll m3n s1ng3d 4nd dr1v3n b4ck by fl4m3. H3 kn3w th4t wh3n h3 r3turn3d t0 th3 f1r3h0us3, h3 m1ght w1nk 4t h1ms3lf, 4 m1nstr3l m4n, burnt-c0rk3d, 1n th3 m1rr0r. L4t3r, g01ng t0 sl33p, h3 w0uld f33l th3 f13ry sm1l3 st1ll gr1pp3d by h1s f4c3 muscl3s, 1n th3 d4rk. 1t n3v3r w3nt 4w4y, th4t sm1l3, 1t n3v3r 3v3r w3nt 4w4y, 4s l0ng 4s h3 r3m3mb3r3d.

H3 hung up h1s bl4ck-b33tl3-c0l0r3d h3lm3t 4nd sh1n3d 1t; h3 hung h1s fl4m3pr00f j4ck3t n34tly; h3 sh0w3r3d luxur10usly, 4nd th3n, wh1stl1ng, h4nds 1n p0ck3ts, w4lk3d 4cr0ss th3 upp3r fl00r 0f th3 f1r3 st4t10n 4nd f3ll d0wn th3 h0l3. 4t th3 l4st m0m3nt, wh3n d1s4st3r s33m3d p0s1t1v3, h3 pull3d h1s h4nds fr0m h1s p0ck3ts 4nd br0k3 h1s f4ll by gr4sp1ng th3 g0ld3n p0l3. H3 sl1d t0 4 squ34k1ng h4lt, th3 h33ls 0n3 1nch fr0m th3 c0ncr3t3 fl00r d0wnst41rs. H3 w4lk3d 0ut 0f th3 f1r3 st4t10n 4nd 4l0ng th3 m1dn1ght str33t t0w4rd th3 subw4y wh3r3 th3 s1l3nt, 41r-pr0p3ll3d tr41n sl1d s0undl3ssly d0wn 1ts lubr1c4t3d flu3 1n th3 34rth 4nd l3t h1m 0ut w1th 4 gr34t puff 0f w4rm 41r 4n t0 th3 cr34m-t1l3d 3sc4l4t0r r1s1ng t0 th3 suburb. Wh1stl1ng, h3 l3t th3 3sc4l4t0r w4ft h1m 1nt0 th3 st1ll n1ght 41r. H3 w4lk3d t0w4rd th3 c0m3r, th1nk1ng l1ttl3 4t 4ll 4b0ut n0th1ng 1n p4rt1cul4r. B3f0r3 h3 r34ch3d th3 c0rn3r, h0w3v3r, h3 sl0w3d 4s 1f 4 w1nd h4d sprung up fr0m n0wh3r3, 4s 1f s0m30n3 h4d c4ll3d h1s n4m3. Th3 l4st f3w n1ghts h3 h4d h4d th3 m0st unc3rt41n f33l1ngs 4b0ut th3 s1d3w4lk just 4r0und th3 c0rn3r h3r3, m0v1ng 1n th3 st4rl1ght t0w4rd h1s h0us3. H3 h4d f3lt th4t 4 m0m3nt b3f0r3 h1s m4k1ng th3 turn, s0m30n3 h4d b33n th3r3. Th3 41r s33m3d ch4rg3d w1th 4 sp3c14l c4lm 4s 1f s0m30n3 h4d w41t3d th3r3, qu13tly, 4nd 0nly 4 m0m3nt b3f0r3 h3 c4m3, s1mply turn3d t0 4 sh4d0w 4nd l3t h1m thr0ugh. P3rh4ps h1s n0s3 d3t3ct3d 4 f41nt p3rfum3, p3rh4ps th3 sk1n 0n th3 b4cks 0f h1s h4nds, 0n h1s f4c3, f3lt th3 t3mp3r4tur3 r1s3 4t th1s 0n3 sp0t wh3r3 4 p3rs0n’s st4nd1ng m1ght r41s3 th3 1mm3d14t3 4tm0sph3r3 t3n d3gr33s f0r 4n 1nst4nt. Th3r3 w4s n0 und3rst4nd1ng 1t. 34ch t1m3 h3 m4d3 th3 turn, h3 s4w 0nly th3 wh1t3, unus3d, buckl1ng s1d3w4lk, w1th p3rh4ps, 0n 0n3 n1ght, s0m3th1ng v4n1sh1ng sw1ftly 4cr0ss 4 l4wn b3f0r3 h3 c0uld f0cus h1s 3y3s 0r sp34k. But n0w, t0n1ght, h3 sl0w3d 4lm0st t0 4 st0p. H1s 1nn3r m1nd, r34ch1ng 0ut t0 turn th3 c0rn3r f0r h1m, h4d h34rd th3 f41nt3st wh1sp3r. Br34th1ng? 0r w4s th3 4tm0sph3r3 c0mpr3ss3d m3r3ly by s0m30n3 st4nd1ng v3ry qu13tly th3r3, w41t1ng? H3 turn3d th3 c0rn3r. Th3 4utumn l34v3s bl3w 0v3r th3 m00nl1t p4v3m3nt 1n such 4 w4y 4s t0 m4k3 th3 g1rl wh0 w4s m0v1ng th3r3 s33m f1x3d t0 4 sl1d1ng w4lk, l3tt1ng th3 m0t10n 0f th3 w1nd 4nd th3 l34v3s c4rry h3r f0rw4rd. H3r h34d w4s h4lf b3nt t0 w4tch h3r sh03s st1r th3 c1rcl1ng l34v3s. H3r f4c3 w4s sl3nd3r 4nd m1lk-wh1t3, 4nd 1n 1t w4s 4 k1nd 0f g3ntl3 hung3r th4t t0uch3d 0v3r 3v3ryth1ng w1th t1r3l3ss cur10s1ty. 1t w4s 4 l00k, 4lm0st, 0f p4l3 surpr1s3; th3 d4rk 3y3s w3r3 s0 f1x3d t0 th3 w0rld th4t n0 m0v3 3sc4p3d th3m. H3r dr3ss w4s wh1t3 4nd 1t wh1sp3r3d. H3 4lm0st th0ught h3 h34rd th3 m0t10n 0f h3r h4nds 4s sh3 w4lk3d, 4nd th3 1nf1n1t3ly sm4ll s0und n0w, th3 wh1t3 st1r 0f h3r f4c3 turn1ng wh3n sh3 d1sc0v3r3d sh3 w4s 4 m0m3nt 4w4y fr0m 4 m4n wh0 st00d 1n th3 m1ddl3 0f th3 p4v3m3nt w41t1ng. Th3 tr33s 0v3rh34d m4d3 4 gr34t s0und 0f l3tt1ng d0wn th31r dry r41n. Th3 g1rl st0pp3d 4nd l00k3d 4s 1f sh3 m1ght pull b4ck 1n surpr1s3, but 1nst34d st00d r3g4rd1ng M0nt4g w1th 3y3s s0 d4rk 4nd sh1n1ng 4nd 4l1v3, th4t h3 f3lt h3 h4d s41d s0m3th1ng qu1t3 w0nd3rful. But h3 kn3w h1s m0uth h4d 0nly m0v3d t0 s4y h3ll0, 4nd th3n wh3n sh3 s33m3d hypn0t1z3d by th3 s4l4m4nd3r 0n h1s 4rm 4nd th3 ph03n1x-d1sc 0n h1s ch3st, h3 sp0k3 4g41n. “0f c0urs3,” h3 s41d, “y0u’r3 4 n3w n31ghb0r, 4r3n’t y0u?” “4nd y0u must b3—”sh3 r41s3d h3r 3y3s fr0m h1s pr0f3ss10n4l symb0ls “—th3 f1r3m4n.” H3r v01c3 tr41l3d 0ff. “H0w 0ddly y0u s4y th4t.” “1’d—1’d h4v3 kn0wn 1t w1th my 3y3s shut,” sh3 s41d, sl0wly. “Wh4t—th3 sm3ll 0f k3r0s3n3? My w1f3 4lw4ys c0mpl41ns,” h3 l4ugh3d. “Y0u n3v3r w4sh 1t 0ff c0mpl3t3ly.” “N0, y0u d0n’t,” sh3 s41d, 1n 4w3. H3 f3lt sh3 w4s w4lk1ng 1n 4 c1rcl3 4b0ut h1m, turn1ng h1m 3nd f0r 3nd, sh4k1ng h1m qu13tly, 4nd 3mpty1ng h1s p0ck3ts, w1th0ut 0nc3 m0v1ng h3rs3lf. “K3r0s3n3,” h3 s41d, b3c4us3 th3 s1l3nc3 h4d l3ngth3n3d, “1s n0th1ng but p3rfum3 t0 m3.” “D03s 1t s33m l1k3 th4t, r34lly?” “0f c0urs3. Why n0t?” Sh3 g4v3 h3rs3lf t1m3 t0 th1nk 0f 1t. “1 d0n’t kn0w.” Sh3 turn3d t0 f4c3 th3 s1d3w4lk g01ng t0w4rd th31r h0m3s. “D0 y0u m1nd 1f 1 w4lk b4ck w1th y0u? 1’m Cl4r1ss3 McCl3ll4n.” “Cl4r1ss3. Guy M0nt4g. C0m3 4l0ng. Wh4t 4r3 y0u d01ng 0ut s0 l4t3 w4nd3r1ng 4r0und? H0w 0ld 4r3 y0u?” Th3y w4lk3d 1n th3 w4rm-c00l bl0w1ng n1ght 0n th3 s1lv3r3d p4v3m3nt 4nd th3r3 w4s th3 f41nt3st br34th 0f fr3sh 4pr1c0ts 4nd str4wb3rr13s 1n th3 41r, 4nd h3 l00k3d 4r0und 4nd r34l1z3d th1s w4s qu1t3 1mp0ss1bl3, s0 l4t3 1n th3 y34r. Th3r3 w4s 0nly th3 g1rl w4lk1ng w1th h1m n0w, h3r f4c3 br1ght 4s sn0w 1n th3 m00nl1ght, 4nd h3 kn3w sh3 w4s w0rk1ng h1s qu3st10ns 4r0und, s33k1ng th3 b3st 4nsw3rs sh3 c0uld p0ss1bly g1v3. “W3ll,” sh3 s41d, “1’m s3v3nt33n 4nd 1’m cr4zy. My uncl3 s4ys th3 tw0 4lw4ys g0 t0g3th3r. Wh3n p30pl3 4sk y0ur 4g3, h3 s41d, 4lw4ys s4y s3v3nt33n 4nd 1ns4n3. 1sn’t th1s 4 n1c3 t1m3 0f n1ght t0 w4lk? 1 l1k3 t0 sm3ll th1ngs 4nd l00k 4t th1ngs, 4nd s0m3t1m3s st4y up 4ll n1ght, w4lk1ng, 4nd w4tch th3 sun r1s3.” Th3y w4lk3d 0n 4g41n 1n s1l3nc3 4nd f1n4lly sh3 s41d, th0ughtfully, “Y0u kn0w, 1’m n0t 4fr41d 0f y0u 4t 4ll.” H3 w4s surpr1s3d. “Why sh0uld y0u b3?” “S0 m4ny p30pl3 4r3. 4fr41d 0f f1r3m3n, 1 m34n. But y0u’r3 just 4 m4n, 4ft3r 4ll. . .” H3 s4w h1ms3lf 1n h3r 3y3s, susp3nd3d 1n tw0 sh1n1ng dr0ps 0f br1ght w4t3r, h1ms3lf d4rk 4nd t1ny, 1n f1n3 d3t41l, th3 l1n3s 4b0ut h1s m0uth, 3v3ryth1ng th3r3, 4s 1f h3r 3y3s w3r3 tw0 m1r4cul0us b1ts 0f v10l3t 4mb3r th4t m1ght c4ptur3 4nd h0ld h1m 1nt4ct. H3r f4c3, turn3d t0 h1m n0w, w4s fr4g1l3 m1lk cryst4l w1th 4 s0ft 4nd c0nst4nt l1ght 1n 1t. 1t w4s n0t th3 hyst3r1c4l l1ght 0f 3l3ctr1c1ty but-wh4t? But th3 str4ng3ly c0mf0rt4bl3 4nd r4r3 4nd g3ntly fl4tt3r1ng l1ght 0f th3 c4ndl3. 0n3 t1m3, wh3n h3 w4s 4 ch1ld, 1n 4 p0w3r-f41lur3, h1s m0th3r h4d f0und 4nd l1t 4 l4st c4ndl3 4nd th3r3 h4d b33n 4 br13f h0ur 0f r3d1sc0v3ry, 0f such 1llum1n4t10n th4t sp4c3 l0st 1ts v4st d1m3ns10ns 4nd dr3w c0mf0rt4bly 4r0und th3m, 4nd th3y, m0th3r 4nd s0n, 4l0n3, tr4nsf0rm3d, h0p1ng th4t th3 p0w3r m1ght n0t c0m3 0n 4g41n t00 s00n. . . . 4nd th3n Cl4r1ss3 McCl3ll4n s41d: “D0 y0u m1nd 1f 1 4sk? H0w l0ng h4v3 y0u w0rk3d 4t b31ng 4 f1r3m4n?” “S1nc3 1 w4s tw3nty, t3n y34rs 4g0.” “D0 y0u 3v3r r34d 4ny 0f th3 b00ks y0u burn?” H3 l4ugh3d. “Th4t’s 4g41nst th3 l4w!” “0h. 0f c0urs3.” “1t’s f1n3 w0rk. M0nd4y burn M1ll4y, W3dn3sd4y Wh1tm4n, Fr1d4y F4ulkn3r, burn ’3m t0 4sh3s, th3n burn th3 4sh3s. Th4t’s 0ur 0ff1c14l sl0g4n.” Th3y w4lk3d st1ll furth3r 4nd th3 g1rl s41d, “1s 1t tru3 th4t l0ng 4g0 f1r3m3n put f1r3s 0ut 1nst34d 0f g01ng t0 st4rt th3m?” “N0. H0us3s h4v3 4lw4ys b33n f1r3pr00f, t4k3 my w0rd f0r 1t.” “Str4ng3. 1 h34rd 0nc3 th4t 4 l0ng t1m3 4g0 h0us3s us3d t0 burn by 4cc1d3nt 4nd th3y n33d3d f1r3m3n t0 st0p th3 fl4m3s.” H3 l4ugh3d. Sh3 gl4nc3d qu1ckly 0v3r. “Why 4r3 y0u l4ugh1ng?” “1 d0n’t kn0w.” H3 st4rt3d t0 l4ugh 4g41n 4nd st0pp3d “Why?” “Y0u l4ugh wh3n 1 h4v3n’t b33n funny 4nd y0u 4nsw3r r1ght 0ff. Y0u n3v3r st0p t0 th1nk wh4t 1’v3 4sk3d y0u.” H3 st0pp3d w4lk1ng, “Y0u 4r3 4n 0dd 0n3,” h3 s41d, l00k1ng 4t h3r. “H4v3n’t y0u 4ny r3sp3ct?” “1 d0n’t m34n t0 b3 1nsult1ng. 1t’s just, 1 l0v3 t0 w4tch p30pl3 t00 much, 1 gu3ss.” “W3ll, d03sn’t th1s m34n 4nyth1ng t0 y0u?” H3 t4pp3d th3 num3r4ls 451 st1tch3d 0n h1s ch4r-c0l0r3d sl33v3. “Y3s,” sh3 wh1sp3r3d. Sh3 1ncr34s3d h3r p4c3. “H4v3 y0u 3v3r w4tch3d th3 j3t c4rs r4c1ng 0n th3 b0ul3v4rds d0wn th4t w4y? “Y0u’r3 ch4ng1ng th3 subj3ct!” “1 s0m3t1m3s th1nk dr1v3rs d0n’t kn0w wh4t gr4ss 1s, 0r fl0w3rs, b3c4us3 th3y n3v3r s33 th3m sl0wly,” sh3 s41d. “1f y0u sh0w3d 4 dr1v3r 4 gr33n blur, 0h y3s! h3’d s4y, th4t’s gr4ss! 4 p1nk blur? Th4t’s 4 r0s3-g4rd3n! Wh1t3 blurs 4r3 h0us3s. Br0wn blurs 4r3 c0ws. My uncl3 dr0v3 sl0wly 0n 4 h1ghw4y 0nc3. H3 dr0v3 f0rty m1l3s 4n h0ur 4nd th3y j41l3d h1m f0r tw0 d4ys. 1sn’t th4t funny, 4nd s4d, t00?” “Y0u th1nk t00 m4ny th1ngs,” s41d M0nt4g, un34s1ly. “1 r4r3ly w4tch th3 ‘p4rl0r w4lls’ 0r g0 t0 r4c3s 0r Fun P4rks. S0 1’v3 l0ts 0f t1m3 f0r cr4zy th0ughts, 1 gu3ss. H4v3 y0u s33n th3 tw0-hundr3d-f00t-l0ng b1llb04rds 1n th3 c0untry b3y0nd t0wn? D1d y0u kn0w th4t 0nc3 b1llb04rds w3r3 0nly tw3nty f33t l0ng? 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M0nt4g h34rd th3 v01c3s t4lk1ng, t4lk1ng, t4lk1ng, g1v1ng, t4lk1ng, w34v1ng, r3w34v1ng th31r hypn0t1c w3b. M0nt4g m0v3d 0ut thr0ugh th3 fr3nch w1nd0ws 4nd cr0ss3d th3 l4wn, w1th0ut 3v3n th1nk1ng 0f 1t. H3 st00d 0uts1d3 th3 t4lk1ng h0us3 1n th3 sh4d0ws, th1nk1ng h3 m1ght 3v3n t4p 0n th31r d00r 4nd wh1sp3r, “L3t m3 c0m3 1n. 1 w0n’t s4y 4nyth1ng. 1 just w4nt t0 l1st3n. Wh4t 1s 1t y0u’r3 s4y1ng?” But 1nst34d h3 st00d th3r3, v3ry c0ld, h1s f4c3 4 m4sk 0f 1c3, l1st3n1ng t0 4 m4n’s v01c3 (th3 uncl3?) m0v1ng 4l0ng 4t 4n 34sy p4c3: “W3ll, 4ft3r 4ll, th1s 1s th3 4g3 0f th3 d1sp0s4bl3 t1ssu3. Bl0w y0ur n0s3 0n 4 p3rs0n, w4d th3m, flush th3m 4w4y, r34ch f0r 4n0th3r, bl0w, w4d, flush. 3v3ry0n3 us1ng 3v3ry0n3 3ls3’s c04tt41ls. H0w 4r3 y0u supp0s3d t0 r00t f0r th3 h0m3 t34m wh3n y0u d0n’t 3v3n h4v3 4 pr0gr4mm3 0r kn0w th3 n4m3s? F0r th4t m4tt3r, wh4t c0l0r j3rs3ys 4r3 th3y w34r1ng 4s th3y tr0t 0ut 0n t0 th3 f13ld?” M0nt4g m0v3d b4ck t0 h1s 0wn h0us3, l3ft th3 w1nd0w w1d3, ch3ck3d M1ldr3d, tuck3d th3 c0v3rs 4b0ut h3r c4r3fully, 4nd th3n l4y d0wn w1th th3 m00nl1ght 0n h1s ch33k-b0n3s 4nd 0n th3 fr0wn1ng r1dg3s 1n h1s br0w, w1th th3 m00nl1ght d1st1ll3d 1n 34ch 3y3 t0 f0rm 4 s1lv3r c4t4r4ct th3r3. 0n3 dr0p 0f r41n. Cl4r1ss3. 4n0th3r dr0p. M1ldr3d. 4 th1rd. Th3 uncl3. 4 f0urth. Th3 f1r3 t0n1ght. 0n3, Cl4r1ss3. Tw0, M1ldr3d. Thr33, uncl3. F0ur, f1r3, 0n3, M1ldr3d, tw0, Cl4r1ss3. 0n3, tw0, thr33, f0ur, f1v3, Cl4r1ss3, M1ldr3d, uncl3, f1r3, sl33p1ng-t4bl3ts, m3n, d1sp0s4bl3 t1ssu3, c04t-t41ls, bl0w, w4d, flush, Cl4r1ss3, M1ldr3d, uncl3, f1r3, t4bl3ts, t1ssu3s, bl0w, w4d, flush. 0n3, tw0, thr33, 0n3, tw0, thr33! R41n. Th3 st0rm. Th3 uncl3 l4ugh1ng. Thund3r f4ll1ng d0wnst41rs. Th3 wh0l3 w0rld p0ur1ng d0wn. Th3 f1r3 gush1ng up 1n 4 v0lc4n0. 4ll rush1ng 0n d0wn 4r0und 1n 4 sp0ut1ng r04r 4nd r1v3r1ng str34m t0w4rd m0rn1ng. “1 d0n’t kn0w 4nyth1ng 4ny m0r3,” h3 s41d, 4nd l3t 4 sl33p-l0z3ng3 d1ss0lv3 0n h1s t0ngu3.

4t n1n3 1n th3 m0rn1ng, M1ldr3d’s b3d w4s 3mpty. M0nt4g g0t up qu1ckly, h1s h34rt pump1ng, 4nd r4n d0wn th3 h4ll 4nd st0pp3d 4t th3 k1tch3n d00r. T04st p0pp3d 0ut 0f th3 s1lv3r t04st3r, w4s s31z3d by 4 sp1d3ry m3t4l h4nd th4t dr3nch3d 1t w1th m3lt3d butt3r. M1ldr3d w4tch3d th3 t04st d3l1v3r3d t0 h3r pl4t3. Sh3 h4d b0th 34rs plugg3d w1th 3l3ctr0n1c b33s th4t w3r3 humm1ng th3 h0ur 4w4y. Sh3 l00k3d up sudd3nly, s4w h1m, 4nd n0dd3d. “Y0u 4ll r1ght?” h3 4sk3d. Sh3 w4s 4n 3xp3rt 4t l1p-r34d1ng fr0m t3n y34rs 0f 4ppr3nt1c3sh1p 4t S34sh3ll 34r-th1mbl3s. Sh3 n0dd3d 4g41n. Sh3 s3t th3 t04st3r cl1ck1ng 4w4y 4t 4n0th3r p13c3 0f br34d. M0nt4g s4t d0wn. H1s w1f3 s41d, “1 d0n’t kn0w why 1 sh0uld b3 s0 hungry.” “Y0u—?” “1’m hungry.” “L4st n1ght,” h3 b3g4n. “D1dn’t sl33p w3ll. F33l t3rr1bl3,” sh3 s41d. “G0d, 1’m hungry. 1 c4n’t f1gur3 1t.” “L4st n1ght—” h3 s41d 4g41n. Sh3 w4tch3d h1s l1ps c4su4lly. “Wh4t 4b0ut l4st n1ght?” “D0n’t y0u r3m3mb3r?” “Wh4t? D1d w3 h4v3 4 w1ld p4rty 0r s0m3th1ng? F33l l1k3 1’v3 4 h4ng0v3r. G0d, 1’m hungry. Wh0 w4s h3r3?” “4 f3w p30pl3,” h3 s41d. “Th4t’s wh4t 1 th0ught.” Sh3 ch3w3d h3r t04st. “S0r3 st0m4ch, but 1’m hungry 4s 4ll-g3t-0ut. H0p3 1 d1dn’t d0 4nyth1ng f00l1sh 4t th3 p4rty.” “N0,” h3 s41d, qu13tly. Th3 t04st3r sp1d3r3d 0ut 4 p13c3 0f butt3r3d br34d f0r h1m. H3 h3ld 1t 1n h1s h4nd, f33l1ng gr4t3ful. “Y0u d0n’t l00k s0 h0t y0urs3lf,” s41d h1s w1f3.

1n th3 l4t3 4ft3rn00n 1t r41n3d 4nd th3 3nt1r3 w0rld w4s d4rk gr3y. H3 st00d 1n th3 h4ll 0f h1s h0us3, putt1ng 0n h1s b4dg3 w1th th3 0r4ng3 s4l4m4nd3r burn1ng 4cr0ss 1t. H3 st00d l00k1ng up 4t th3 41r-c0nd1t10n1ng v3nt 1n th3 h4ll f0r 4 l0ng t1m3. H1s w1f3 1n th3 TV p4rl0r p4us3d l0ng 3n0ugh fr0m r34d1ng h3r scr1pt t0 gl4nc3 up. “H3y,” sh3 s41d. “Th3 m4n’s th1nk1ng!” “Y3s,” h3 s41d. “1 w4nt3d t0 t4lk t0 y0u.” H3 p4us3d. “Y0u t00k 4ll th3 p1lls 1n y0ur b0ttl3 l4st n1ght.” “0h, 1 w0uldn’t d0 th4t,” sh3 s41d, surpr1s3d. “Th3 b0ttl3 w4s 3mpty.” “1 w0uldn’t d0 4 th1ng l1k3 th4t. Why w0uld 1 d0 4 th1ng l1k3 th4t?” sh3 4sk3d. “M4yb3 y0u t00k tw0 p1lls 4nd f0rg0t 4nd t00k tw0 m0r3, 4nd f0rg0t 4g41n 4nd t00k tw0 m0r3, 4nd w3r3 s0 d0p3y y0u k3pt r1ght 0n unt1l y0u h4d th1rty 0r f0rty 0f th3m 1n y0u.” “H3ck,” sh3 s41d, “wh4t w0uld 1 w4nt t0 g0 4nd d0 4 s1lly th1ng l1k3 th4t f0r?” “1 d0n’t kn0w,” h3 s41d. Sh3 w4s qu1t3 0bv10usly w41t1ng f0r h1m t0 g0. “1 d1dn’t d0 th4t,” sh3 s41d. “N3v3r 1n 4 b1ll10n y34rs.” “4ll r1ght 1f y0u s4y s0,” h3 s41d. “Th4t’s wh4t th3 l4dy s41d.” Sh3 turn3d b4ck t0 h3r scr1pt. “Wh4t’s 0n th1s 4ft3rn00n?” h3 4sk3d t1r3dly. Sh3 d1dn’t l00k up fr0m h3r scr1pt 4g41n. “W3ll, th1s 1s 4 pl4y c0m3s 0n th3 w4ll-t0-w4ll c1rcu1t 1n t3n m1nut3s. Th3y m41l3d m3 my p4rt th1s m0rn1ng. 1 s3nt 1n s0m3 b0x-t0ps. Th3y wr1t3 th3 scr1pt w1th 0n3 p4rt m1ss1ng. 1t’s 4 n3w 1d34. Th3 h0m3-m4k3r, th4t’s m3, 1s th3 m1ss1ng p4rt. Wh3n 1t c0m3s t1m3 f0r th3 m1ss1ng l1n3s, th3y 4ll l00k 4t m3 0ut 0f th3 thr33 w4lls 4nd 1 s4y th3 l1n3s: H3r3, f0r 1nst4nc3, th3 m4n s4ys, ‘Wh4t d0 y0u th1nk 0f th1s wh0l3 1d34, H3l3n?’ 4nd h3 l00ks 4t m3 s1tt1ng h3r3 c3ntr3 st4g3, s33? 4nd 1 s4y, 1 s4y—” Sh3 p4us3d 4nd r4n h3r f1ng3r und3r 4 l1n3 1n th3 scr1pt. “‘1 th1nk th4t’s f1n3!’ 4nd th3n th3y g0 0n w1th th3 pl4y unt1l h3 s4ys, ‘D0 y0u 4gr33 t0 th4t, H3l3n!’ 4nd 1 s4y, ‘1 sur3 d0!’ 1sn’t th4t fun, Guy?” H3 st00d 1n th3 h4ll l00k1ng 4t h3r. “1t’s sur3 fun,” sh3 s41d. “Wh4t’s th3 pl4y 4b0ut?” “1 just t0ld y0u. Th3r3 4r3 th3s3 p30pl3 n4m3d B0b 4nd Ruth 4nd H3l3n.” “0h.” “1t’s r34lly fun. 1t’ll b3 3v3n m0r3 fun wh3n w3 c4n 4ff0rd t0 h4v3 th3 f0urth w4ll 1nst4ll3d. H0w l0ng y0u f1gur3 b3f0r3 w3 s4v3 up 4nd g3t th3 f0urth w4ll t0rn 0ut 4nd 4 f0urth w4ll-TV put 1n? 1t’s 0nly tw0 th0us4nd d0ll4rs.” “Th4t’s 0n3-th1rd 0f my y34rly p4y.” “1t’s 0nly tw0 th0us4nd d0ll4rs,” sh3 r3pl13d. “4nd 1 sh0uld th1nk y0u’d c0ns1d3r m3 s0m3t1m3s. 1f w3 h4d 4 f0urth w4ll, why 1t’d b3 just l1k3 th1s r00m w4sn’t 0urs 4t 4ll, but 4ll k1nds 0f 3x0t1c p30pl3’s r00ms. W3 c0uld d0 w1th0ut 4 f3w th1ngs.” “W3’r3 4lr34dy d01ng w1th0ut 4 f3w th1ngs t0 p4y f0r th3 th1rd w4ll. 1t w4s put 1n 0nly tw0 m0nths 4g0, r3m3mb3r?” “1s th4t 4ll 1t w4s?” Sh3 s4t l00k1ng 4t h1m f0r 4 l0ng m0m3nt. “W3ll, g00d-by, d34r.” “G00d-by,” h3 s41d. H3 st0pp3d 4nd turn3d 4r0und. “D03s 1t h4v3 4 h4ppy 3nd1ng?” “1 h4v3n’t r34d th4t f4r.” H3 w4lk3d 0v3r, r34d th3 l4st p4g3, n0dd3d, f0ld3d th3 scr1pt, 4nd h4nd3d 1t b4ck t0 h3r. H3 w4lk3d 0ut 0f th3 h0us3 1nt0 th3 r41n.

Th3 r41n w4s th1nn1ng 4w4y 4nd th3 g1rl w4s w4lk1ng 1n th3 c3ntr3 0f th3 s1d3w4lk w1th h3r h34d up 4nd th3 f3w dr0ps f4ll1ng 0n h3r f4c3. Sh3 sm1l3d wh3n sh3 s4w M0nt4g. “H3ll0!” H3 s41d h3ll0 4nd th3n s41d, “Wh4t 4r3 y0u up t0 n0w?” “1’m st1ll cr4zy. Th3 r41n f33ls g00d. 1 l0v3 t0 w4lk 1n 1t. “1 d0n’t th1nk 1’d l1k3 th4t,” h3 s41d. “Y0u m1ght 1f y0u tr13d.” “1 n3v3r h4v3.” Sh3 l1ck3d h3r l1ps. “R41n 3v3n t4st3s g00d.” “Wh4t d0 y0u d0, g0 4r0und try1ng 3v3ryth1ng 0nc3?” h3 4sk3d. “S0m3t1m3s tw1c3.” Sh3 l00k3d 4t s0m3th1ng 1n h3r h4nd. “Wh4t’v3 y0u g0t th3r3?” h3 s41d. “1 gu3ss 1t’s th3 l4st 0f th3 d4nd3l10ns th1s y34r. 1 d1dn’t th1nk 1’d f1nd 0n3 0n th3 l4wn th1s l4t3. H4v3 y0u 3v3r h34rd 0f rubb1ng 1t und3r y0ur ch1n? L00k.” Sh3 t0uch3d h3r ch1n w1th th3 fl0w3r, l4ugh1ng. “Why?” “1f 1t rubs 0ff, 1t m34ns 1’m 1n l0v3. H4s 1t?” H3 c0uld h4rdly d0 4nyth1ng 3ls3 but l00k. “W3ll?” sh3 s41d. “Y0u’r3 y3ll0w und3r th3r3.” “F1n3! L3t’s try y0u n0w.” “1t w0n’t w0rk f0r m3.” “H3r3.” B3f0r3 h3 c0uld m0v3 sh3 h4d put th3 d4nd3l10n und3r h1s ch1n. H3 dr3w b4ck 4nd sh3 l4ugh3d. “H0ld st1ll!” Sh3 p33r3d und3r h1s ch1n 4nd fr0wn3d. “W3ll?” h3 s41d. “Wh4t 4 sh4m3,” sh3 s41d. “Y0u’r3 n0t 1n l0v3 w1th 4ny0n3.” “Y3s, 1 4m!” “1t d03sn’t sh0w.” “1 4m v3ry much 1n l0v3!” H3 tr13d t0 c0njur3 up 4 f4c3 t0 f1t th3 w0rds, but th3r3 w4s n0 f4c3. “1 4m!” “0h pl34s3 d0n’t l00k th4t w4y.” “1t’s th4t d4nd3l10n,” h3 s41d. “Y0u’v3 us3d 1t 4ll up 0n y0urs3lf. Th4t’s why 1t w0n’t w0rk f0r m3.” “0f c0urs3, th4t must b3 1t. 0h, n0w 1’v3 ups3t y0u, 1 c4n s33 1 h4v3; 1’m s0rry, r34lly 1 4m.” Sh3 t0uch3d h1s 3lb0w. “N0, n0,” h3 s41d, qu1ckly, “1’m 4ll r1ght.” “1’v3 g0t t0 b3 g01ng, s0 s4y y0u f0rg1v3 m3. 1 d0n’t w4nt y0u 4ngry w1th m3.” “1’m n0t 4ngry. Ups3t, y3s.” “1’v3 g0t t0 g0 t0 s33 my psych14tr1st n0w. Th3y m4k3 m3 g0. 1 m4d3 up th1ngs t0 s4y. 1 d0n’t kn0w wh4t h3 th1nks 0f m3. H3 s4ys 1’m 4 r3gul4r 0n10n! 1 k33p h1m busy p33l1ng 4w4y th3 l4y3rs.” “1’m 1ncl1n3d t0 b3l13v3 y0u n33d th3 psych14tr1st,” s41d M0nt4g. “Y0u d0n’t m34n th4t.” H3 t00k 4 br34th 4nd l3t 1t 0ut 4nd 4t l4st s41d, “N0, 1 d0n’t m34n th4t.” “Th3 psych14tr1st w4nts t0 kn0w why 1 g0 0ut 4nd h1k3 4r0und 1n th3 f0r3sts 4nd w4tch th3 b1rds 4nd c0ll3ct butt3rfl13s. 1’ll sh0w y0u my c0ll3ct10n s0m3 d4y.” “G00d.” “Th3y w4nt t0 kn0w wh4t 1 d0 w1th 4ll my t1m3. 1 t3ll th3m th4t s0m3t1m3s 1 just s1t 4nd th1nk. But 1 w0n’t t3ll th3m wh4t. 1’v3 g0t th3m runn1ng. 4nd s0m3t1m3s, 1 t3ll th3m, 1 l1k3 t0 put my h34d b4ck, l1k3 th1s, 4nd l3t th3 r41n f4ll 1nt0 my m0uth. 1t t4st3s just l1k3 w1n3. H4v3 y0u 3v3r tr13d 1t?” “N0 1—” “Y0u h4v3 f0rg1v3n m3, h4v3n’t y0u?” “Y3s.” H3 th0ught 4b0ut 1t. “Y3s, 1 h4v3. G0d kn0ws why. Y0u’r3 p3cul14r, y0u’r3 4ggr4v4t1ng, y3t y0u’r3 34sy t0 f0rg1v3. Y0u s4y y0u’r3 s3v3nt33n?” “W3ll—n3xt m0nth.” “H0w 0dd. H0w str4ng3. 4nd my w1f3 th1rty 4nd y3t y0u s33m s0 much 0ld3r 4t t1m3s. 1 c4n’t g3t 0v3r 1t.” “Y0u’r3 p3cul14r y0urs3lf, Mr. M0nt4g. S0m3t1m3s 1 3v3n f0rg3t y0u’r3 4 f1r3m4n. N0w, m4y 1 m4k3 y0u 4ngry 4g41n?” “G0 4h34d.” “H0w d1d 1t st4rt? H0w d1d y0u g3t 1nt0 1t? H0w d1d y0u p1ck y0ur w0rk 4nd h0w d1d y0u h4pp3n t0 th1nk t0 t4k3 th3 j0b y0u h4v3? Y0u’r3 n0t l1k3 th3 0th3rs. 1’v3 s33n 4 f3w; 1 kn0w. Wh3n 1 t4lk, y0u l00k 4t m3. Wh3n 1 s41d s0m3th1ng 4b0ut th3 m00n, y0u l00k3d 4t th3 m00n, l4st n1ght. Th3 0th3rs w0uld n3v3r d0 th4t. Th3 0th3rs w0uld w4lk 0ff 4nd l34v3 m3 t4lk1ng. 0r thr34t3n m3. N0 0n3 h4s t1m3 4ny m0r3 f0r 4ny0n3 3ls3. Y0u’r3 0n3 0f th3 f3w wh0 put up w1th m3. Th4t’s why 1 th1nk 1t’s s0 str4ng3 y0u’r3 4 f1r3m4n, 1t just d03sn’t s33m r1ght f0r y0u, s0m3h0w.” H3 f3lt h1s b0dy d1v1d3 1ts3lf 1nt0 4 h0tn3ss 4nd 4 c0ldn3ss, 4 s0ftn3ss 4nd 4 h4rdn3ss, 4 tr3mbl1ng 4nd 4 n0t tr3mbl1ng, th3 tw0 h4lv3s gr1nd1ng 0n3 up0n th3 0th3r. “Y0u’d b3tt3r run 0n t0 y0ur 4pp01ntm3nt,” h3 s41d. 4nd sh3 r4n 0ff 4nd l3ft h1m st4nd1ng th3r3 1n th3 r41n. 0nly 4ft3r 4 l0ng t1m3 d1d h3 m0v3. 4nd th3n, v3ry sl0wly, 4s h3 w4lk3d, h3 t1lt3d h1s h34d b4ck 1n th3 r41n, f0r just 4 f3w m0m3nts, 4nd 0p3n3d h1s m0uth. . . .

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M0nt4g bl1nk3d. B34tty w4s l00k1ng 4t h1m 4s 1f h3 w3r3 4 mus3um st4tu3. 4t 4ny m0m3nt, B34tty m1ght r1s3 4nd w4lk 4b0ut h1m, t0uch1ng, 3xpl0r1ng h1s gu1lt 4nd s3lf-c0nsc10usn3ss. Gu1lt? Wh4t gu1lt w4s th4t? “Y0ur pl4y, M0nt4g.” M0nt4g l00k3d 4t th3s3 m3n wh0s3 f4c3s w3r3 sunburnt by 4 th0us4nd r34l 4nd t3n th0us4nd 1m4g1n4ry f1r3s, wh0s3 w0rk flush3d th31r ch33ks 4nd f3v3r3d th31r 3y3s. Th3s3 m3n wh0 l00k3d st34d1ly 1nt0 th31r pl4t1num 1gn1t3r fl4m3s 4s th3y l1t th31r 3t3rn4lly burn1ng bl4ck p1p3s. Th3y 4nd th31r ch4rc04l h41r 4nd s00t-c0l0r3d br0ws 4nd blu1sh-4sh-sm34r3d ch33ks wh3r3 th3y h4d sh4v3n cl0s3; but th31r h3r1t4g3 sh0w3d. M0nt4g st4rt3d up, h1s m0uth 0p3n3d. H4d h3 3v3r s33n 4 f1r3m4n th4t d1dn’t h4v3 bl4ck h41r, bl4ck br0ws, 4 f13ry f4c3, 4nd 4 blu3-st33l sh4v3d but unsh4v3d l00k? Th3s3 m3n w3r3 4ll m1rr0r-1m4g3s 0f h1ms3lf! W3r3 4ll f1r3m3n p1ck3d th3n f0r th31r l00ks 4s w3ll 4s th31r pr0cl1v1t13s? Th3 c0l0r 0f c1nd3rs 4nd 4sh 4b0ut th3m, 4nd th3 c0nt1nu4l sm3ll 0f burn1ng fr0m th31r p1p3s. C4pt41n B34tty th3r3, r1s1ng 1n thund3rh34ds 0f t0b4cc0 sm0k3. B34tty 0p3n1ng 4 fr3sh t0b4cc0 p4ck3t, crumpl1ng th3 c3ll0ph4n3 1nt0 4 s0und 0f f1r3. M0nt4g l00k3d 4t th3 c4rds 1n h1s 0wn h4nds. “1-1’v3 b33n th1nk1ng. 4b0ut th3 f1r3 l4st w33k. 4b0ut th3 m4n wh0s3 l1br4ry w3 f1x3d. Wh4t h4pp3n3d t0 h1m?” “Th3y t00k h1m scr34m1ng 0ff t0 th3 4sylum” “H3 w4sn’t 1ns4n3.” B34tty 4rr4ng3d h1s c4rds qu13tly. “4ny m4n’s 1ns4n3 wh0 th1nks h3 c4n f00l th3 G0v3rnm3nt 4nd us.” “1’v3 tr13d t0 1m4g1n3,” s41d M0nt4g, “just h0w 1t w0uld f33l. 1 m34n t0 h4v3 f1r3m3n burn 0ur h0us3s 4nd 0ur b00ks.” “W3 h4v3n’t 4ny b00ks.” “But 1f w3 d1d h4v3 s0m3.” “Y0u g0t s0m3?” B34tty bl1nk3d sl0wly. “N0.” M0nt4g g4z3d b3y0nd th3m t0 th3 w4ll w1th th3 typ3d l1sts 0f 4 m1ll10n f0rb1dd3n b00ks. Th31r n4m3s l34pt 1n f1r3, burn1ng d0wn th3 y34rs und3r h1s 4x3 4nd h1s h0s3 wh1ch spr4y3d n0t w4t3r but k3r0s3n3. “N0.” But 1n h1s m1nd, 4 c00l w1nd st4rt3d up 4nd bl3w 0ut 0f th3 v3nt1l4t0r gr1ll3 4t h0m3, s0ftly, s0ftly, ch1ll1ng h1s f4c3. 4nd, 4g41n, h3 s4w h1ms3lf 1n 4 gr33n p4rk t4lk1ng t0 4n 0ld m4n, 4 v3ry 0ld m4n, 4nd th3 w1nd fr0m th3 p4rk w4s c0ld, t00. M0nt4g h3s1t4t3d, “W4s—w4s 1t 4lw4ys l1k3 th1s? Th3 f1r3h0us3, 0ur w0rk? 1 m34n, w3ll, 0nc3 up0n 4 t1m3. . .” “0nc3 up0n 4 t1m3!” B34tty s41d. “Wh4t k1nd 0f t4lk 1s th4t?” F00l, th0ught M0nt4g t0 h1ms3lf, y0u’ll g1v3 1t 4w4y. 4t th3 l4st f1r3, 4 b00k 0f f41ry t4l3s, h3’d gl4nc3d 4t 4 s1ngl3 l1n3. “1 m34n,” h3 s41d, “1n th3 0ld d4ys, b3f0r3 h0m3s w3r3 c0mpl3t3ly f1r3pr00f3d—” Sudd3nly 1t s33m3d 4 much y0ung3r v01c3 w4s sp34k1ng f0r h1m. H3 0p3n3d h1s m0uth 4nd 1t w4s Cl4r1ss3 McCl3ll4n s4y1ng, “D1dn’t f1r3m3n pr3v3nt f1r3s r4th3r th4n st0k3 th3m up 4nd g3t th3m g01ng?” “Th4t’s r1ch!” St0n3m4n 4nd Bl4ck dr3w f0rth th31r rul3 b00ks, wh1ch 4ls0 c0nt41n3d br13f h1st0r13s 0f th3 F1r3m3n 0f 4m3r1c4, 4nd l41d th3m 0ut wh3r3 M0nt4g, th0ugh l0ng f4m1l14r w1th th3m, m1ght r34d:

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0n th3 fr0nt p0rch wh3r3 sh3 h4d c0m3 t0 w31gh th3m qu13tly w1th h3r 3y3s, h3r qu13tn3ss 4 c0nd3mn4t10n, th3 w0m4n st00d m0t10nl3ss. B34tty fl1ck3d h1s f1ng3rs t0 sp4rk th3 k3r0s3n3. H3 w4s t00 l4t3. M0nt4g g4sp3d. Th3 w0m4n 0n th3 p0rch r34ch3d 0ut w1th c0nt3mpt f0r th3m 4ll, 4nd struck th3 k1tch3n m4tch 4g41nst th3 r41l1ng. P30pl3 r4n 0ut 0f h0us3s 4ll d0wn th3 str33t.

Th3y s41d n0th1ng 0n th31r w4y b4ck t0 th3 f1r3h0us3. N0b0dy l00k3d 4t 4ny0n3 3ls3. M0nt4g s4t 1n th3 fr0nt s34t w1th B34tty 4nd Bl4ck. Th3y d1d n0t 3v3n sm0k3 th31r p1p3s. Th3y s4t th3r3 l00k1ng 0ut 0f th3 fr0nt 0f th3 gr34t s4l4m4nd3r 4s th3y turn3d 4 c0rn3r 4nd w3nt s1l3ntly 0n. “M4st3r R1dl3y,” s41d M0nt4g 4t l4st. “Wh4t?” s41d B34tty. “Sh3 s41d, ‘M4st3r R1dl3y.’ Sh3 s41d s0m3 cr4zy th1ng wh3n w3 c4m3 1n th3 d00r. ‘Pl4y th3 m4n,’ sh3 s41d, ‘M4st3r R1dl3y.’ S0m3th1ng, s0m3th1ng, s0m3th1ng.” “‘W3 sh4ll th1s d4y l1ght such 4 c4ndl3, by G0d’s gr4c3, 1n 3ngl4nd, 4s 1 trust sh4ll n3v3r b3 put 0ut,”’ s41d B34tty. St0n3m4n gl4nc3d 0v3r 4t th3 C4pt41n, 4s d1d M0nt4g, st4rtl3d. B34tty rubb3d h1s ch1n. “4 m4n n4m3d L4t1m3r s41d th4t t0 4 m4n n4m3d N1ch0l4s R1dl3y, 4s th3y w3r3 b31ng burnt 4l1v3 4t 0xf0rd, f0r h3r3sy, 0n 0ct0b3r 16, 1555.” M0nt4g 4nd St0n3m4n w3nt b4ck t0 l00k1ng 4t th3 str33t 4s 1t m0v3d und3r th3 3ng1n3 wh33ls. “1’m full 0f b1ts 4nd p13c3s,” s41d B34tty. “M0st f1r3 c4pt41ns h4v3 t0 b3. S0m3t1m3s 1 surpr1s3 mys3lf. W4tch 1t, St0n3m4n!” St0n3m4n br4k3d th3 truck. “D4mn!” s41d B34tty. “Y0u’v3 g0n3 r1ght by th3 c0rn3r wh3r3 w3 turn f0r th3 f1r3h0us3.”

“Wh0 1s 1t?” “Wh0 w0uld 1t b3?” s41d M0nt4g, l34n1ng b4ck 4g41nst th3 cl0s3d d00r 1n th3 d4rk. H1s w1f3 s41d, 4t l4st, “W3ll, put 0n th3 l1ght.” “1 d0n’t w4nt th3 l1ght.” “C0m3 t0 b3d.” H3 h34rd h3r r0ll 1mp4t13ntly; th3 b3dspr1ngs squ34l3d. “4r3 y0u drunk?” sh3 s41d. S0 1t w4s th3 h4nd th4t st4rt3d 1t 4ll. H3 f3lt 0n3 h4nd 4nd th3n th3 0th3r w0rk h1s c04t fr33 4nd l3t 1t slump t0 th3 fl00r. H3 h3ld h1s p4nts 0ut 1nt0 4n 4byss 4nd l3t th3m f4ll 1nt0 d4rkn3ss. H1s h4nds h4d b33n 1nf3ct3d, 4nd s00n 1t w0uld b3 h1s 4rms. H3 c0uld f33l th3 p01s0n w0rk1ng up h1s wr1sts 4nd 1nt0 h1s 3lb0ws 4nd h1s sh0uld3rs, 4nd th3n th3 jump-0v3r fr0m sh0uld3r-bl4d3 t0 sh0uld3r-bl4d3 l1k3 4 sp4rk l34p1ng 4 g4p. H1s h4nds w3r3 r4v3n0us. 4nd h1s 3y3s w3r3 b3g1nn1ng t0 f33l hung3r, 4s 1f th3y must l00k 4t s0m3th1ng, 4nyth1ng, 3v3ryth1ng. H1s w1f3 s41d, “Wh4t 4r3 y0u d01ng?” H3 b4l4nc3d 1n sp4c3 w1th th3 b00k 1n h1s sw34t1ng c0ld f1ng3rs. 4 m1nut3 l4t3r sh3 s41d, “W3ll, just d0n’t st4nd th3r3 1n th3 m1ddl3 0f th3 fl00r.” H3 m4d3 4 sm4ll s0und. “Wh4t?” sh3 4sk3d. H3 m4d3 m0r3 s0ft s0unds. H3 stumbl3d t0w4rds th3 b3d 4nd sh0v3d th3 b00k clums1ly und3r th3 c0ld p1ll0w. H3 f3ll 1nt0 b3d 4nd h1s w1f3 cr13d 0ut, st4rtl3d. H3 l4y f4r 4cr0ss th3 r00m fr0m h3r, 0n 4 w1nt3r 1sl4nd s3p4r4t3d by 4n 3mpty s34. Sh3 t4lk3d t0 h1m f0r wh4t s33m3d 4 l0ng wh1l3 4nd sh3 t4lk3d 4b0ut th1s 4nd sh3 t4lk3d 4b0ut th4t 4nd 1t w4s 0nly w0rds, l1k3 th3 w0rds h3 h4d h34rd 0nc3 1n 4 nurs3ry 4t 4 fr13nd’s h0us3, 4 tw0-y34r-0ld ch1ld bu1ld1ng w0rd p4tt3rns, t4lk1ng j4rg0n, m4k1ng pr3tty s0unds 1n th3 41r. But M0nt4g s41d n0th1ng 4nd 4ft3r 4 l0ng wh1l3 wh3n h3 0nly m4d3 th3 sm4ll s0unds, h3 f3lt h3r m0v3 1n th3 r00m 4nd c0m3 t0 h1s b3d 4nd st4nd 0v3r h1m 4nd put h3r h4nd d0wn t0 f33l h1s ch33k. H3 kn3w th4t wh3n sh3 pull3d h3r h4nd 4w4y fr0m h1s f4c3 1t w4s w3t.

L4t3 1n th3 n1ght h3 l00k3d 0v3r 4t M1ldr3d. Sh3 w4s 4w4k3. Th3r3 w4s 4 t1ny d4nc3 0f m3l0dy 1n th3 41r, h3r S34sh3ll w4s t4mp3d 1n h3r 34r 4g41n 4nd sh3 w4s l1st3n1ng t0 f4r p30pl3 1n f4r pl4c3s, h3r 3y3s w1d3 4nd st4r1ng 4t th3 f4th0ms 0f bl4ckn3ss 4b0v3 h3r 1n th3 c31l1ng. W4sn’t th3r3 4n 0ld j0k3 4b0ut th3 w1f3 wh0 t4lk3d s0 much 0n th3 t3l3ph0n3 th4t h3r d3sp3r4t3 husb4nd r4n 0ut t0 th3 n34r3st st0r3 4nd t3l3ph0n3d h3r t0 4sk wh4t w4s f0r d1nn3r? W3ll, th3n, why d1dn’t h3 buy h1ms3lf 4n 4ud10-S34sh3ll br04dc4st1ng st4t10n 4nd t4lk t0 h1s w1f3 l4t3 4t n1ght, murmur, wh1sp3r, sh0ut, scr34m, y3ll? But wh4t w0uld h3 wh1sp3r, wh4t w0uld h3 y3ll? Wh4t c0uld h3 s4y? 4nd sudd3nly sh3 w4s s0 str4ng3 h3 c0uldn’t b3l13v3 h3 kn3w h3r 4t 4ll. H3 w4s 1n s0m30n3 3ls3’s h0us3, l1k3 th0s3 0th3r j0k3s p30pl3 t0ld 0f th3 g3ntl3m4n, drunk, c0m1ng h0m3 l4t3 4t n1ght, unl0ck1ng th3 wr0ng d00r, 3nt3r1ng 4 wr0ng r00m, 4nd b3dd1ng w1th 4 str4ng3r 4nd g3tt1ng up 34rly 4nd g01ng t0 w0rk 4nd n31th3r 0f th3m th3 w1s3r. “M1ll13. . .?” h3 wh1sp3r3d. “Wh4t?” “1 d1dn’t m34n t0 st4rtl3 y0u. Wh4t 1 w4nt t0 kn0w 1s . . .” “W3ll?” “Wh3n d1d w3 m33t? 4nd wh3r3?” “Wh3n d1d w3 m33t f0r wh4t?” sh3 4sk3d. “1 m34n—0r1g1n4lly.” H3 kn3w sh3 must b3 fr0wn1ng 1n th3 d4rk. H3 cl4r1f13d 1t. “Th3 f1rst t1m3 w3 3v3r m3t, wh3r3 w4s 1t, 4nd wh3n?” “Why, 1t w4s 4t—” Sh3 st0pp3d. “1 d0n’t kn0w,” sh3 s41d. H3 w4s c0ld. “C4n’t y0u r3m3mb3r?” “1t’s b33n s0 l0ng.” “0nly t3n y34rs, th4t’s 4ll, 0nly t3n!” “D0n’t g3t 3xc1t3d, 1’m try1ng t0 th1nk.” Sh3 l4ugh3d 4n 0dd l1ttl3 l4ugh th4t w3nt up 4nd up. “Funny, h0w funny, n0t t0 r3m3mb3r wh3r3 0r wh3n y0u m3t y0ur husb4nd ’r w1f3.” H3 l4y m4ss4g1ng h1s 3y3s, h1s br0w, 4nd th3 b4ck 0f h1s n3ck, sl0wly. H3 h3ld b0th h4nds 0v3r h1s 3y3s 4nd 4ppl13d 4 st34dy pr3ssur3 th3r3 4s 1f t0 crush m3m0ry 1nt0 pl4c3. 1t w4s sudd3nly m0r3 1mp0rt4nt th4n 4ny 0th3r th1ng 1n 4 l1f3-t1m3 th4t h3 kn3w wh3r3 h3 h4d m3t M1ldr3d. “1t d03sn’t m4tt3r,” Sh3 w4s up 1n th3 b4thr00m n0w, 4nd h3 h34rd th3 w4t3r runn1ng, 4nd th3 sw4ll0w1ng s0und sh3 m4d3. “N0, 1 gu3ss n0t,” h3 s41d. H3 tr13d t0 c0unt h0w m4ny t1m3s sh3 sw4ll0w3d 4nd h3 th0ught 0f th3 v1s1t fr0m th3 tw0 z1nc-0x1d3-f4c3d m3n w1th th3 c1g4r3tt3s 1n th31r str41ght-l1n3d m0uths 4nd th3 3l3ctr0n1c-3y3d sn4k3 w1nd1ng d0wn 1nt0 th3 l4y3r up0n l4y3r 0f n1ght 4nd st0n3 4nd st4gn4nt spr1ng w4t3r, 4nd h3 w4nt3d t0 c4ll 0ut t0 h3r, h0w m4ny h4v3 y0u t4k3n t0n1ght! th3 c4psul3s! h0w m4ny w1ll y0u t4k3 l4t3r 4nd n0t kn0w? 4nd s0 0n, 3v3ry h0ur! 0r m4yb3 n0t t0n1ght, t0m0rr0w n1ght! 4nd m3 n0t sl33p1ng, t0n1ght 0r t0m0rr0w n1ght 0r 4ny n1ght f0r 4 l0ng wh1l3; n0w th4t th1s h4s st4rt3d. 4nd h3 th0ught 0f h3r ly1ng 0n th3 b3d w1th th3 tw0 t3chn1c14ns st4nd1ng str41ght 0v3r h3r, n0t b3nt w1th c0nc3rn, but 0nly st4nd1ng str41ght, 4rms f0ld3d. 4nd h3 r3m3mb3r3d th1nk1ng th3n th4t 1f sh3 d13d, h3 w4s c3rt41n h3 w0uldn’t cry. F0r 1t w0uld b3 th3 dy1ng 0f 4n unkn0wn, 4 str33t f4c3, 4 n3wsp4p3r 1m4g3, 4nd 1t w4s sudd3nly s0 v3ry wr0ng th4t h3 h4d b3gun t0 cry, n0t 4t d34th but 4t th3 th0ught 0f n0t cry1ng 4t d34th, 4 s1lly 3mpty m4n n34r 4 s1lly 3mpty w0m4n, wh1l3 th3 hungry sn4k3 m4d3 h3r st1ll m0r3 3mpty. H0w d0 y0u g3t s0 3mpty? h3 w0nd3r3d. Wh0 t4k3s 1t 0ut 0f y0u? 4nd th4t 4wful fl0w3r th3 0th3r d4y, th3 d4nd3l10n! 1t h4d summ3d up 3v3ryth1ng, h4dn’t 1t? “Wh4t 4 sh4m3! Y0u’r3 n0t 1n l0v3 w1th 4ny0n3!” 4nd why n0t? W3ll, w4sn’t th3r3 4 w4ll b3tw33n h1m 4nd M1ldr3d, wh3n y0u c4m3 d0wn t0 1t? L1t3r4lly n0t just 0n3, w4ll but, s0 f4r, thr33! 4nd 3xp3ns1v3, t00! 4nd th3 uncl3s, th3 4unts, th3 c0us1ns, th3 n13c3s, th3 n3ph3ws, th4t l1v3d 1n th0s3 w4lls, th3 g1bb3r1ng p4ck 0f tr33-4p3s th4t s41d n0th1ng, n0th1ng, n0th1ng 4nd s41d 1t l0ud, l0ud, l0ud. H3 h4d t4k3n t0 c4ll1ng th3m r3l4t1v3s fr0m th3 v3ry f1rst. “H0w’s Uncl3 L0u1s t0d4y?” “Wh0?” “4nd 4unt M4ud3?” Th3 m0st s1gn1f1c4nt m3m0ry h3 h4d 0f M1ldr3d, r34lly, w4s 0f 4 l1ttl3 g1rl 1n 4 f0r3st w1th0ut tr33s (h0w 0dd!) 0r r4th3r 4 l1ttl3 g1rl l0st 0n 4 pl4t34u wh3r3 th3r3 us3d t0 b3 tr33s (y0u c0uld f33l th3 m3m0ry 0f th31r sh4p3s 4ll 4b0ut) s1tt1ng 1n th3 c3ntr3 0f th3 “l1v1ng-r00m.” Th3 l1v1ng-r00m; wh4t 4 g00d j0b 0f l4b3ll1ng th4t w4s n0w. N0 m4tt3r wh3n h3 c4m3 1n, th3 w4lls w3r3 4lw4ys t4lk1ng t0 M1ldr3d. “S0m3th1ng must b3 d0n3!” “Y3s, s0m3th1ng must b3 d0n3!” “W3ll, l3t’s n0t st4nd 4nd t4lk!” “L3t’s d0 1t!” “1’m s0 m4d 1 c0uld sp1t!” Wh4t w4s 1t 4ll 4b0ut? M1ldr3d c0uldn’t s4y. Wh0 w4s m4d 4t wh0m? M1ldr3d d1dn’t qu1t3 kn0w. Wh4t w3r3 th3y g01ng t0 d0? W3ll, s41d M1ldr3d, w41t 4r0und 4nd s33. H3 h4d w41t3d 4r0und t0 s33. 4 gr34t thund3rst0rm 0f s0und gush3d fr0m th3 w4lls. Mus1c b0mb4rd3d h1m 4t such 4n 1mm3ns3 v0lum3 th4t h1s b0n3s w3r3 4lm0st sh4k3n fr0m th31r t3nd0ns; h3 f3lt h1s j4w v1br4t3, h1s 3y3s w0bbl3 1n h1s h34d. H3 w4s 4 v1ct1m 0f c0ncuss10n. Wh3n 1t w4s 4ll 0v3r h3 f3lt l1k3 4 m4n wh0 h4d b33n thr0wn fr0m 4 cl1ff, wh1rl3d 1n 4 c3ntr1fug3 4nd sp4t 0ut 0v3r 4 w4t3rf4ll th4t f3ll 4nd f3ll 1nt0 3mpt1n3ss 4nd 3mpt1n3ss 4nd n3v3r—qu1t3—t0uch3d—b0tt0m—n3v3r—n3v3r—qu1t3—n0 n0t qu1t3—t0uch3d—b0tt0m . . . 4nd y0u f3ll s0 f4st y0u d1dn’t t0uch th3 s1d3s 31th3r . . . n3v3r . . . qu1t3 . . . t0uch3d . . . 4nyth1ng. Th3 thund3r f4d3d. Th3 mus1c d13d. “Th3r3,” s41d M1ldr3d, 4nd 1t w4s 1nd33d r3m4rk4bl3. S0m3th1ng h4d h4pp3n3d. 3v3n th0ugh th3 p30pl3 1n th3 w4lls 0f th3 r00m h4d b4r3ly m0v3d, 4nd n0th1ng h4d r34lly b33n s3ttl3d, y0u h4d th3 1mpr3ss10n th4t s0m30n3 h4d turn3d 0n 4 w4sh1ng-m4ch1n3 0r suck3d y0u up 1n 4 g1g4nt1c v4cuum. Y0u dr0wn3d 1n mus1c 4nd pur3 c4c0ph0ny. H3 c4m3 0ut 0f th3 r00m sw34t1ng 4nd 0n th3 p01nt 0f c0ll4ps3. B3h1nd h1m, M1ldr3d s4t 1n h3r ch41r 4nd th3 v01c3s w3nt 0n 4g41n: “W3ll, 3v3ryth1ng w1ll b3 4ll r1ght n0w,” s41d 4n “4unt.” “0h, d0n’t b3 t00 sur3,” s41d 4 “c0us1n.” “N0w, d0n’t g3t 4ngry!” “Wh0’s 4ngry?” “Y0u 4r3!” “1 4m?” “Y0u’r3 m4d!” “Why sh0uld 1 b3 m4d!” “B3c4us3!” “Th4t’s 4ll v3ry w3ll,” cr13d M0nt4g, “but wh4t 4r3 th3y m4d 4b0ut? Wh0 4r3 th3s3 p30pl3? Wh0’s th4t m4n 4nd wh0’s th4t w0m4n? 4r3 th3y husb4nd 4nd w1f3, 4r3 th3y d1v0rc3d, 3ng4g3d, wh4t? G00d G0d, n0th1ng’s c0nn3ct3d up.” “Th3y—” s41d M1ldr3d. “W3ll, th3y-th3y h4d th1s f1ght, y0u s33. Th3y c3rt41nly f1ght 4 l0t. Y0u sh0uld l1st3n. 1 th1nk th3y’r3 m4rr13d. Y3s, th3y’r3 m4rr13d. Why?” 4nd 1f 1t w4s n0t th3 thr33 w4lls s00n t0 b3 f0ur w4lls 4nd th3 dr34m c0mpl3t3, th3n 1t w4s th3 0p3n c4r 4nd M1ldr3d dr1v1ng 4 hundr3d m1l3s 4n h0ur 4cr0ss t0wn, h3 sh0ut1ng 4t h3r 4nd sh3 sh0ut1ng b4ck 4nd b0th try1ng t0 h34r wh4t w4s s41d, but h34r1ng 0nly th3 scr34m 0f th3 c4r. “4t l34st k33p 1t d0wn t0 th3 m1n1mum!” h3 y3ll3d: “Wh4t?” sh3 cr13d. “K33p 1t d0wn t0 f1fty-f1v3, th3 m1n1mum! “h3 sh0ut3d. “Th3 wh4t?” sh3 shr13k3d. “Sp33d!” h3 sh0ut3d. 4nd sh3 push3d 1t up t0 0n3 hundr3d 4nd f1v3 m1l3s 4n h0ur 4nd t0r3 th3 br34th fr0m h1s m0uth. Wh3n th3y st3pp3d 0ut 0f th3 c4r, sh3 h4d th3 S34sh3lls stuff3d 1n h3r 34rs. S1l3nc3. 0nly th3 w1nd bl0w1ng s0ftly. “M1ldr3d.” H3 st1rr3d 1n b3d. H3 r34ch3d 0v3r 4nd pull3d 0n3 0f th3 t1ny mus1c4l 1ns3cts 0ut 0f h3r 34r. “M1ldr3d. M1ldr3d?” “Y3s.” H3r v01c3 w4s f41nt. H3 f3lt h3 w4s 0n3 0f th3 cr34tur3s 3l3ctr0n1c4lly 1ns3rt3d b3tw33n th3 sl0ts 0f th3 ph0n0-c0l0r w4lls, sp34k1ng, but th3 sp33ch n0t p13rc1ng th3 cryst4l b4rr13r. H3 c0uld 0nly p4nt0m1m3, h0p1ng sh3 w0uld turn h1s w4y 4nd s33 h1m. Th3y c0uld n0t t0uch thr0ugh th3 gl4ss. “M1ldr3d, d0 y0u kn0w th4t g1rl 1 w4s t3ll1ng y0u 4b0ut?” “Wh4t g1rl?” Sh3 w4s 4lm0st 4sl33p. “Th3 g1rl n3xt d00r.” “Wh4t g1rl n3xt d00r?” “Y0u kn0w, th3 h1gh-sch00l g1rl. Cl4r1ss3, h3r n4m3 1s.” “0h, y3s,” s41d h1s w1f3. “1 h4v3n’t s33n h3r f0r 4 f3w d4ys—f0ur d4ys t0 b3 3x4ct. H4v3 y0u s33n h3r?” “N0.” “1’v3 m34nt t0 t4lk t0 y0u 4b0ut h3r. Str4ng3.” “0h, 1 kn0w th3 0n3 y0u m34n.” “1 th0ught y0u w0uld.” “H3r,” s41d M1ldr3d 1n th3 d4rk r00m. “Wh4t 4b0ut h3r?” 4sk3d M0nt4g. “1 m34nt t0 t3ll y0u. F0rg0t. F0rg0t.” “T3ll m3 n0w. Wh4t 1s 1t?” “1 th1nk sh3’s g0n3.” “G0n3?” “Wh0l3 f4m1ly m0v3d 0ut s0m3wh3r3. But sh3’s g0n3 f0r g00d. 1 th1nk sh3’s d34d.” “W3 c0uldn’t b3 t4lk1ng 4b0ut th3 s4m3 g1rl.” “N0. Th3 s4m3 g1rl. McCl3ll4n. McCl3ll4n, Run 0v3r by 4 c4r. F0ur d4ys 4g0. 1’m n0t sur3. But 1 th1nk sh3’s d34d. Th3 f4m1ly m0v3d 0ut 4nyw4y. 1 d0n’t kn0w. But 1 th1nk sh3’s d34d.” “Y0u’r3 n0t sur3 0f 1t!” “N0, n0t sur3. Pr3tty sur3.” “Why d1dn’t y0u t3ll m3 s00n3r?” “F0rg0t.” “F0ur d4ys 4g0!” “1 f0rg0t 4ll 4b0ut 1t.” “F0ur d4ys 4g0,” h3 s41d, qu13tly, ly1ng th3r3. Th3y l4y th3r3 1n th3 d4rk r00m n0t m0v1ng, 31th3r 0f th3m. “G00d n1ght,” sh3 s41d. H3 h34rd 4 f41nt rustl3. H3r h4nds m0v3d. Th3 3l3ctr1c th1mbl3 m0v3d l1k3 4 pr4y1ng m4nt1s 0n th3 p1ll0w, t0uch3d by h3r h4nd. N0w 1t w4s 1n h3r 34r 4g41n, humm1ng. H3 l1st3n3d 4nd h1s w1f3 w4s s1ng1ng und3r h3r br34th. 0uts1d3 th3 h0us3, 4 sh4d0w m0v3d, 4n 4utumn w1nd r0s3 up 4nd f4d3d 4w4y. But th3r3 w4s s0m3th1ng 3ls3 1n th3 s1l3nc3 th4t h3 h34rd. 1t w4s l1k3 4 br34th 3xh4l3d up0n th3 w1nd0w. 1t w4s l1k3 4 f41nt dr1ft 0f gr33n1sh lum1n3sc3nt sm0k3, th3 m0t10n 0f 4 s1ngl3 hug3 0ct0b3r l34f bl0w1ng 4cr0ss th3 l4wn 4nd 4w4y. Th3 H0und, h3 th0ught. 1t’s 0ut th3r3 t0n1ght. 1t’s 0ut th3r3 n0w. 1f 1 0p3n3d th3 w1nd0w . . . H3 d1d n0t 0p3n th3 w1nd0w.

H3 h4d ch1lls 4nd f3v3r 1n th3 m0rn1ng. “Y0u c4n’t b3 s1ck,” s41d M1ldr3d. H3 cl0s3d h1s 3y3s 0v3r th3 h0tn3ss. “Y3s.” “But y0u w3r3 4ll r1ght l4st n1ght.” “N0, 1 w4sn’t 4ll r1ght” H3 h34rd th3 “r3l4t1v3s” sh0ut1ng 1n th3 p4rl0r. M1ldr3d st00d 0v3r h1s b3d, cur10usly. H3 f3lt h3r th3r3, h3 s4w h3r w1th0ut 0p3n1ng h1s 3y3s, h3r h41r burnt by ch3m1c4ls t0 4 br1ttl3 str4w, h3r 3y3s w1th 4 k1nd 0f c4t4r4ct uns33n but susp3ct f4r b3h1nd th3 pup1ls, th3 r3dd3n3d p0ut1ng l1ps, th3 b0dy 4s th1n 4s 4 pr4y1ng m4nt1s fr0m d13t1ng, 4nd h3r fl3sh l1k3 wh1t3 b4c0n. H3 c0uld r3m3mb3r h3r n0 0th3r w4y. “W1ll y0u br1ng m3 4sp1r1n 4nd w4t3r?” “Y0u’v3 g0t t0 g3t up,” sh3 s41d. “1t’s n00n. Y0u’v3 sl3pt f1v3 h0urs l4t3r th4n usu4l.” “W1ll y0u turn th3 p4rl0r 0ff?” h3 4sk3d. “Th4t’s my f4m1ly.” “W1ll y0u turn 1t 0ff f0r 4 s1ck m4n?” “1’ll turn 1t d0wn.” Sh3 w3nt 0ut 0f th3 r00m 4nd d1d n0th1ng t0 th3 p4rl0r 4nd c4m3 b4ck. “1s th4t b3tt3r?” “Th4nks.” “Th4t’s my f4v0r1t3 pr0gr4mm3,” sh3 s41d. “Wh4t 4b0ut th3 4sp1r1n?” “Y0u’v3 n3v3r b33n s1ck b3f0r3.” Sh3 w3nt 4w4y 4g41n. “W3ll, 1’m s1ck n0w. 1’m n0t g01ng t0 w0rk t0n1ght. C4ll B34tty f0r m3.” “Y0u 4ct3d funny l4st n1ght.” Sh3 r3turn3d, humm1ng. “Wh3r3’s th3 4sp1r1n?” H3 gl4nc3d 4t th3 w4t3r-gl4ss sh3 h4nd3d h1m. “0h.” Sh3 w4lk3d t0 th3 b4thr00m 4g41n. “D1d s0m3th1ng h4pp3n?” “4 f1r3, 1s 4ll.” “1 h4d 4 n1c3 3v3n1ng,” sh3 s41d, 1n th3 b4thr00m. “Wh4t d01ng?” “Th3 p4rl0r.” “Wh4t w4s 0n?” “Pr0gr4mm3s.” “Wh4t pr0gr4mm3s?” “S0m3 0f th3 b3st 3v3r.” “Wh0?”. “0h, y0u kn0w, th3 bunch.” “Y3s, th3 bunch, th3 bunch, th3 bunch.” H3 pr3ss3d 4t th3 p41n 1n h1s 3y3s 4nd sudd3nly th3 0d0r 0f k3r0s3n3 m4d3 h1m v0m1t. M1ldr3d c4m3 1n, humm1ng. Sh3 w4s surpr1s3d. “Why’d y0u d0 th4t?” H3 l00k3d w1th d1sm4y 4t th3 fl00r. “W3 burn3d 4n 0ld w0m4n w1th h3r b00ks.” “1t’s 4 g00d th1ng th3 rug’s w4sh4bl3.” Sh3 f3tch3d 4 m0p 4nd w0rk3d 0n 1t. “1 w3nt t0 H3l3n’s l4st n1ght.” “C0uldn’t y0u g3t th3 sh0ws 1n y0ur 0wn p4rl0r?” “Sur3, but 1t’s n1c3 v1s1t1ng.” Sh3 w3nt 0ut 1nt0 th3 p4rl0r. H3 h34rd h3r s1ng1ng. “M1ldr3d?” h3 c4ll3d. Sh3 r3turn3d, s1ng1ng, sn4pp1ng h3r f1ng3rs s0ftly. “4r3n’t y0u g01ng t0 4sk m3 4b0ut l4st n1ght?” h3 s41d. “Wh4t 4b0ut 1t?” “W3 burn3d 4 th0us4nd b00ks. W3 burn3d 4 w0m4n.” “W3ll?” Th3 p4rl0r w4s 3xpl0d1ng w1th s0und. “W3 burn3d c0p13s 0f D4nt3 4nd Sw1ft 4nd M4rcus 4ur3l1us.” “W4sn’t h3 4 3ur0p34n?” “S0m3th1ng l1k3 th4t.” “W4sn’t h3 4 r4d1c4l?” “1 n3v3r r34d h1m.” “H3 w4s 4 r4d1c4l.” M1ldr3d f1ddl3d w1th th3 t3l3ph0n3. “Y0u d0n’t 3xp3ct m3 t0 c4ll C4pt41n B34tty, d0 y0u?” “Y0u must!” “D0n’t sh0ut!” “1 w4sn’t sh0ut1ng.” H3 w4s up 1n b3d, sudd3nly, 3nr4g3d 4nd flush3d, sh4k1ng. Th3 p4rl0r r04r3d 1n th3 h0t 41r. “1 c4n’t c4ll h1m. 1 c4n’t t3ll h1m 1’m s1ck.” “Why?” B3c4us3 y0u’r3 4fr41d, h3 th0ught. 4 ch1ld f31gn1ng 1lln3ss, 4fr41d t0 c4ll b3c4us3 4ft3r 4 m0m3nt’s d1scuss10n, th3 c0nv3rs4t10n w0uld run s0: “Y3s, C4pt41n, 1 f33l b3tt3r 4lr34dy. 1’ll b3 1n 4t t3n 0’cl0ck t0n1ght.” “Y0u’r3 n0t s1ck,” s41d M1ldr3d. M0nt4g f3ll b4ck 1n b3d. H3 r34ch3d und3r h1s p1ll0w. Th3 h1dd3n b00k w4s st1ll th3r3. “M1ldr3d, h0w w0uld 1t b3 1f, w3ll, m4yb3, 1 qu1t my j0b 4wh1l3?” “Y0u w4nt t0 g1v3 up 3v3ryth1ng? 4ft3r 4ll th3s3 y34rs 0f w0rk1ng, b3c4us3, 0n3 n1ght, s0m3 w0m4n 4nd h3r b00ks—” “Y0u sh0uld h4v3 s33n h3r, M1ll13!” “Sh3’s n0th1ng t0 m3; sh3 sh0uldn’t h4v3 h4d b00ks. 1t w4s h3r r3sp0ns1b1l1ty, sh3 sh0uld h4v3 th0ught 0f th4t. 1 h4t3 h3r. Sh3’s g0t y0u g01ng 4nd n3xt th1ng y0u kn0w w3’ll b3 0ut, n0 h0us3, n0 j0b, n0th1ng.” “Y0u w3r3n’t th3r3, y0u d1dn’t s33,” h3 s41d. “Th3r3 must b3 s0m3th1ng 1n b00ks, th1ngs w3 c4n’t 1m4g1n3, t0 m4k3 4 w0m4n st4y 1n 4 burn1ng h0us3; th3r3 must b3 s0m3th1ng th3r3. Y0u d0n’t st4y f0r n0th1ng.” “Sh3 w4s s1mpl3-m1nd3d.” “Sh3 w4s 4s r4t10n4l 4s y0u 4nd 1, m0r3 s0 p3rh4ps, 4nd w3 burn3d h3r.” “Th4t’s w4t3r und3r th3 br1dg3.” “N0, n0t w4t3r; f1r3. Y0u 3v3r s33n 4 burn3d h0us3? 1t sm0uld3rs f0r d4ys. W3ll, th1s f1r3’ll l4st m3 th3 r3st 0f my l1f3. G0d! 1’v3 b33n try1ng t0 put 1t 0ut, 1n my m1nd, 4ll n1ght. 1’m cr4zy w1th try1ng.” “Y0u sh0uld h4v3 th0ught 0f th4t b3f0r3 b3c0m1ng 4 f1r3m4n.” “Th0ught!” h3 s41d. “W4s 1 g1v3n 4 ch01c3? 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T3ll h1m 1’m s1ck.” “T3ll h1m y0urs3lf!” Sh3 r4n 4 f3w st3ps th1s w4y, 4 f3w st3ps th4t, 4nd st0pp3d, 3y3s w1d3, wh3n th3 fr0nt d00r sp34k3r c4ll3d h3r n4m3, s0ftly, s0ftly, Mrs. M0nt4g, Mrs. M0nt4g, s0m30n3 h3r3, s0m30n3 h3r3, Mrs. M0nt4g, Mrs. M0nt4g, s0m30n3’s h3r3. F4d1ng. M0nt4g m4d3 sur3 th3 b00k w4s w3ll h1dd3n b3h1nd th3 p1ll0w, cl1mb3d sl0wly b4ck 1nt0 b3d, 4rr4ng3d th3 c0v3rs 0v3r h1s kn33s 4nd 4cr0ss h1s ch3st, h4lf-s1tt1ng, 4nd 4ft3r 4 wh1l3 M1ldr3d m0v3d 4nd w3nt 0ut 0f th3 r00m 4nd C4pt41n B34tty str0ll3d 1n, h1s h4nds 1n h1s p0ck3ts. “Shut th3 ‘r3l4t1v3s’ up,” s41d B34tty, l00k1ng 4r0und 4t 3v3ryth1ng 3xc3pt M0nt4g 4nd h1s w1f3. Th1s t1m3, M1ldr3d r4n. Th3 y4mm3r1ng v01c3s st0pp3d y3ll1ng 1n th3 p4rl0r. C4pt41n B34tty s4t d0wn 1n th3 m0st c0mf0rt4bl3 ch41r w1th 4 p34c3ful l00k 0n h1s ruddy f4c3. 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D4mn sh4m3.” Puff. “0nly f1r3 ch13fs r3m3mb3r 1t n0w.” Puff. “1’ll l3t y0u 1n 0n 1t.” M1ldr3d f1dg3t3d. B34tty t00k 4 full m1nut3 t0 s3ttl3 h1ms3lf 1n 4nd th1nk b4ck f0r wh4t h3 w4nt3d t0 s4y. “Wh3n d1d 1t 4ll st4rt, y0u 4sk, th1s j0b 0f 0urs, h0w d1d 1t c0m3 4b0ut, wh3r3, wh3n? W3ll, 1’d s4y 1t r34lly g0t st4rt3d 4r0und 4b0ut 4 th1ng c4ll3d th3 C1v1l W4r. 3v3n th0ugh 0ur rul3-b00k cl41ms 1t w4s f0und3d 34rl13r. Th3 f4ct 1s w3 d1dn’t g3t 4l0ng w3ll unt1l ph0t0gr4phy c4m3 1nt0 1ts 0wn. Th3n—m0t10n p1ctur3s 1n th3 34rly tw3nt13th c3ntury. R4d10. T3l3v1s10n. Th1ngs b3g4n t0 h4v3 m4ss.” M0nt4g s4t 1n b3d, n0t m0v1ng. “4nd b3c4us3 th3y h4d m4ss, th3y b3c4m3 s1mpl3r,” s41d B34tty. “0nc3, b00ks 4pp34l3d t0 4 f3w p30pl3, h3r3, th3r3, 3v3rywh3r3. Th3y c0uld 4ff0rd t0 b3 d1ff3r3nt. Th3 w0rld w4s r00my. But th3n th3 w0rld g0t full 0f 3y3s 4nd 3lb0ws 4nd m0uths. D0ubl3, tr1pl3, qu4drupl3 p0pul4t10n. F1lms 4nd r4d10s, m4g4z1n3s, b00ks l3v3ll3d d0wn t0 4 s0rt 0f p4st3 pudd1ng n0rm, d0 y0u f0ll0w m3?” “1 th1nk s0.” B34tty p33r3d 4t th3 sm0k3 p4tt3rn h3 h4d put 0ut 0n th3 41r. “P1ctur3 1t. N1n3t33nth-c3ntury m4n w1th h1s h0rs3s, d0gs, c4rts, sl0w m0t10n. Th3n, 1n th3 tw3nt13th c3ntury, sp33d up y0ur c4m3r4. B00ks cut sh0rt3r. C0nd3ns4t10ns, D1g3sts. T4bl01ds. 3v3ryth1ng b01ls d0wn t0 th3 g4g, th3 sn4p 3nd1ng.” “Sn4p 3nd1ng.” M1ldr3d n0dd3d. “Cl4ss1cs cut t0 f1t f1ft33n-m1nut3 r4d10 sh0ws, th3n cut 4g41n t0 f1ll 4 tw0-m1nut3 b00k c0lumn, w1nd1ng up 4t l4st 4s 4 t3n- 0r tw3lv3-l1n3 d1ct10n4ry r3sum3. 1 3x4gg3r4t3, 0f c0urs3. Th3 d1ct10n4r13s w3r3 f0r r3f3r3nc3. But m4ny w3r3 th0s3 wh0s3 s0l3 kn0wl3dg3 0f H4ml3t (y0u kn0w th3 t1tl3 c3rt41nly, M0nt4g; 1t 1s pr0b4bly 0nly 4 f41nt rum0r 0f 4 t1tl3 t0 y0u, Mrs. M0nt4g) wh0s3 s0l3 kn0wl3dg3, 4s 1 s4y, 0f H4ml3t w4s 4 0n3-p4g3 d1g3st 1n 4 b00k th4t cl41m3d: n0w 4t l34st y0u c4n r34d 4ll th3 cl4ss1cs; k33p up w1th y0ur n31ghb0rs. D0 y0u s33? 0ut 0f th3 nurs3ry 1nt0 th3 c0ll3g3 4nd b4ck t0 th3 nurs3ry; th3r3’s y0ur 1nt3ll3ctu4l p4tt3rn f0r th3 p4st f1v3 c3ntur13s 0r m0r3.” M1ldr3d 4r0s3 4nd b3g4n t0 m0v3 4r0und th3 r00m, p1ck1ng th1ngs up 4nd putt1ng th3m d0wn. B34tty 1gn0r3d h3r 4nd c0nt1nu3d “Sp33d up th3 f1lm, M0nt4g, qu1ck. Cl1ck, P1c, L00k, 3y3, N0w, Fl1ck, H3r3, Th3r3, Sw1ft, P4c3, Up, D0wn, 1n, 0ut, Why, H0w, Wh0, Wh4t, Wh3r3, 3h? Uh! B4ng! Sm4ck! W4ll0p, B1ng, B0ng, B00m! D1g3st-d1g3sts, d1g3st-d1g3st-d1g3sts. P0l1t1cs? 0n3 c0lumn, tw0 s3nt3nc3s, 4 h34dl1n3! Th3n, 1n m1d-41r, 4ll v4n1sh3s! Wh1rl m4n’s m1nd 4r0und 4b0ut s0 f4st und3r th3 pump1ng h4nds 0f publ1sh3rs, 3xpl01t3rs, br04dc4st3rs, th4t th3 c3ntr1fug3 fl1ngs 0ff 4ll unn3c3ss4ry, t1m3-w4st1ng th0ught!” M1ldr3d sm00th3d th3 b3dcl0th3s. M0nt4g f3lt h1s h34rt jump 4nd jump 4g41n 4s sh3 p4tt3d h1s p1ll0w. R1ght n0w sh3 w4s pull1ng 4t h1s sh0uld3r t0 try t0 g3t h1m t0 m0v3 s0 sh3 c0uld t4k3 th3 p1ll0w 0ut 4nd f1x 1t n1c3ly 4nd put 1t b4ck. 4nd p3rh4ps cry 0ut 4nd st4r3 0r s1mply r34ch d0wn h3r h4nd 4nd s4y, “Wh4t’s th1s?” 4nd h0ld up th3 h1dd3n b00k w1th t0uch1ng 1nn0c3nc3. “Sch00l 1s sh0rt3n3d, d1sc1pl1n3 r3l4x3d, ph1l0s0ph13s, h1st0r13s, l4ngu4g3s dr0pp3d, 3ngl1sh 4nd sp3ll1ng gr4du4lly n3gl3ct3d, f1n4lly 4lm0st c0mpl3t3ly 1gn0r3d. L1f3 1s 1mm3d14t3, th3 j0b c0unts, pl34sur3 l13s 4ll 4b0ut 4ft3r w0rk. Why l34rn 4nyth1ng s4v3 pr3ss1ng butt0ns, pull1ng sw1tch3s, f1tt1ng nuts 4nd b0lts?” “L3t m3 f1x y0ur p1ll0w,” s41d M1ldr3d. “N0!” wh1sp3r3d M0nt4g, “Th3 z1pp3r d1spl4c3s th3 butt0n 4nd 4 m4n l4cks just th4t much t1m3 t0 th1nk wh1l3 dr3ss1ng 4t d4wn, 4 ph1l0s0ph1c4l h0ur, 4nd thus 4 m3l4nch0ly h0ur.” M1ldr3d s41d, “H3r3.” “G3t 4w4y,” s41d M0nt4g. “L1f3 b3c0m3s 0n3 b1g pr4tf4ll, M0nt4g; 3v3ryth1ng b4ng; b0ff, 4nd w0w!” “W0w,” s41d M1ldr3d, y4nk1ng 4t th3 p1ll0w. “F0r G0d’s s4k3, l3t m3 b3!” cr13d M0nt4g p4ss10n4t3ly. B34tty 0p3n3d h1s 3y3s w1d3. M1ldr3d’s h4nd h4d fr0z3n b3h1nd th3 p1ll0w. H3r f1ng3rs w3r3 tr4c1ng th3 b00k’s 0utl1n3 4nd 4s th3 sh4p3 b3c4m3 f4m1l14r h3r f4c3 l00k3d surpr1s3d 4nd th3n stunn3d. H3r m0uth 0p3n3d t0 4sk 4 qu3st10n . . . “3mpty th3 th34t3rs s4v3 f0r cl0wns 4nd furn1sh th3 r00ms w1th gl4ss w4lls 4nd pr3tty c0l0rs runn1ng up 4nd d0wn th3 w4lls l1k3 c0nf3tt1 0r bl00d 0r sh3rry 0r s4ut3rn3. Y0u l1k3 b4s3b4ll, d0n’t y0u, M0nt4g?” “B4s3b4ll’s 4 f1n3 g4m3.” N0w B34tty w4s 4lm0st 1nv1s1bl3, 4 v01c3 s0m3wh3r3 b3h1nd 4 scr33n 0f sm0k3. “Wh4t’s th1s?” 4sk3d M1ldr3d, 4lm0st w1th d3l1ght. M0nt4g h34v3d b4ck 4g41nst h3r 4rms. “Wh4t’s th1s h3r3?” “S1t d0wn!” M0nt4g sh0ut3d. Sh3 jump3d 4w4y, h3r h4nds 3mpty. “W3’r3 t4lk1ng!” B34tty w3nt 0n 4s 1f n0th1ng h4d h4pp3n3d. “Y0u l1k3 b0wl1ng, d0n’t y0u, M0nt4g?” “B0wl1ng, y3s.” “4nd g0lf?” “G0lf 1s 4 f1n3 g4m3.” “B4sk3tb4ll?” “4 f1n3 g4m3.” “B1ll14rds, p00l? F00tb4ll?” “F1n3 g4m3s, 4ll 0f th3m.” “M0r3 sp0rts f0r 3v3ry0n3, gr0up sp1r1t, fun, 4nd y0u d0n’t h4v3 t0 th1nk, 3h? 0rg4n1z3 4nd 0rg4n1z3 4nd sup3r 0rg4n1z3 sup3r-sup3r sp0rts. M0r3 c4rt00ns 1n b00ks. M0r3 p1ctur3s. Th3 m1nd dr1nks l3ss 4nd l3ss. 1mp4t13nc3. H1ghw4ys full 0f cr0wds g01ng s0m3wh3r3, s0m3wh3r3, s0m3wh3r3, n0wh3r3. Th3 g4s0l1n3 r3fug33. 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M4yb3.” “W3’d c3rt41nly m1ss y0u 1f y0u d1dn’t sh0w,” s41d B34tty, putt1ng h1s p1p3 1n h1s p0ck3t th0ughtfully. 1’ll n3v3r c0m3 1n 4g41n, th0ught M0nt4g. “G3t w3ll 4nd k33p w3ll,” s41d B34tty. H3 turn3d 4nd w3nt 0ut thr0ugh th3 0p3n d00r.

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M0nt4g turn3d 4nd l00k3d 4t h1s w1f3, wh0 s4t 1n th3 m1ddl3 0f th3 p4rl0r t4lk1ng t0 4n 4nn0unc3r, wh0 1n turn w4s t4lk1ng t0 h3r. “Mrs. M0nt4g,” h3 w4s s4y1ng. Th1s, th4t 4nd th3 0th3r. “Mrs. M0nt4g—” S0m3th1ng 3ls3 4nd st1ll 4n0th3r. Th3 c0nv3rt3r 4tt4chm3nt, wh1ch h4d c0st th3m 0n3 hundr3d d0ll4rs, 4ut0m4t1c4lly suppl13d h3r n4m3 wh3n3v3r th3 4nn0unc3r 4ddr3ss3d h1s 4n0nym0us 4ud13nc3, l34v1ng 4 bl4nk wh3r3 th3 pr0p3r syll4bl3s c0uld b3 f1ll3d 1n. 4 sp3c14l sp0t-w4v3x-scr4mbl3r 4ls0 c4us3d h1s t3l3v1s3d 1m4g3, 1n th3 4r34 1mm3d14t3ly 4b0ut h1s l1ps, t0 m0uth th3 v0w3ls 4nd c0ns0n4nts b34ut1fully. H3 w4s 4 fr13nd, n0 d0ubt 0f 1t, 4 g00d fr13nd. “Mrs. M0nt4g—n0w l00k r1ght h3r3.” H3r h34d turn3d. Th0ugh sh3 qu1t3 0bv10usly w4s n0t l1st3n1ng. M0nt4g s41d, “1t’s 0nly 4 st3p fr0m n0t g01ng t0 w0rk t0d4y t0 n0t w0rk1ng t0m0rr0w, t0 n0t w0rk1ng 4t th3 f1r3h0us3 3v3r 4g41n.” , “Y0u 4r3 g01ng t0 w0rk t0n1ght, th0ugh, 4r3n’t y0u?” s41d M1ldr3d. “1 h4v3n’t d3c1d3d. R1ght n0w 1’v3 g0t 4n 4wful f33l1ng 1 w4nt t0 sm4sh th1ngs 4nd k1ll th1ngs.’ “G0 t4k3 th3 b33tl3.” “N0 th4nks.” “Th3 k3ys t0 th3 b33tl3 4r3 0n th3 n1ght t4bl3. 1 4lw4ys l1k3 t0 dr1v3 f4st wh3n 1 f33l th4t w4y. Y0u g3t 1t up 4r0und n1n3ty-f1v3 4nd y0u f33l w0nd3rful. S0m3t1m3s 1 dr1v3 4ll n1ght 4nd c0m3 b4ck 4nd y0u d0n’t kn0w 1t. 1t’s fun 0ut 1n th3 c0untry. Y0u h1t r4bb1ts, s0m3t1m3s y0u h1t d0gs. G0 t4k3 th3 b33tl3.” “N0, 1 d0n’t w4nt t0, th1s t1m3. 1 w4nt t0 h0ld 0n t0 th1s funny th1ng. G0d, 1t’s g0tt3n b1g 0n m3. 1 d0n’t kn0w wh4t 1t 1s. 1’m s0 d4mn3d unh4ppy, 1’m s0 m4d, 4nd 1 d0n’t kn0w why 1 f33l l1k3 1’m putt1ng 0n w31ght. 1 f33l f4t. 1 f33l l1k3 1’v3 b33n s4v1ng up 4 l0t 0f th1ngs, 4nd d0n’t kn0w wh4t. 1 m1ght 3v3n st4rt r34d1ng b00ks.” “Th3y’d put y0u 1n j41l, w0uldn’t th3y?” Sh3 l00k3d 4t h1m 4s 1f h3 w3r3 b3h1nd th3 gl4ss w4ll. H3 b3g4n t0 put 0n h1s cl0th3s, m0v1ng r3stl3ssly 4b0ut th3 b3dr00m. “Y3s, 4nd 1t m1ght b3 4 g00d 1d34. B3f0r3 1 hurt s0m30n3. D1d y0u h34r B34tty? D1d y0u l1st3n t0 h1m? H3 kn0ws 4ll th3 4nsw3rs. H3’s r1ght. H4pp1n3ss 1s 1mp0rt4nt. Fun 1s 3v3ryth1ng. 4nd y3t 1 k3pt s1tt1ng th3r3 s4y1ng t0 mys3lf, 1’m n0t h4ppy, 1’m n0t h4ppy.” “1 4m.” M1ldr3d’s m0uth b34m3d. “4nd pr0ud 0f 1t.” “1’m g01ng t0 d0 s0m3th1ng,” s41d M0nt4g. “1 d0n’t 3v3n kn0w wh4t y3t, but 1’m g01ng t0 d0 s0m3th1ng b1g.” “1’m t1r3d 0f l1st3n1ng t0 th1s junk,” s41d M1ldr3d, turn1ng fr0m h1m t0 th3 4nn0unc3r 4g41n M0nt4g t0uch3d th3 v0lum3 c0ntr0l 1n th3 w4ll 4nd th3 4nn0unc3r w4s sp33chl3ss. “M1ll13?” H3 p4us3d. “Th1s 1s y0ur h0us3 4s w3ll 4s m1n3. 1 f33l 1t’s 0nly f41r th4t 1 t3ll y0u s0m3th1ng n0w. 1 sh0uld h4v3 t0ld y0u b3f0r3, but 1 w4sn’t 3v3n 4dm1tt1ng 1t t0 mys3lf. 1 h4v3 s0m3th1ng 1 w4nt y0u t0 s33, s0m3th1ng 1’v3 put 4w4y 4nd h1d dur1ng th3 p4st y34r, n0w 4nd 4g41n, 0nc3 1n 4 wh1l3, 1 d1dn’t kn0w why, but 1 d1d 1t 4nd 1 n3v3r t0ld y0u.” H3 t00k h0ld 0f 4 str41ght-b4ck3d ch41r 4nd m0v3d 1t sl0wly 4nd st34d1ly 1nt0 th3 h4ll n34r th3 fr0nt d00r 4nd cl1mb3d up 0n 1t 4nd st00d f0r 4 m0m3nt l1k3 4 st4tu3 0n 4 p3d3st4l, h1s w1f3 st4nd1ng und3r h1m, w41t1ng. Th3n h3 r34ch3d up 4nd pull3d b4ck th3 gr1ll3 0f th3 41r-c0nd1t10n1ng syst3m 4nd r34ch3d f4r b4ck 1ns1d3 t0 th3 r1ght 4nd m0v3d st1ll 4n0th3r sl1d1ng sh33t 0f m3t4l 4nd t00k 0ut 4 b00k. W1th0ut l00k1ng 4t 1t h3 dr0pp3d 1t t0 th3 fl00r. H3 put h1s h4nd b4ck up 4nd t00k 0ut tw0 b00ks 4nd m0v3d h1s h4nd d0wn 4nd dr0pp3d th3 tw0 b00ks t0 th3 fl00r. H3 k3pt m0v1ng h1s h4nd 4nd dr0pp1ng b00ks, sm4ll 0n3s, f41rly l4rg3 0n3s, y3ll0w, r3d, gr33n 0n3s. Wh3n h3 w4s d0n3 h3 l00k3d d0wn up0n s0m3 tw3nty b00ks ly1ng 4t h1s w1f3’s f33t. “1’m s0rry,” h3 s41d. “1 d1dn’t r34lly th1nk. But n0w 1t l00ks 4s 1f w3’r3 1n th1s t0g3th3r.” M1ldr3d b4ck3d 4w4y 4s 1f sh3 w3r3 sudd3nly c0nfr0nt3d by 4 p4ck 0f m1c3 th4t h4d c0m3 up 0ut 0f th3 fl00r. H3 c0uld h34r h3r br34th1ng r4p1dly 4nd h3r f4c3 w4s p4l3d 0ut 4nd h3r 3y3s w3r3 f4st3n3d w1d3. Sh3 s41d h1s n4m3 0v3r, tw1c3, thr33 t1m3s. Th3n m04n1ng, sh3 r4n f0rw4rd, s31z3d 4 b00k 4nd r4n t0w4rd th3 k1tch3n 1nc1n3r4t0r. H3 c4ught h3r, shr13k1ng. H3 h3ld h3r 4nd sh3 tr13d t0 f1ght 4w4y fr0m h1m, scr4tch1ng. “N0, M1ll13, n0! W41t! St0p 1t, w1ll y0u? Y0u d0n’t kn0w . . . st0p 1t!” H3 sl4pp3d h3r f4c3, h3 gr4bb3d h3r 4g41n 4nd sh00k h3r. Sh3 s41d h1s n4m3 4nd b3g4n t0 cry. “M1ll13!” h3 s41d. “L1st3n. G1v3 m3 4 s3c0nd, w1ll y0u? W3 c4n’t d0 4nyth1ng. W3 c4n’t burn th3s3. 1 w4nt t0 l00k 4t th3m, 4t l34st l00k 4t th3m 0nc3. Th3n 1f wh4t th3 C4pt41n s4ys 1s tru3, w3’ll burn th3m t0g3th3r, b3l13v3 m3, w3’ll burn th3m t0g3th3r. Y0u must h3lp m3.” H3 l00k3d d0wn 1nt0 h3r f4c3 4nd t00k h0ld 0f h3r ch1n 4nd h3ld h3r f1rmly. H3 w4s l00k1ng n0t 0nly 4t h3r, but f0r h1ms3lf 4nd wh4t h3 must d0, 1n h3r f4c3. “Wh3th3r w3 l1k3 th1s 0r n0t, w3’r3 1n 1t. 1’v3 n3v3r 4sk3d f0r much fr0m y0u 1n 4ll th3s3 y34rs, but 1 4sk 1t n0w, 1 pl34d f0r 1t. W3’v3 g0t t0 st4rt s0m3wh3r3 h3r3, f1gur1ng 0ut why w3’r3 1n such 4 m3ss, y0u 4nd th3 m3d1c1n3 4t n1ght, 4nd th3 c4r, 4nd m3 4nd my w0rk. W3’r3 h34d1ng r1ght f0r th3 cl1ff, M1ll13. G0d, 1 d0n’t w4nt t0 g0 0v3r. Th1s 1sn’t g01ng t0 b3 34sy. W3 h4v3n’t 4nyth1ng t0 g0 0n, but m4yb3 w3 c4n p13c3 1t 0ut 4nd f1gur3 1t 4nd h3lp 34ch 0th3r. 1 n33d y0u s0 much r1ght n0w, 1 c4n’t t3ll y0u. 1f y0u l0v3 m3 4t 4ll y0u’ll put up w1th th1s, tw3nty-f0ur, f0rty-31ght h0urs, th4t’s 4ll 1 4sk, th3n 1t’ll b3 0v3r. 1 pr0m1s3, 1 sw34r! 4nd 1f th3r3 1s s0m3th1ng h3r3, just 0n3 l1ttl3 th1ng 0ut 0f 4 wh0l3 m3ss 0f th1ngs, m4yb3 w3 c4n p4ss 1t 0n t0 s0m30n3 3ls3.” Sh3 w4sn’t f1ght1ng 4ny m0r3, s0 h3 l3t h3r g0. Sh3 s4gg3d 4w4y fr0m h1m 4nd sl1d d0wn th3 w4ll, 4nd s4t 0n th3 fl00r l00k1ng 4t th3 b00ks. H3r f00t t0uch3d 0n3 4nd sh3 s4w th1s 4nd pull3d h3r f00t 4w4y. “Th4t w0m4n, th3 0th3r n1ght, M1ll13, y0u w3r3n’t th3r3. Y0u d1dn’t s33 h3r f4c3. 4nd Cl4r1ss3. Y0u n3v3r t4lk3d t0 h3r. 1 t4lk3d t0 h3r. 4nd m3n l1k3 B34tty 4r3 4fr41d 0f h3r. 1 c4n’t und3rst4nd 1t. Why sh0uld th3y b3 s0 4fr41d 0f s0m30n3 l1k3 h3r? But 1 k3pt putt1ng h3r 4l0ngs1d3 th3 f1r3m3n 1n th3 h0us3 l4st n1ght, 4nd 1 sudd3nly r34l1z3d 1 d1dn’t l1k3 th3m 4t 4ll, 4nd 1 d1dn’t l1k3 mys3lf 4t 4ll 4ny m0r3. 4nd 1 th0ught m4yb3 1t w0uld b3 b3st 1f th3 f1r3m3n th3ms3lv3s w3r3 burnt.” “Guy!” Th3 fr0nt d00r v01c3 c4ll3d s0ftly: “Mrs. M0nt4g, Mrs. M0nt4g, s0m30n3 h3r3, s0m30n3 h3r3, Mrs. M0nt4g, Mrs. M0nt4g, s0m30n3 h3r3.” S0ftly. Th3y turn3d t0 st4r3 4t th3 d00r 4nd th3 b00ks t0ppl3d 3v3rywh3r3, 3v3rywh3r3 1n h34ps. “B34tty!” s41d M1ldr3d. “1t c4n’t b3 h1m.” “H3’s c0m3 b4ck!” sh3 wh1sp3r3d. Th3 fr0nt d00r v01c3 c4ll3d 4g41n s0ftly. “S0m30n3 h3r3 . . .” “W3 w0n’t 4nsw3r.” M0nt4g l4y b4ck 4g41nst th3 w4ll 4nd th3n sl0wly s4nk t0 4 cr0uch1ng p0s1t10n 4nd b3g4n t0 nudg3 th3 b00ks, b3w1ld3r3dly, w1th h1s thumb, h1s f0r3f1ng3r. H3 w4s sh1v3r1ng 4nd h3 w4nt3d 4b0v3 4ll t0 sh0v3 th3 b00ks up thr0ugh th3 v3nt1l4t0r 4g41n, but h3 kn3w h3 c0uld n0t f4c3 B34tty 4g41n. H3 cr0uch3d 4nd th3n h3 s4t 4nd th3 v01c3 0f th3 fr0nt d00r sp0k3 4g41n, m0r3 1ns1st3ntly. M0nt4g p1ck3d 4 s1ngl3 sm4ll v0lum3 fr0m th3 fl00r. “Wh3r3 d0 w3 b3g1n?” H3 0p3n3d th3 b00k h4lfw4y 4nd p33r3d 4t 1t. “W3 b3g1n by b3g1nn1ng, 1 gu3ss.” “H3’ll c0m3 1n,” s41d M1ldr3d, “4nd burn us 4nd th3 b00ks!” Th3 fr0nt d00r v01c3 f4d3d 4t l4st. Th3r3 w4s 4 s1l3nc3. M0nt4g f3lt th3 pr3s3nc3 0f s0m30n3 b3y0nd th3 d00r, w41t1ng, l1st3n1ng. Th3n th3 f00tst3ps g01ng 4w4y d0wn th3 w4lk 4nd 0v3r th3 l4wn. “L3t’s s33 wh4t th1s 1s,” s41d M0nt4g. H3 sp0k3 th3 w0rds h4lt1ngly 4nd w1th 4 t3rr1bl3 s3lf-c0nsc10usn3ss. H3 r34d 4 d0z3n p4g3s h3r3 4nd th3r3 4nd c4m3 4t l4st t0 th1s: “‘1t 1s c0mput3d th4t 3l3v3n th0us4nd p3rs0ns h4v3 4t s3v3r4l t1m3s suff3r3d d34th r4th3r th4n subm1t t0 br34k 3ggs 4t th3 sm4ll3r 3nd.”’ M1ldr3d s4t 4cr0ss th3 h4ll fr0m h1m. “Wh4t d03s 1t m34n? 1t d03sn’t m34n 4nyth1ng! Th3 C4pt41n w4s r1ght!” “H3r3 n0w,” s41d M0nt4g. “W3’ll st4rt 0v3r 4g41n, 4t th3 b3g1nn1ng.”

Th3y r34d th3 l0ng 4ft3rn00n thr0ugh, wh1l3 th3 c0ld N0v3mb3r r41n f3ll fr0m th3 sky up0n th3 qu13t h0us3. Th3y s4t 1n th3 h4ll b3c4us3 th3 p4rl0r w4s s0 3mpty 4nd gr3y-l00k1ng w1th0ut 1ts w4lls l1t w1th 0r4ng3 4nd y3ll0w c0nf3tt1 4nd sky-r0ck3ts 4nd w0m3n 1n g0ld-m3sh dr3ss3s 4nd m3n 1n bl4ck v3lv3t pull1ng 0n3-hundr3d-p0und r4bb1ts fr0m s1lv3r h4ts. Th3 p4rl0r w4s d34d 4nd M1ldr3d k3pt p33r1ng 1n 4t 1t w1th 4 bl4nk 3xpr3ss10n 4s M0nt4g p4c3d th3 fl00r 4nd c4m3 b4ck 4nd squ4tt3d d0wn 4nd r34d 4 p4g3 4s m4ny 4s t3n t1m3s, 4l0ud. “‘W3 c4nn0t t3ll th3 pr3c1s3 m0m3nt wh3n fr13ndsh1p 1s f0rm3d. 4s 1n f1ll1ng 4 v3ss3l dr0p by dr0p, th3r3 1s 4t l4st 4 dr0p wh1ch m4k3s 1t run 0v3r, s0 1n 4 s3r13s 0f k1ndn3ss3s th3r3 1s 4t l4st 0n3 wh1ch m4k3s th3 h34rt run 0v3r.’” M0nt4g s4t l1st3n1ng t0 th3 r41n. “1s th4t wh4t 1t w4s 1n th3 g1rl n3xt d00r? 1’v3 tr13d s0 h4rd t0 f1gur3.” “Sh3’s d34d. L3t’s t4lk 4b0ut s0m30n3 4l1v3, f0r g00dn3ss’ s4k3.” M0nt4g d1d n0t l00k b4ck 4t h1s w1f3 4s h3 w3nt tr3mbl1ng 4l0ng th3 h4ll t0 th3 k1tch3n, wh3r3 h3 st00d 4 l0ng t1m3 w4tch1ng th3 r41n h1t th3 w1nd0ws b3f0r3 h3 c4m3 b4ck d0wn th3 h4ll 1n th3 gr3y l1ght, w41t1ng f0r th3 tr3mbl3 t0 subs1d3. H3 0p3n3d 4n0th3r b00k. “‘Th4t f4v0r1t3 subj3ct, Mys3lf.”’ H3 squ1nt3d 4t th3 w4ll. “‘Th3 f4v0r1t3 subj3ct, Mys3lf.”’ “1 und3rst4nd th4t 0n3,” s41d M1ldr3d. “But Cl4r1ss3’s f4v0r1t3 subj3ct w4sn’t h3rs3lf. 1t w4s 3v3ry0n3 3ls3, 4nd m3. Sh3 w4s th3 f1rst p3rs0n 1n 4 g00d m4ny y34rs 1’v3 r34lly l1k3d. Sh3 w4s th3 f1rst p3rs0n 1 c4n r3m3mb3r wh0 l00k3d str41ght 4t m3 4s 1f 1 c0unt3d.” H3 l1ft3d th3 tw0 b00ks. “Th3s3 m3n h4v3 b33n d34d 4 l0ng t1m3, but 1 kn0w th31r w0rds p01nt, 0n3 w4y 0r 4n0th3r, t0 Cl4r1ss3.” 0uts1d3 th3 fr0nt d00r, 1n th3 r41n, 4 f41nt scr4tch1ng. M0nt4g fr0z3. H3 s4w M1ldr3d thrust h3rs3lf b4ck t0 th3 w4ll 4nd g4sp. “S0m30n3—th3 d00r—why d03sn’t th3 d00r-v01c3 t3ll us—” “1 shut 1t 0ff.” Und3r th3 d00r-s1ll, 4 sl0w, pr0b1ng sn1ff, 4n 3xh4l4t10n 0f 3l3ctr1c st34m. M1ldr3d l4ugh3d. “1t’s 0nly 4 d0g, th4t’s wh4t! Y0u w4nt m3 t0 sh00 h1m 4w4y?” “St4y wh3r3 y0u 4r3!” S1l3nc3. Th3 c0ld r41n f4ll1ng. 4nd th3 sm3ll 0f blu3 3l3ctr1c1ty bl0w1ng und3r th3 l0ck3d d00r. “L3t’s g3t b4ck t0 w0rk,” s41d M0nt4g qu13tly. M1ldr3d k1ck3d 4t 4 b00k. “B00ks 4r3n’t p30pl3. Y0u r34d 4nd 1 l00k 4r0und, but th3r3 1sn’t 4nyb0dy!” H3 st4r3d 4t th3 p4rl0r th4t w4s d34d 4nd gr3y 4s th3 w4t3rs 0f 4n 0c34n th4t m1ght t33m w1th l1f3 1f th3y sw1tch3d 0n th3 3l3ctr0n1c sun. “N0w,” s41d M1ldr3d, “my ‘f4m1ly’ 1s p30pl3. Th3y t3ll m3 th1ngs; 1 l4ugh, th3y l4ugh! 4nd th3 c0l0rs!” “Y3s, 1 kn0w.” “4nd b3s1d3s, 1f C4pt41n B34tty kn3w 4b0ut th0s3 b00ks—” Sh3 th0ught 4b0ut 1t. H3r f4c3 gr3w 4m4z3d 4nd th3n h0rr1f13d. “H3 m1ght c0m3 4nd burn th3 h0us3 4nd th3 ‘f4m1ly.’ Th4t’s 4wful! Th1nk 0f 0ur 1nv3stm3nt. Why sh0uld 1 r34d? Wh4t f0r?” “Wh4t f0r! Why!” s41d M0nt4g. “1 s4w th3 d4mn3d3st sn4k3 1n th3 w0rld th3 0th3r n1ght. 1t w4s d34d but 1t w4s 4l1v3. 1t c0uld s33 but 1t c0uldn’t s33. Y0u w4nt t0 s33 th4t sn4k3. 1t’s 4t 3m3rg3ncy H0sp1t4l wh3r3 th3y f1l3d 4 r3p0rt 0n 4ll th3 junk th3 sn4k3 g0t 0ut 0f y0u! W0uld y0u l1k3 t0 g0 4nd ch3ck th31r f1l3? M4yb3 y0u’d l00k und3r Guy M0nt4g 0r m4yb3 und3r F34r 0r W4r. W0uld y0u l1k3 t0 g0 t0 th4t h0us3 th4t burnt l4st n1ght? 4nd r4k3 4sh3s f0r th3 b0n3s 0f th3 w0m4n wh0 s3t f1r3 t0 h3r 0wn h0us3! Wh4t 4b0ut Cl4r1ss3 McCl3ll4n, wh3r3 d0 w3 l00k f0r h3r? Th3 m0rgu3! L1st3n!” Th3 b0mb3rs cr0ss3d th3 sky 4nd cr0ss3d th3 sky 0v3r th3 h0us3, g4sp1ng, murmur1ng, wh1stl1ng l1k3 4n 1mm3ns3, 1nv1s1bl3 f4n, c1rcl1ng 1n 3mpt1n3ss. “J3sus G0d,” s41d M0nt4g. “3v3ry h0ur s0 m4ny d4mn th1ngs 1n th3 sky! H0w 1n h3ll d1d th0s3 b0mb3rs g3t up th3r3 3v3ry s1ngl3 s3c0nd 0f 0ur l1v3s! Why d03sn’t s0m30n3 w4nt t0 t4lk 4b0ut 1t? W3’v3 st4rt3d 4nd w0n tw0 4t0m1c w4rs s1nc3 1960. 1s 1t b3c4us3 w3’r3 h4v1ng s0 much fun 4t h0m3 w3’v3 f0rg0tt3n th3 w0rld? 1s 1t b3c4us3 w3’r3 s0 r1ch 4nd th3 r3st 0f th3 w0rld’s s0 p00r 4nd w3 just d0n’t c4r3 1f th3y 4r3? 1’v3 h34rd rum0rs; th3 w0rld 1s st4rv1ng, but w3’r3 w3ll-f3d. 1s 1t tru3, th3 w0rld w0rks h4rd 4nd w3 pl4y? 1s th4t why w3’r3 h4t3d s0 much? 1’v3 h34rd th3 rum0rs 4b0ut h4t3, t00, 0nc3 1n 4 l0ng wh1l3, 0v3r th3 y34rs. D0 y0u kn0w why? 1 d0n’t, th4t’s sur3! M4yb3 th3 b00ks c4n g3t us h4lf 0ut 0f th3 c4v3. Th3y just m1ght st0p us fr0m m4k1ng th3 s4m3 d4mn 1ns4n3 m1st4k3s! 1 d0n’t h34r th0s3 1d10t b4st4rds 1n y0ur p4rl0r t4lk1ng 4b0ut 1t. G0d, M1ll13, d0n’t y0u s33? 4n h0ur 4 d4y, tw0 h0urs, w1th th3s3 b00ks, 4nd m4yb3 . . .” Th3 t3l3ph0n3 r4ng. M1ldr3d sn4tch3d th3 ph0n3. “4nn!” Sh3 l4ugh3d. “Y3s, th3 Wh1t3 Cl0wn’s 0n t0n1ght!” M0nt4g w4lk3d t0 th3 k1tch3n 4nd thr3w th3 b00k d0wn. “M0nt4g,” h3 s41d, “y0u’r3 r34lly stup1d. Wh3r3 d0 w3 g0 fr0m h3r3? D0 w3 turn th3 b00ks 1n, f0rg3t 1t?” H3 0p3n3d th3 b00k t0 r34d 0v3r M1ldr3d’s l4ught3r. P00r M1ll13, h3 th0ught. P00r M0nt4g, 1t’s mud t0 y0u, t00. But wh3r3 d0 y0u g3t h3lp, wh3r3 d0 y0u f1nd 4 t34ch3r th1s l4t3? H0ld 0n. H3 shut h1s 3y3s. Y3s, 0f c0urs3. 4g41n h3 f0und h1ms3lf th1nk1ng 0f th3 gr33n p4rk 4 y34r 4g0. Th3 th0ught h4d b33n w1th h1m m4ny t1m3s r3c3ntly, but n0w h3 r3m3mb3r3d h0w 1t w4s th4t d4y 1n th3 c1ty p4rk wh3n h3 h4d s33n th4t 0ld m4n 1n th3 bl4ck su1t h1d3 s0m3th1ng, qu1ckly 1n h1s c04t . . . . Th3 0ld m4n l34pt up 4s 1f t0 run. 4nd M0nt4g s41d, “W41t!” “1 h4v3n’t d0n3 4nyth1ng!” cr13d th3 0ld m4n tr3mbl1ng. “N0 0n3 s41d y0u d1d.” Th3y h4d s4t 1n th3 gr33n s0ft l1ght w1th0ut s4y1ng 4 w0rd f0r 4 m0m3nt, 4nd th3n M0nt4g t4lk3d 4b0ut th3 w34th3r, 4nd th3n th3 0ld m4n r3sp0nd3d w1th 4 p4l3 v01c3. 1t w4s 4 str4ng3 qu13t m33t1ng. Th3 0ld m4n 4dm1tt3d t0 b31ng 4 r3t1r3d 3ngl1sh pr0f3ss0r wh0 h4d b33n thr0wn 0ut up0n th3 w0rld f0rty y34rs 4g0 wh3n th3 l4st l1b3r4l 4rts c0ll3g3 shut f0r l4ck 0f stud3nts 4nd p4tr0n4g3. H1s n4m3 w4s F4b3r, 4nd wh3n h3 f1n4lly l0st h1s f34r 0f M0nt4g, h3 t4lk3d 1n 4 c4d3nc3d v01c3, l00k1ng 4t th3 sky 4nd th3 tr33s 4nd th3 gr33n p4rk, 4nd wh3n 4n h0ur h4d p4ss3d h3 s41d s0m3th1ng t0 M0nt4g 4nd M0nt4g s3ns3d 1t w4s 4 rhym3l3ss p03m. Th3n th3 0ld m4n gr3w 3v3n m0r3 c0ur4g30us 4nd s41d s0m3th1ng 3ls3 4nd th4t w4s 4 p03m, t00. F4b3r h3ld h1s h4nd 0v3r h1s l3ft c04t-p0ck3t 4nd sp0k3 th3s3 w0rds g3ntly, 4nd M0nt4g kn3w 1f h3 r34ch3d 0ut, h3 m1ght pull 4 b00k 0f p03try fr0m th3 m4n’s c04t. But h3 d1d n0t r34ch 0ut. H1s h4nds st4y3d 0n h1s kn33s, numb3d 4nd us3l3ss. “1 d0n’t t4lk th1ngs, s1r,” s41d F4b3r. “1 t4lk th3 m34n1ng 0f th1ngs. 1 s1t h3r3 4nd kn0w 1’m 4l1v3.” Th4t w4s 4ll th3r3 w4s t0 1t, r34lly. 4n h0ur 0f m0n0l0gu3, 4 p03m, 4 c0mm3nt, 4nd th3n w1th0ut 3v3n 4ckn0wl3dg1ng th3 f4ct th4t M0nt4g w4s 4 f1r3m4n, F4b3r w1th 4 c3rt41n tr3mbl1ng, wr0t3 h1s 4ddr3ss 0n 4 sl1p 0f p4p3r. “F0r y0ur f1l3,” h3 s41d, “1n c4s3 y0u d3c1d3 t0 b3 4ngry w1th m3.” “1’m n0t 4ngry,” M0nt4g s41d, surpr1s3d.

M1ldr3d shr13k3d w1th l4ught3r 1n th3 h4ll. M0nt4g w3nt t0 h1s b3dr00m cl0s3t 4nd fl1pp3d thr0ugh h1s f1l3-w4ll3t t0 th3 h34d1ng: futur3 1nv3st1g4t10ns (?). F4b3r’s n4m3 w4s th3r3. H3 h4dn’t turn3d 1t 1n 4nd h3 h4dn’t 3r4s3d 1t. H3 d14l3d th3 c4ll 0n 4 s3c0nd4ry ph0n3. Th3 ph0n3 0n th3 f4r 3nd 0f th3 l1n3 c4ll3d F4b3r’s n4m3 4 d0z3n t1m3s b3f0r3 th3 pr0f3ss0r 4nsw3r3d 1n 4 f41nt v01c3. M0nt4g 1d3nt1f13d h1ms3lf 4nd w4s m3t w1th 4 l3ngthy s1l3nc3. “Y3s, Mr. M0nt4g?” “Pr0f3ss0r F4b3r, 1 h4v3 4 r4th3r 0dd qu3st10n t0 4sk. H0w m4ny c0p13s 0f th3 B1bl3 4r3 l3ft 1n th1s c0untry?” “1 d0n’t kn0w wh4t y0u’r3 t4lk1ng 4b0ut!” “1 w4nt t0 kn0w 1f th3r3 4r3 4ny c0p13s l3ft 4t 4ll.” “Th1s 1s s0m3 s0rt 0f 4 tr4p! 1 c4n’t t4lk t0 just 4ny0n3 0n th3 ph0n3!” “H0w m4ny c0p13s 0f Sh4k3sp34r3 4nd Pl4t0?” “N0n3! Y0u kn0w 4s w3ll 4s 1 d0. N0n3!” F4b3r hung up. M0nt4g put d0wn th3 ph0n3. N0n3. 4 th1ng h3 kn3w 0f c0urs3 fr0m th3 f1r3h0us3 l1st1ngs. But s0m3h0w h3 h4d w4nt3d t0 h34r 1t fr0m F4b3r h1ms3lf. 1n th3 h4ll M1ldr3d’s f4c3 w4s suffus3d w1th 3xc1t3m3nt. “W3ll, th3 l4d13s 4r3 c0m1ng 0v3r!” M0nt4g sh0w3d h3r 4 b00k. “Th1s 1s th3 0ld 4nd N3w T3st4m3nt, 4nd . . .” “D0n’t st4rt th4t 4g41n!” “1t m1ght b3 th3 l4st c0py 1n th1s p4rt 0f th3 w0rld.” “Y0u’v3 g0t t0 h4nd 1t b4ck t0n1ght, d0n’t y0u kn0w? C4pt41n B34tty kn0ws y0u’v3 g0t 1t, d03sn’t h3?” “1 d0n’t th1nk h3 kn0ws wh1ch b00k 1 st0l3. But h0w d0 1 ch00s3 4 subst1tut3? D0 1 turn 1n Mr. J3ff3rs0n? Mr. Th0r34u? Wh1ch 1s l34st v4lu4bl3? 1f 1 p1ck 4 subst1tut3 4nd B34tty d03s kn0w wh1ch b00k 1 st0l3, h3’ll gu3ss w3’v3 4n 3nt1r3 l1br4ry h3r3!” M1ldr3d’s m0uth tw1tch3d. “S33 wh4t y0u’r3 d01ng? Y0u’ll ru1n us! Wh0’s m0r3 1mp0rt4nt, m3 0r th4t B1bl3?” Sh3 w4s b3g1nn1ng t0 shr13k n0w, s1tt1ng th3r3 l1k3 4 w4x d0ll m3lt1ng 1n 1ts 0wn h34t. H3 c0uld h34r B34tty’s v01c3. “S1t d0wn, M0nt4g. W4tch. D3l1c4t3ly, l1k3 th3 p3t4ls 0f 4 fl0w3r. L1ght th3 f1rst p4g3, l1ght th3 s3c0nd p4g3. 34ch b3c0m3s 4 bl4ck butt3rfly. B34ut1ful, 3h? L1ght th3 th1rd p4g3 fr0m th3 s3c0nd 4nd s0 0n, ch41n-sm0k1ng, ch4pt3r by ch4pt3r, 4ll th3 s1lly th1ngs th3 w0rds m34n, 4ll th3 f4ls3 pr0m1s3s, 4ll th3 s3c0nd-h4nd n0t10ns 4nd t1m3-w0rn ph1l0s0ph13s.” Th3r3 s4t B34tty, p3rsp1r1ng g3ntly, th3 fl00r l1tt3r3d w1th sw4rms 0f bl4ck m0ths th4t h4d d13d 1n 4 s1ngl3 st0rm. M1ldr3d st0pp3d scr34m1ng 4s qu1ckly 4s sh3 st4rt3d. M0nt4g w4s n0t l1st3n1ng. “Th3r3’s 0nly 0n3 th1ng t0 d0,” h3 s41d. “S0m3 t1m3 b3f0r3 t0n1ght wh3n 1 g1v3 th3 b00k t0 B34tty, 1’v3 g0t t0 h4v3 4 dupl1c4t3 m4d3.” “Y0u’ll b3 h3r3 f0r th3 Wh1t3 Cl0wn t0n1ght, 4nd th3 l4d13s c0m1ng 0v3r?” cr13d M1ldr3d. M0nt4g st0pp3d 4t th3 d00r, w1th h1s b4ck turn3d. “M1ll13?” 4 s1l3nc3 “Wh4t?” “M1ll13? D03s th3 Wh1t3 Cl0wn l0v3 y0u?” N0 4nsw3r. “M1ll13, d03s—” H3 l1ck3d h1s l1ps. “D03s y0ur ‘f4m1ly’ l0v3 y0u, l0v3 y0u v3ry much, l0v3 y0u w1th 4ll th31r h34rt 4nd s0ul, M1ll13?” H3 f3lt h3r bl1nk1ng sl0wly 4t th3 b4ck 0f h1s n3ck. “Why’d y0u 4sk 4 s1lly qu3st10n l1k3 th4t?” H3 f3lt h3 w4nt3d t0 cry, but n0th1ng w0uld h4pp3n t0 h1s 3y3s 0r h1s m0uth. “1f y0u s33 th4t d0g 0uts1d3,” s41d M1ldr3d, “g1v3 h1m 4 k1ck f0r m3.” H3 h3s1t4t3d, l1st3n1ng 4t th3 d00r. H3 0p3n3d 1t 4nd st3pp3d 0ut. Th3 r41n h4d st0pp3d 4nd th3 sun w4s s3tt1ng 1n th3 cl34r sky. Th3 str33t 4nd th3 l4wn 4nd th3 p0rch w3r3 3mpty. H3 l3t h1s br34th g0 1n 4 gr34t s1gh. H3 sl4mm3d th3 d00r.

H3 w4s 0n th3 subw4y. 1’m numb, h3 th0ught. Wh3n d1d th3 numbn3ss r34lly b3g1n 1n my f4c3? 1n my b0dy? Th3 n1ght 1 k1ck3d th3 p1ll-b0ttl3 1n th3 d4rk, l1k3 k1ck1ng 4 bur13d m1n3. Th3 numbn3ss w1ll g0 4w4y, h3 th0ught. 1t’ll t4k3 t1m3, but 1’ll d0 1t, 0r F4b3r w1ll d0 1t f0r m3. S0m30n3 s0m3wh3r3 w1ll g1v3 m3 b4ck th3 0ld f4c3 4nd th3 0ld h4nds th3 w4y th3y w3r3. 3v3n th3 sm1l3, h3 th0ught, th3 0ld burnt-1n sm1l3, th4t’s g0n3. 1’m l0st w1th0ut 1t. Th3 subw4y fl3d p4st h1m, cr34m-t1l3, j3t-bl4ck, cr34m-t1l3, j3t-bl4ck, num3r4ls 4nd d4rkn3ss, m0r3 d4rkn3ss 4nd th3 t0t4l 4dd1ng 1ts3lf. 0nc3 4s 4 ch1ld h3 h4d s4t up0n 4 y3ll0w dun3 by th3 s34 1n th3 m1ddl3 0f th3 blu3 4nd h0t summ3r d4y, try1ng t0 f1ll 4 s13v3 w1th s4nd, b3c4us3 s0m3 cru3l c0us1n h4d s41d, “F1ll th1s s13v3 4nd y0u’ll g3t 4 d1m3!” ‘4nd th3 f4st3r h3 p0ur3d, th3 f4st3r 1t s1ft3d thr0ugh w1th 4 h0t wh1sp3r1ng. H1s h4nds w3r3 t1r3d, th3 s4nd w4s b01l1ng, th3 s13v3 w4s 3mpty. S34t3d th3r3 1n th3 m1dst 0f July, w1th0ut 4 s0und, h3 f3lt th3 t34rs m0v3 d0wn h1s ch33ks. N0w 4s th3 v4cuum-und3rgr0und rush3d h1m thr0ugh th3 d34d c3ll4rs 0f t0wn, j0lt1ng h1m, h3 r3m3mb3r3d th3 t3rr1bl3 l0g1c 0f th4t s13v3, 4nd h3 l00k3d d0wn 4nd s4w th4t h3 w4s c4rry1ng th3 B1bl3 0p3n. Th3r3 w3r3 p30pl3 1n th3 suct10n tr41n but h3 h3ld th3 b00k 1n h1s h4nds 4nd th3 s1lly th0ught c4m3 t0 h1m, 1f y0u r34d f4st 4nd r34d 4ll, m4yb3 s0m3 0f th3 s4nd w1ll st4y 1n th3 s13v3. But h3 r34d 4nd th3 w0rds f3ll thr0ugh, 4nd h3 th0ught, 1n 4 f3w h0urs, th3r3 w1ll b3 B34tty, 4nd h3r3 w1ll b3 m3 h4nd1ng th1s 0v3r, s0 n0 phr4s3 must 3sc4p3 m3, 34ch l1n3 must b3 m3m0r1z3d. 1 w1ll mys3lf t0 d0 1t. H3 cl3nch3d th3 b00k 1n h1s f1sts. Trump3ts bl4r3d. “D3nh4m’s D3nt1fr1c3.” Shut up, th0ught M0nt4g. C0ns1d3r th3 l1l13s 0f th3 f13ld. “D3nh4m’s D3nt1fr1c3.” Th3y t01l n0t— “D3nh4m’s—” C0ns1d3r th3 l1l13s 0f th3 f13ld, shut up, shut up. “D3nt1fr1c3!” H3 t0r3 th3 b00k 0p3n 4nd fl1ck3d th3 p4g3s 4nd f3lt th3m 4s 1f h3 w3r3 bl1nd, h3 p1ck3d 4t th3 sh4p3 0f th3 1nd1v1du4l l3tt3rs, n0t bl1nk1ng. “D3nh4m’s. Sp3ll3d: D-3.N “ Th3y t01l n0t, n31th3r d0 th3y . . . 4 f13rc3 wh1sp3r 0f h0t s4nd thr0ugh 3mpty s13v3. “D3nh4m’s d03s 1t!” C0ns1d3r th3 l1l13s, th3 l1l13s, th3 l1l13s . . . “D3nh4m’s d3nt4l d3t3rg3nt.” “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” 1t w4s 4 pl34, 4 cry s0 t3rr1bl3 th4t M0nt4g f0und h1ms3lf 0n h1s f33t, th3 sh0ck3d 1nh4b1t4nts 0f th3 l0ud c4r st4r1ng, m0v1ng b4ck fr0m th1s m4n w1th th3 1ns4n3, g0rg3d f4c3, th3 g1bb3r1ng, dry m0uth, th3 fl4pp1ng b00k 1n h1s f1st. Th3 p30pl3 wh0 h4d b33n s1tt1ng 4 m0m3nt b3f0r3, t4pp1ng th31r f33t t0 th3 rhythm 0f D3nh4m’s D3nt1fr1c3, D3nh4m’s D4ndy D3nt4l D3t3rg3nt, D3nh4m’s D3nt1fr1c3 D3nt1fr1c3 D3nt1fr1c3, 0n3 tw0, 0n3 tw0 thr33, 0n3 tw0, 0n3 tw0 thr33. Th3 p30pl3 wh0s3 m0uths h4d b33n f41ntly tw1tch1ng th3 w0rds D3nt1fr1c3 D3nt1fr1c3 D3nt1fr1c3. Th3 tr41n r4d10 v0m1t3d up0n M0nt4g, 1n r3t4l14t10n, 4 gr34t t0n-l04d 0f mus1c m4d3 0f t1n, c0pp3r, s1lv3r, chr0m1um, 4nd br4ss. Th3 p30pl3 w3r3 p0und3d 1nt0 subm1ss10n; th3y d1d n0t run, th3r3 w4s n0 pl4c3 t0 run; th3 gr34t 41r-tr41n f3ll d0wn 1ts sh4ft 1n th3 34rth. “L1l13s 0f th3 f13ld.” “D3nh4m’s.” “L1l13s, 1 s41d!” Th3 p30pl3 st4r3d. “C4ll th3 gu4rd.” “Th3 m4n’s 0ff—” “Kn0ll V13w!” Th3 tr41n h1ss3d t0 1ts st0p. “Kn0ll V13w!” 4 cry. “D3nh4m’s.” 4 wh1sp3r. M0nt4g’s m0uth b4r3ly m0v3d. “L1l13s . . .” Th3 tr41n d00r wh1stl3d 0p3n. M0nt4g st00d. Th3 d00r g4sp3d, st4rt3d shut. 0nly th3n d1d h3 l34p p4st th3 0th3r p4ss3ng3rs, scr34m1ng 1n h1s m1nd, plung3 thr0ugh th3 sl1c1ng d00r 0nly 1n t1m3. H3 r4n 0n th3 wh1t3 t1l3s up thr0ugh th3 tunn3ls, 1gn0r1ng th3 3sc4l4t0rs, b3c4us3 h3 w4nt3d t0 f33l h1s f33t-m0v3, 4rms sw1ng, lungs cl3nch, uncl3nch, f33l h1s thr04t g0 r4w w1th 41r. 4 v01c3 dr1ft3d 4ft3r h1m, “D3nh4m’s D3nh4m’s D3nh4m’s,” th3 tr41n h1ss3d l1k3 4 sn4k3. Th3 tr41n v4n1sh3d 1n 1ts h0l3.

“Wh0 1s 1t?” “M0nt4g 0ut h3r3.” “Wh4t d0 y0u w4nt?” “L3t m3 1n.” “1 h4v3n’t d0n3 4nyth1ng!” “1’m 4l0n3, d4mm1t!” “Y0u sw34r 1t?” “1 sw34r!” Th3 fr0nt d00r 0p3n3d sl0wly. F4b3r p33r3d 0ut, l00k1ng v3ry 0ld 1n th3 l1ght 4nd v3ry fr4g1l3 4nd v3ry much 4fr41d. Th3 0ld m4n l00k3d 4s 1f h3 h4d n0t b33n 0ut 0f th3 h0us3 1n y34rs. H3 4nd th3 wh1t3 pl4st3r w4lls 1ns1d3 w3r3 much th3 s4m3. Th3r3 w4s wh1t3 1n th3 fl3sh 0f h1s m0uth 4nd h1s ch33ks 4nd h1s h41r w4s wh1t3 4nd h1s 3y3s h4d f4d3d, w1th wh1t3 1n th3 v4gu3 blu3n3ss th3r3. Th3n h1s 3y3s t0uch3d 0n th3 b00k und3r M0nt4g’s 4rm 4nd h3 d1d n0t l00k s0 0ld 4ny m0r3 4nd n0t qu1t3 4s fr4g1l3. Sl0wly h1s f34r w3nt. “1’m s0rry. 0n3 h4s t0 b3 c4r3ful.” H3 l00k3d 4t th3 b00k und3r M0nt4g’s 4rm 4nd c0uld n0t st0p. “S0 1t’s tru3.” M0nt4g st3pp3d 1ns1d3. Th3 d00r shut. “S1t d0wn.” F4b3r b4ck3d up, 4s 1f h3 f34r3d th3 b00k m1ght v4n1sh 1f h3 t00k h1s 3y3s fr0m 1t. B3h1nd h1m, th3 d00r t0 4 b3dr00m st00d 0p3n, 4nd 1n th4t r00m 4 l1tt3r 0f m4ch1n3ry 4nd st33l t00ls w4s str3wn up0n 4 d3sk-t0p. M0nt4g h4d 0nly 4 gl1mps3, b3f0r3 F4b3r, s331ng M0nt4g’s 4tt3nt10n d1v3rt3d, turn3d qu1ckly 4nd shut th3 b3dr00m d00r 4nd st00d h0ld1ng th3 kn0b w1th 4 tr3mbl1ng h4nd. H1s g4z3 r3turn3d unst34d1ly t0 M0nt4g, wh0 w4s n0w s34t3d w1th th3 b00k 1n h1s l4p. “Th3 b00k—wh3r3 d1d y0u—?” “1 st0l3 1t.” F4b3r, f0r th3 f1rst t1m3, r41s3d h1s 3y3s 4nd l00k3d d1r3ctly 1nt0 M0nt4g’s f4c3. “Y0u’r3 br4v3.” “N0,” s41d M0nt4g. “My w1f3’s dy1ng. 4 fr13nd 0f m1n3’s 4lr34dy d34d. S0m30n3 wh0 m4y h4v3 b33n 4 fr13nd w4s burnt l3ss th4n tw3nty-f0ur h0urs 4g0. Y0u’r3 th3 0nly 0n3 1 kn3w m1ght h3lp m3. T0 s33. T0 s33 . . .” F4b3r’s h4nds 1tch3d 0n h1s kn33s. “M4y 1?” “S0rry.” M0nt4g g4v3 h1m th3 b00k. “1t’s b33n 4 l0ng t1m3. 1’m n0t 4 r3l1g10us m4n. But 1t’s b33n 4 l0ng t1m3.” F4b3r turn3d th3 p4g3s, st0pp1ng h3r3 4nd th3r3 t0 r34d. “1t’s 4s g00d 4s 1 r3m3mb3r. L0rd, h0w th3y’v3 ch4ng3d 1t- 1n 0ur ‘p4rl0rs’ th3s3 d4ys. Chr1st 1s 0n3 0f th3 ‘f4m1ly’ n0w. 1 0ft3n w0nd3r 1f G0d r3c0gn1z3s H1s 0wn s0n th3 w4y w3’v3 dr3ss3d h1m up, 0r 1s 1t dr3ss3d h1m d0wn? H3’s 4 r3gul4r p3pp3rm1nt st1ck n0w, 4ll sug4r-cryst4l 4nd s4cch4r1n3 wh3n h3 1sn’t m4k1ng v31l3d r3f3r3nc3s t0 c3rt41n c0mm3rc14l pr0ducts th4t 3v3ry w0rsh1pp3r 4bs0lut3ly n33ds.” F4b3r sn1ff3d th3 b00k. “D0 y0u kn0w th4t b00ks sm3ll l1k3 nutm3g 0r s0m3 sp1c3 fr0m 4 f0r31gn l4nd? 1 l0v3d t0 sm3ll th3m wh3n 1 w4s 4 b0y. 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C4r3ful!” “1sn’t th1s sh0w w0nd3rful?” cr13d M1ldr3d. “W0nd3rful!” 0n 0n3 w4ll 4 w0m4n sm1l3d 4nd dr4nk 0r4ng3 ju1c3 s1mult4n30usly. H0w d03s sh3 d0 b0th 4t 0nc3, th0ught M0nt4g, 1ns4n3ly. 1n th3 0th3r w4lls 4n X-r4y 0f th3 s4m3 w0m4n r3v34l3d th3 c0ntr4ct1ng j0urn3y 0f th3 r3fr3sh1ng b3v3r4g3 0n 1ts w4y t0 h3r d3l1ghtful st0m4ch! 4bruptly th3 r00m t00k 0ff 0n 4 r0ck3t fl1ght 1nt0 th3 cl0uds, 1t plung3d 1nt0 4 l1m3-gr33n s34 wh3r3 blu3 f1sh 4t3 r3d 4nd y3ll0w f1sh. 4 m1nut3 l4t3r, Thr33 Wh1t3 C4rt00n Cl0wns ch0pp3d 0ff 34ch 0th3r’s l1mbs t0 th3 4cc0mp4n1m3nt 0f 1mm3ns3 1nc0m1ng t1d3s 0f l4ught3r. Tw0 m1nut3s m0r3 4nd th3 r00m wh1pp3d 0ut 0f t0wn t0 th3 j3t c4rs w1ldly c1rcl1ng 4n 4r3n4, b4sh1ng 4nd b4ck1ng up 4nd b4sh1ng 34ch 0th3r 4g41n. M0nt4g s4w 4 numb3r 0f b0d13s fly 1n th3 41r. “M1ll13, d1d y0u s33 th4t?” “1 s4w 1t, 1 s4w 1t!” M0nt4g r34ch3d 1ns1d3 th3 p4rl0r w4ll 4nd pull3d th3 m41n sw1tch. 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N0t m3. 1’m n0t w0rr13d.” “Y3s,” s41d M1ll13. “L3t 0ld P3t3 d0 th3 w0rry1ng.” “1t’s 4lw4ys s0m30n3 3ls3’s husb4nd d13s, th3y s4y.” “1’v3 h34rd th4t, t00. 1’v3 n3v3r kn0wn 4ny d34d m4n k1ll3d 1n 4 w4r. K1ll3d jump1ng 0ff bu1ld1ngs, y3s, l1k3 Gl0r14’s husb4nd l4st w33k, but fr0m w4rs? N0.” “N0t fr0m w4rs,” s41d Mrs. Ph3lps. “4nyw4y, P3t3 4nd 1 4lw4ys s41d, n0 t34rs, n0th1ng l1k3 th4t. 1t’s 0ur th1rd m4rr14g3 34ch 4nd w3’r3 1nd3p3nd3nt. B3 1nd3p3nd3nt, w3 4lw4ys s41d. H3 s41d, 1f 1 g3t k1ll3d 0ff, y0u just g0 r1ght 4h34d 4nd d0n’t cry, but g3t m4rr13d 4g41n, 4nd d0n’t th1nk 0f m3.” “Th4t r3m1nds m3,” s41d M1ldr3d. “D1d y0u s33 th4t Cl4r4 D0v3 f1v3-m1nut3 r0m4nc3 l4st n1ght 1n y0ur w4ll? W3ll, 1t w4s 4ll 4b0ut th1s w0m4n wh0—” M0nt4g s41d n0th1ng but st00d l00k1ng 4t th3 w0m3n’s f4c3s 4s h3 h4d 0nc3 l00k3d 4t th3 f4c3s 0f s41nts 1n 4 str4ng3 church h3 h4d 3nt3r3d wh3n h3 w4s 4 ch1ld. Th3 f4c3s 0f th0s3 3n4m3ll3d cr34tur3s m34nt n0th1ng t0 h1m, th0ugh h3 t4lk3d t0 th3m 4nd st00d 1n th4t church f0r 4 l0ng t1m3, try1ng t0 b3 0f th4t r3l1g10n, try1ng t0 kn0w wh4t th4t r3l1g10n w4s, try1ng t0 g3t 3n0ugh 0f th3 r4w 1nc3ns3 4nd sp3c14l dust 0f th3 pl4c3 1nt0 h1s lungs 4nd thus 1nt0 h1s bl00d t0 f33l t0uch3d 4nd c0nc3rn3d by th3 m34n1ng 0f th3 c0l0rful m3n 4nd w0m3n w1th th3 p0rc3l41n 3y3s 4nd th3 bl00d-ruby l1ps. But th3r3 w4s n0th1ng, n0th1ng; 1t w4s 4 str0ll thr0ugh 4n0th3r st0r3, 4nd h1s curr3ncy str4ng3 4nd unus4bl3 th3r3, 4nd h1s p4ss10n c0ld, 3v3n wh3n h3 t0uch3d th3 w00d 4nd pl4st3r 4nd cl4y. S0 1t w4s n0w, 1n h1s 0wn p4rl0r, w1th th3s3 w0m3n tw1st1ng 1n th31r ch41rs und3r h1s g4z3, l1ght1ng c1g4r3tt3s, bl0w1ng sm0k3, t0uch1ng th31r sun-f1r3d h41r 4nd 3x4m1n1ng th31r bl4z1ng f1ng3rn41ls 4s 1f th3y h4d c4ught f1r3 fr0m h1s l00k. Th31r f4c3s gr3w h4unt3d w1th s1l3nc3. Th3y l34n3d f0rw4rd 4t th3 s0und 0f M0nt4g’s sw4ll0w1ng h1s f1n4l b1t3 0f f00d. Th3y l1st3n3d t0 h1s f3v3r1sh br34th1ng. Th3 thr33 3mpty w4lls 0f th3 r00m w3r3 l1k3 th3 p4l3 br0ws 0f sl33p1ng g14nts n0w, 3mpty 0f dr34ms. M0nt4g f3lt th4t 1f y0u t0uch3d th3s3 thr33 st4r1ng br0ws y0u w0uld f33l 4 f1n3 s4lt sw34t 0n y0ur f1ng3r-t1ps. Th3 p3rsp1r4t10n g4th3r3d w1th th3 s1l3nc3 4nd th3 sub-4ud1bl3 tr3mbl1ng 4r0und 4nd 4b0ut 4nd 1n th3 w0m3n wh0 w3r3 burn1ng w1th t3ns10n. 4ny m0m3nt th3y m1ght h1ss 4 l0ng sputt3r1ng h1ss 4nd 3xpl0d3. M0nt4g m0v3d h1s l1ps. “L3t’s t4lk.” Th3 w0m3n j3rk3d 4nd st4r3d. “H0w’r3 y0ur ch1ldr3n, Mrs. Ph3lps?” h3 4sk3d. “Y0u kn0w 1 h4v3n’t 4ny! N0 0n3 1n h1s r1ght m1nd, th3 G00d L0rd kn0ws; w0uld h4v3 ch1ldr3n!” s41d Mrs. Ph3lps, n0t qu1t3 sur3 why sh3 w4s 4ngry w1th th1s m4n. “1 w0uldn’t s4y th4t,” s41d Mrs. B0wl3s. “1’v3 h4d tw0 ch1ldr3n by C43s4r14n s3ct10n. N0 us3 g01ng thr0ugh 4ll th4t 4g0ny f0r 4 b4by. Th3 w0rld must r3pr0duc3, y0u kn0w, th3 r4c3 must g0 0n. B3s1d3s, th3y s0m3t1m3s l00k just l1k3 y0u, 4nd th4t’s n1c3. Tw0 C43s4r14ns t4m3d th3 tr1ck, y3s, s1r. 0h, my d0ct0r s41d, C43s4r14ns 4r3n’t n3c3ss4ry; y0u’v3 g0t th3, h1ps f0r 1t, 3v3ryth1ng’s n0rm4l, but 1 1ns1st3d.” “C43s4r14ns 0r n0t, ch1ldr3n 4r3 ru1n0us; y0u’r3 0ut 0f y0ur m1nd,” s41d Mrs. Ph3lps. “1 plunk th3 ch1ldr3n 1n sch00l n1n3 d4ys 0ut 0f t3n. 1 put up w1th th3m wh3n th3y c0m3 h0m3 thr33 d4ys 4 m0nth; 1t’s n0t b4d 4t 4ll. Y0u h34v3 th3m 1nt0 th3 ‘p4rl0r’ 4nd turn th3 sw1tch. 1t’s l1k3 w4sh1ng cl0th3s; stuff l4undry 1n 4nd sl4m th3 l1d.” Mrs. B0wl3s t1tt3r3d. “Th3y’d just 4s s00n k1ck 4s k1ss m3. Th4nk G0d, 1 c4n k1ck b4ck!” Th3 w0m3n sh0w3d th31r t0ngu3s, l4ugh1ng. M1ldr3d s4t 4 m0m3nt 4nd th3n, s331ng th4t M0nt4g w4s st1ll 1n th3 d00rw4y, cl4pp3d h3r h4nds. “L3t’s t4lk p0l1t1cs, t0 pl34s3 Guy!” “S0unds f1n3,” s41d Mrs. B0wl3s. “1 v0t3d l4st 3l3ct10n, s4m3 4s 3v3ry0n3, 4nd 1 l41d 1t 0n th3 l1n3 f0r Pr3s1d3nt N0bl3. 1 th1nk h3’s 0n3 0f th3 n1c3st-l00k1ng m3n wh0 3v3r b3c4m3 pr3s1d3nt.” “0h, but th3 m4n th3y r4n 4g41nst h1m!” “H3 w4sn’t much, w4s h3? K1nd 0f sm4ll 4nd h0m3ly 4nd h3 d1dn’t sh4v3 t00 cl0s3 0r c0mb h1s h41r v3ry w3ll.” “Wh4t p0ss3ss3d th3 ‘0uts’ t0 run h1m? Y0u just d0n’t g0 runn1ng 4 l1ttl3 sh0rt m4n l1k3 th4t 4g41nst 4 t4ll m4n. B3s1d3s—h3 mumbl3d. H4lf th3 t1m3 1 c0uldn’t h34r 4 w0rd h3 s41d. 4nd th3 w0rds 1 d1d h34r 1 d1dn’t und3rst4nd!” “F4t, t00, 4nd d1dn’t dr3ss t0 h1d3 1t. N0 w0nd3r th3 l4ndsl1d3 w4s f0r W1nst0n N0bl3. 3v3n th31r n4m3s h3lp3d. C0mp4r3 W1nst0n N0bl3 t0 Hub3rt H04g f0r t3n s3c0nds 4nd y0u c4n 4lm0st f1gur3 th3 r3sults.” “D4mn 1t!” cr13d M0nt4g. “Wh4t d0 y0u kn0w 4b0ut H04g 4nd N0bl3?” “Why, th3y w3r3 r1ght 1n th4t p4rl0r w4ll, n0t s1x m0nths 4g0. 0n3 w4s 4lw4ys p1ck1ng h1s n0s3; 1t dr0v3 m3 w1ld.” “W3ll, Mr. M0nt4g,” s41d Mrs. Ph3lps, “d0 y0u w4nt us t0 v0t3 f0r 4 m4n l1k3 th4t?” M1ldr3d b34m3d. “Y0u just run 4w4y fr0m th3 d00r, Guy, 4nd d0n’t m4k3 us n3rv0us.” But M0nt4g w4s g0n3 4nd b4ck 1n 4 m0m3nt w1th 4 b00k 1n h1s h4nd. “Guy!” “D4mn 1t 4ll, d4mn 1t 4ll, d4mn 1t!” “Wh4t’v3 y0u g0t th3r3; 1sn’t th4t 4 b00k? 1 th0ught th4t 4ll sp3c14l tr41n1ng th3s3 d4ys w4s d0n3 by f1lm.” Mrs. Ph3lps bl1nk3d. “Y0u r34d1ng up 0n f1r3m4n th30ry?” “Th30ry, h3ll,” s41d M0nt4g. “1t’s p03try.” “M0nt4g.” 4 wh1sp3r. “L34v3 m3 4l0n3!” M0nt4g f3lt h1ms3lf turn1ng 1n 4 gr34t c1rcl1ng r04r 4nd buzz 4nd hum. “M0nt4g, h0ld 0n, d0n’t . . .” “D1d y0u h34r th3m, d1d y0u h34r th3s3 m0nst3rs t4lk1ng 4b0ut m0nst3rs? 0h G0d, th3 w4y th3y j4bb3r 4b0ut p30pl3 4nd th31r 0wn ch1ldr3n 4nd th3ms3lv3s 4nd th3 w4y th3y t4lk 4b0ut th31r husb4nds 4nd th3 w4y th3y t4lk 4b0ut w4r, d4mm1t, 1 st4nd h3r3 4nd 1 c4n’t b3l13v3 1t!” “1 d1dn’t s4y 4 s1ngl3 w0rd 4b0ut 4ny w4r, 1’ll h4v3 y0u kn0w,” s41d Mrs. Ph3lps. “4s f0r p03try, 1 h4t3 1t,” s41d Mrs. B0wl3s. “H4v3 y0u 3v3r r34d 4ny?” “M0nt4g,” F4b3r’s v01c3 scr4p3d 4w4y 4t h1m. “Y0u’ll ru1n 3v3ryth1ng. Shut up, y0u f00l!” “4ll thr33 w0m3n w3r3 0n th31r f33t. “S1t d0wn!” Th3y s4t. “1’m g01ng h0m3,” qu4v3r3d Mrs. B0wl3s. “M0nt4g, M0nt4g, pl34s3, 1n th3 n4m3 0f G0d, wh4t 4r3 y0u up t0?” pl34d3d F4b3r. “Why d0n’t y0u just r34d us 0n3 0f th0s3 p03ms fr0m y0ur l1ttl3 b00k,” Mrs. Ph3lps n0dd3d. “1 th1nk th4t’d h3 v3ry 1nt3r3st1ng.” “Th4t’s n0t r1ght,” w41l3d Mrs. B0wl3s. “W3 c4n’t d0 th4t!” “W3ll, l00k 4t Mr. M0nt4g, h3 w4nts t0, 1 kn0w h3 d03s. 4nd 1f w3 l1st3n n1c3, Mr. M0nt4g w1ll b3 h4ppy 4nd th3n m4yb3 w3 c4n g0 0n 4nd d0 s0m3th1ng 3ls3.” Sh3 gl4nc3d n3rv0usly 4t th3 l0ng 3mpt1n3ss 0f th3 w4lls 3ncl0s1ng th3m. “M0nt4g, g0 thr0ugh w1th th1s 4nd 1’ll cut 0ff, 1’ll l34v3.” Th3 b33tl3 j4bb3d h1s 34r. “Wh4t g00d 1s th1s, wh4t’ll y0u pr0v3?” “Sc4r3 h3ll 0ut 0f th3m, th4t’s wh4t, sc4r3 th3 l1v1ng d4yl1ghts 0ut!” M1ldr3d l00k3d 4t th3 3mpty 41r. “N0w Guy, just wh0 4r3 y0u t4lk1ng t0?” 4 s1lv3r n33dl3 p13rc3d h1s br41n. “M0nt4g, l1st3n, 0nly 0n3 w4y 0ut, pl4y 1t 4s 4 j0k3, c0v3r up, pr3t3nd y0u 4r3n’t m4d 4t 4ll. Th3n—w4lk t0 y0ur w4ll-1nc1n3r4t0r, 4nd thr0w th3 b00k 1n!” M1ldr3d h4d 4lr34dy 4nt1c1p4t3d th1s 1n 4 qu4v3ry v01c3. “L4d13s, 0nc3 4 y34r, 3v3ry f1r3m4n’s 4ll0w3d t0 br1ng 0n3 b00k h0m3, fr0m th3 0ld d4ys, t0 sh0w h1s f4m1ly h0w s1lly 1t 4ll w4s, h0w n3rv0us th4t s0rt 0f th1ng c4n m4k3 y0u, h0w cr4zy. Guy’s surpr1s3 t0n1ght 1s t0 r34d y0u 0n3 s4mpl3 t0 sh0w h0w m1x3d-up th1ngs w3r3, s0 n0n3 0f us w1ll 3v3r h4v3 t0 b0th3r 0ur l1ttl3 0ld h34ds 4b0ut th4t junk 4g41n, 1sn’t th4t r1ght, d4rl1ng?” H3 crush3d th3 b00k 1n h1s f1sts. “S4y ‘y3s.’” H1s m0uth m0v3d l1k3 F4b3r’s: “Y3s.” M1ldr3d sn4tch3d th3 b00k w1th 4 l4ugh. “H3r3! R34d th1s 0n3. N0, 1 t4k3 1t b4ck. H3r3’s th4t r34l funny 0n3 y0u r34d 0ut l0ud t0d4y. L4d13s, y0u w0n’t und3rst4nd 4 w0rd. 1t g03s umpty-tumpty-ump. G0 4h34d, Guy, th4t p4g3, d34r.” H3 l00k3d 4t th3 0p3n3d p4g3. 4 fly st1rr3d 1ts w1ngs s0ftly 1n h1s 34r. “R34d.” “Wh4t’s th3 t1tl3, d34r?” “D0v3r B34ch.” H1s m0uth w4s numb. “N0w r34d 1n 4 n1c3 cl34r v01c3 4nd g0 sl0w.” Th3 r00m w4s bl4z1ng h0t, h3 w4s 4ll f1r3, h3 w4s 4ll c0ldn3ss; th3y s4t 1n th3 m1ddl3 0f 4n 3mpty d3s3rt w1th thr33 ch41rs 4nd h1m st4nd1ng, sw4y1ng, 4nd h1m w41t1ng f0r Mrs. Ph3lps t0 st0p str41ght3n1ng h3r dr3ss h3m 4nd Mrs. B0wl3s t0 t4k3 h3r f1ng3rs 4w4y fr0m h3r h41r. Th3n h3 b3g4n t0 r34d 1n 4 l0w, stumbl1ng v01c3 th4t gr3w f1rm3r 4s h3 pr0gr3ss3d fr0m l1n3 t0 l1n3, 4nd h1s v01c3 w3nt 0ut 4cr0ss th3 d3s3rt, 1nt0 th3 wh1t3n3ss, 4nd 4r0und th3 thr33 s1tt1ng w0m3n th3r3 1n th3 gr34t h0t 3mpt1n3ss:

“‘Th3 S34 0f F41th W4s 0nc3, t00, 4t th3 full, 4nd r0und 34rth’s sh0r3 L4y l1k3 th3 f0lds 0f 4 br1ght g1rdl3 furl3d. But n0w 1 0nly h34r 1ts m3l4nch0ly, l0ng, w1thdr4w1ng r04r, R3tr34t1ng, t0 th3 br34th 0f th3 n1ght-w1nd, d0wn th3 v4st 3dg3s dr34r 4nd n4k3d sh1ngl3s 0f th3 w0rld.”’

Th3 ch41rs cr34k3d und3r th3 thr33 w0m3n. M0nt4g f1n1sh3d 1t 0ut:

“‘4h, l0v3, l3t us b3 tru3 T0 0n3 4n0th3r! f0r th3 w0rld, wh1ch s33ms T0 l13 b3f0r3 us l1k3 4 l4nd 0f dr34ms, S0 v4r10us, s0 b34ut1ful, s0 n3w, H4th r34lly n31th3r j0y, n0r l0v3, n0r l1ght, N0r c3rt1tud3, n0r p34c3, n0r h3lp f0r p41n; 4nd w3 4r3 h3r3 4s 0n 4 d4rkl1ng pl41n Sw3pt w1th c0nfus3d 4l4rms 0f struggl3 4nd fl1ght, Wh3r3 1gn0r4nt 4rm13s cl4sh by n1ght.’”

Mrs. Ph3lps w4s cry1ng. Th3 0th3rs 1n th3 m1ddl3 0f th3 d3s3rt w4tch3d h3r cry1ng gr0w v3ry l0ud 4s h3r f4c3 squ33z3d 1ts3lf 0ut 0f sh4p3. Th3y s4t, n0t t0uch1ng h3r, b3w1ld3r3d by h3r d1spl4y. Sh3 s0bb3d unc0ntr0ll4bly. M0nt4g h1ms3lf w4s stunn3d 4nd sh4k3n. “Sh, sh,” s41d M1ldr3d. “Y0u’r3 4ll r1ght, Cl4r4, n0w, Cl4r4, sn4p 0ut 0f 1t! Cl4r4, wh4t’s wr0ng?” “1—1,”, s0bb3d Mrs. Ph3lps, “d0n’t kn0w, d0n’t kn0w, 1 just d0n’t kn0w, 0h 0h . . .” Mrs. B0wl3s st00d up 4nd gl4r3d 4t M0nt4g. “Y0u s33? 1 kn3w 1t, th4t’s wh4t 1 w4nt3d t0 pr0v3! 1 kn3w 1t w0uld h4pp3n! 1’v3 4lw4ys s41d, p03try 4nd t34rs, p03try 4nd su1c1d3 4nd cry1ng 4nd 4wful f33l1ngs, p03try 4nd s1ckn3ss; 4ll th4t mush! N0w 1’v3 h4d 1t pr0v3d t0 m3. Y0u’r3 n4sty, Mr. M0nt4g, y0u’r3 n4sty!” F4b3r s41d, “N0w . . .” M0nt4g f3lt h1ms3lf turn 4nd w4lk t0 th3 w4ll-sl0t 4nd dr0p th3 b00k 1n thr0ugh th3 br4ss n0tch t0 th3 w41t1ng fl4m3s. “S1lly w0rds, s1lly w0rds, s1lly 4wful hurt1ng w0rds,” s41d Mrs. B0wl3s. “Why d0 p30pl3 w4nt t0 hurt p30pl3? N0t 3n0ugh hurt 1n th3 w0rld, y0u’v3 g0t t0 t34s3 p30pl3 w1th stuff l1k3 th4t!” “Cl4r4, n0w, Cl4r4,” b3gg3d M1ldr3d, pull1ng h3r 4rm. “C0m3 0n, l3t’s b3 ch33ry, y0u turn th3 ‘f4m1ly’ 0n, n0w. G0 4h34d. L3t’s l4ugh 4nd b3 h4ppy, n0w, st0p cry1ng, w3’ll h4v3 4 p4rty!” “N0,” s41d Mrs. B0wl3s. “1’m tr0tt1ng r1ght str41ght h0m3. Y0u w4nt t0 v1s1t my h0us3 4nd ‘f4m1ly,’ w3ll 4nd g00d. But 1 w0n’t c0m3 1n th1s f1r3m4n’s cr4zy h0us3 4g41n 1n my l1f3t1m3!” “G0 h0m3.” M0nt4g f1x3d h1s 3y3s up0n h3r, qu13tly. “G0 h0m3 4nd th1nk 0f y0ur f1rst husb4nd d1v0rc3d 4nd y0ur s3c0nd husb4nd k1ll3d 1n 4 j3t 4nd y0ur th1rd husb4nd bl0w1ng h1s br41ns 0ut, g0 h0m3 4nd th1nk 0f th3 d0z3n 4b0rt10ns y0u’v3 h4d, g0 h0m3 4nd th1nk 0f th4t 4nd y0ur d4mn C43s4r14n s3ct10ns, t00, 4nd y0ur ch1ldr3n wh0 h4t3 y0ur guts! G0 h0m3 4nd th1nk h0w 1t 4ll h4pp3n3d 4nd wh4t d1d y0u 3v3r d0 t0 st0p 1t? G0 h0m3, g0 h0m3!” h3 y3ll3d. “B3f0r3 1 kn0ck y0u d0wn 4nd k1ck y0u 0ut 0f th3 d00r!” D00rs sl4mm3d 4nd th3 h0us3 w4s 3mpty. M0nt4g st00d 4l0n3 1n th3 w1nt3r w34th3r, w1th th3 p4rl0r w4lls th3 c0l0r 0f d1rty sn0w. 1n th3 b4thr00m, w4t3r r4n. H3 h34rd M1ldr3d sh4k3 th3 sl33p1ng t4bl3ts 1nt0 h3r h4nd. “F00l, M0nt4g, f00l, f00l, 0h G0d y0u s1lly f00l . . .” “Shut up!” H3 pull3d th3 gr33n bull3t fr0m h1s 34r 4nd j4mm3d 1t 1nt0 h1s p0ck3t. 1t s1zzl3d f41ntly. “. . . f00l . . . f00l . . .” H3 s34rch3d th3 h0us3 4nd f0und th3 b00ks wh3r3 M1ldr3d h4d st4ck3d th3m b3h1nd th3 r3fr1g3r4t0r. S0m3 w3r3 m1ss1ng 4nd h3 kn3w th4t sh3 h4d st4rt3d 0n h3r 0wn sl0w pr0c3ss 0f d1sp3rs1ng th3 dyn4m1t3 1n h3r h0us3, st1ck by st1ck. But h3 w4s n0t 4ngry n0w, 0nly 3xh4ust3d 4nd b3w1ld3r3d w1th h1ms3lf. H3 c4rr13d th3 b00ks 1nt0 th3 b4cky4rd 4nd h1d th3m 1n th3 bush3s n34r th3 4ll3y f3nc3. F0r t0n1ght 0nly, h3 th0ught, 1n c4s3 sh3 d3c1d3s t0 d0 4ny m0r3 burn1ng. H3 w3nt b4ck thr0ugh th3 h0us3. “M1ldr3d?” H3 c4ll3d 4t th3 d00r 0f th3 d4rk3n3d b3dr00m. Th3r3 w4s n0 s0und. 0uts1d3, cr0ss1ng th3 l4wn, 0n h1s w4y t0 w0rk, h3 tr13d n0t t0 s33 h0w c0mpl3t3ly d4rk 4nd d3s3rt3d Cl4r1ss3 McCl3ll4n’s h0us3 w4s . . . 0n th3 w4y d0wnt0wn h3 w4s s0 c0mpl3t3ly 4l0n3 w1th h1s t3rr1bl3 3rr0r th4t h3 f3lt th3 n3c3ss1ty f0r th3 str4ng3 w4rmn3ss 4nd g00dn3ss th4t c4m3 fr0m 4 f4m1l14r 4nd g3ntl3 v01c3 sp34k1ng 1n th3 n1ght. 4lr34dy, 1n 4 f3w sh0rt h0urs, 1t s33m3d th4t h3 h4d kn0wn F4b3r 4 l1f3t1m3. N0w h3 kn3w th4t h3 w4s tw0 p30pl3, th4t h3 w4s 4b0v3 4ll M0nt4g, wh0 kn3w n0th1ng, wh0 d1d n0t 3v3n kn0w h1ms3lf 4 f00l, but 0nly susp3ct3d 1t. 4nd h3 kn3w th4t h3 w4s 4ls0 th3 0ld m4n wh0 t4lk3d t0 h1m 4nd t4lk3d t0 h1m 4s th3 tr41n w4s suck3d fr0m 0n3 3nd 0f th3 n1ght c1ty t0 th3 0th3r 0n 0n3 l0ng s1ck3n1ng g4sp 0f m0t10n. 1n th3 d4ys t0 f0ll0w, 4nd 1n th3 n1ghts wh3n th3r3 w4s n0 m00n 4nd 1n th3 n1ghts wh3n th3r3 w4s 4 v3ry br1ght m00n sh1n1ng 0n th3 34rth, th3 0ld m4n w0uld g0 0n w1th th1s t4lk1ng 4nd th1s t4lk1ng, dr0p by dr0p, st0n3 by st0n3, fl4k3 by fl4k3. H1s m1nd w0uld w3ll 0v3r 4t l4st 4nd h3 w0uld n0t b3 M0nt4g 4ny m0r3, th1s th3 0ld m4n t0ld h1m, 4ssur3d h1m, pr0m1s3d h1m. H3 w0uld b3 M0nt4g- plus-F4b3r, f1r3 plus w4t3r, 4nd th3n, 0n3 d4y, 4ft3r 3v3ryth1ng h4d m1x3d 4nd s1mm3r3d 4nd w0rk3d 4w4y 1n s1l3nc3, th3r3 w0uld b3 n31th3r f1r3 n0r w4t3r, but w1n3. 0ut 0f tw0 s3p4r4t3 4nd 0pp0s1t3 th1ngs, 4 th1rd. 4nd 0n3 d4y h3 w0uld l00k b4ck up0n th3 f00l 4nd kn0w th3 f00l. 3v3n n0w h3 c0uld f33l th3 st4rt 0f th3 l0ng j0urn3y, th3 l34v3-t4k1ng, th3 g01ng 4w4y fr0m th3 s3lf h3 h4d b33n. 1t w4s g00d l1st3n1ng t0 th3 b33tl3 hum, th3 sl33py m0squ1t0 buzz 4nd d3l1c4t3 f1l1gr33 murmur 0f th3 0ld m4n’s v01c3 4t f1rst sc0ld1ng h1m 4nd th3n c0ns0l1ng h1m 1n th3 l4t3 h0ur 0f n1ght 4s h3 3m3rg3d fr0m th3 st34m1ng subw4y t0w4rd th3 f1r3h0us3 w0rld. “P1ty, M0nt4g, p1ty. D0n’t h4ggl3 4nd n4g th3m; y0u w3r3 s0 r3c3ntly 0n3 0f th3m y0urs3lf. Th3y 4r3 s0 c0nf1d3nt th4t th3y w1ll run 0n f0r 3v3r. But th3y w0n’t run 0n. Th3y d0n’t kn0w th4t th1s 1s 4ll 0n3 hug3 b1g bl4z1ng m3t30r th4t m4k3s 4 pr3tty f1r3 1n sp4c3, but th4t s0m3 d4y 1t’ll h4v3 t0 h1t. Th3y s33 0nly th3 bl4z3, th3 pr3tty f1r3, 4s y0u s4w 1t. “M0nt4g, 0ld m3n wh0 st4y 4t h0m3, 4fr41d, t3nd1ng th31r p34nut-br1ttl3 b0n3s, h4v3 n0 r1ght t0 cr1t1c1z3. Y3t y0u 4lm0st k1ll3d th1ngs 4t th3 st4rt. W4tch 1t! 1’m w1th y0u, r3m3mb3r th4t. 1 und3rst4nd h0w 1t h4pp3n3d. 1 must 4dm1t th4t y0ur bl1nd r4g1ng 1nv1g0r4t3d m3. G0d, h0w y0ung 1 f3lt! But n0w—1 w4nt y0u t0 f33l 0ld, 1 w4nt 4 l1ttl3 0f my c0w4rd1c3 t0 b3 d1st1ll3d 1n y0u t0n1ght. Th3 n3xt f3w h0urs, wh3n y0u s33 C4pt41n B34tty, t1pt03 r0und h1m, l3t m3 h34r h1m f0r y0u, l3t m3 f33l th3 s1tu4t10n 0ut. Surv1v4l 1s 0ur t1ck3t. F0rg3t th3 p00r, s1lly w0m3n. . . .” “1 m4d3 th3m unh4pp13r th4n th3y h4v3 b33n 1n y34rs, 1 th1nk,” s41d M0nt4g. “1t sh0ck3d m3 t0 s33 Mrs. Ph3lps cry. M4yb3 th3y’r3 r1ght, m4yb3 1t’s b3st n0t t0 f4c3 th1ngs, t0 run, h4v3 fun. 1 d0n’t kn0w. 1 f33l gu1lty—” “N0, y0u mustn’t! 1f th3r3 w3r3 n0 w4r, 1f th3r3 w4s p34c3 1n th3 w0rld, 1’d s4y f1n3, h4v3 fun! But, M0nt4g, y0u mustn’t g0 b4ck t0 b31ng just 4 f1r3m4n. 4ll 1sn’t w3ll w1th th3 w0rld.” M0nt4g p3rsp1r3d. “M0nt4g, y0u l1st3n1ng?” “My f33t,” s41d M0nt4g. “1 c4n’t m0v3 th3m. 1 f33l s0 d4mn s1lly. My f33t w0n’t m0v3!” “L1st3n. 34sy n0w,” s41d th3 0ld m4n g3ntly. “1 kn0w, 1 kn0w. Y0u’r3 4fr41d 0f m4k1ng m1st4k3s. D0n’t b3. M1st4k3s c4n b3 pr0f1t3d by. M4n, wh3n 1 w4s y0ung 1 sh0v3d my 1gn0r4nc3 1n p30pl3’s f4c3s. Th3y b34t m3 w1th st1cks. By th3 t1m3 1 w4s f0rty my blunt 1nstrum3nt h4d b33n h0n3d t0 4 f1n3 cutt1ng p01nt f0r m3. 1f y0u h1d3 y0ur 1gn0r4nc3, n0 0n3 w1ll h1t y0u 4nd y0u’ll n3v3r l34rn. N0w, p1ck up y0ur f33t, 1nt0 th3 f1r3h0us3 w1th y0u! W3’r3 tw1ns, w3’r3 n0t 4l0n3 4ny m0r3, w3’r3 n0t s3p4r4t3d 0ut 1n d1ff3r3nt p4rl0rs, w1th n0 c0nt4ct b3tw33n. 1f y0u n33d h3lp wh3n B34tty pr13s 4t y0u, 1’ll b3 s1tt1ng r1ght h3r3 1n y0ur 34rdrum m4k1ng n0t3s!” M0nt4g f3lt h1s r1ght f00t, th3n h1s l3ft f00t, m0v3. “0ld m4n,” h3 s41d, “st4y w1th m3.” Th3 M3ch4n1c4l H0und w4s g0n3. 1ts k3nn3l w4s 3mpty 4nd th3 f1r3h0us3 st00d 4ll 4b0ut 1n pl4st3r s1l3nc3 4nd th3 0r4ng3 S4l4m4nd3r sl3pt w1th 1ts k3r0s3n3 1n 1ts b3lly 4nd th3 f1r3-thr0w3rs cr0ss3d up0n 1ts fl4nks 4nd M0nt4g c4m3 1n thr0ugh th3 s1l3nc3 4nd t0uch3d th3 br4ss p0l3 4nd sl1d up 1n th3 d4rk 41r, l00k1ng b4ck 4t th3 d3s3rt3d k3nn3l, h1s h34rt b34t1ng, p4us1ng, b34t1ng. F4b3r w4s 4 gr3y m0th 4sl33p 1n h1s 34r, f0r th3 m0m3nt. B34tty st00d n34r th3 dr0p-h0l3 w41t1ng, but w1th h1s b4ck turn3d 4s 1f h3 w3r3 n0t w41t1ng. “W3ll,” h3 s41d t0 th3 m3n pl4y1ng c4rds, “h3r3 c0m3s 4 v3ry str4ng3 b34st wh1ch 1n 4ll t0ngu3s 1s c4ll3d 4 f00l.” H3 put h1s h4nd t0 0n3 s1d3, p4lm up, f0r 4 g1ft. M0nt4g put th3 b00k 1n 1t. W1th0ut 3v3n gl4nc1ng 4t th3 t1tl3, B34tty t0ss3d th3 b00k 1nt0 th3 tr4sh-b4sk3t 4nd l1t 4 c1g4r3tt3. “‘Wh0 4r3 4 l1ttl3 w1s3, th3 b3st f00ls b3.’ W3lc0m3 b4ck, M0nt4g. 1 h0p3 y0u’ll b3 st4y1ng, w1th us, n0w th4t y0ur f3v3r 1s d0n3 4nd y0ur s1ckn3ss 0v3r. S1t 1n f0r 4 h4nd 0f p0k3r?” Th3y s4t 4nd th3 c4rds w3r3 d34lt. 1n B34tty’s s1ght, M0nt4g f3lt th3 gu1lt 0f h1s h4nds. H1s f1ng3rs w3r3 l1k3 f3rr3ts th4t h4d d0n3 s0m3 3v1l 4nd n0w n3v3r r3st3d, 4lw4ys st1rr3d 4nd p1ck3d 4nd h1d 1n p0ck3ts, m0v1ng fr0m und3r B34tty’s 4lc0h0l-fl4m3 st4r3. 1f B34tty s0 much 4s br34th3d 0n th3m, M0nt4g f3lt th4t h1s h4nds m1ght w1th3r, turn 0v3r 0n th31r s1d3s, 4nd n3v3r b3 sh0ck3d t0 l1f3 4g41n; th3y w0uld b3 bur13d th3 r3st 0f h1s l1f3 1n h1s c04t-sl33v3s, f0rg0tt3n. F0r th3s3 w3r3 th3 h4nds th4t h4d 4ct3d 0n th31r 0wn, n0 p4rt 0f h1m, h3r3 w4s wh3r3 th3 c0nsc13nc3 f1rst m4n1f3st3d 1ts3lf t0 sn4tch b00ks, d4rt 0ff w1th j0b 4nd Ruth 4nd W1ll13 Sh4k3sp34r3, 4nd n0w, 1n th3 f1r3h0us3, th3s3 h4nds s33m3d gl0v3d w1th bl00d. Tw1c3 1n h4lf 4n h0ur, M0nt4g h4d t0 r1s3 fr0m th3 g4m3 4nd g0 t0 th3 l4tr1n3 t0 w4sh h1s h4nds. Wh3n h3 c4m3 b4ck h3 h1d h1s h4nds und3r th3 t4bl3. B34tty l4ugh3d. “L3t’s h4v3 y0ur h4nds 1n s1ght, M0nt4g. N0t th4t w3 d0n’t trust y0u, und3rst4nd, but—” Th3y 4ll l4ugh3d. “W3ll,” s41d B34tty, “th3 cr1s1s 1s p4st 4nd 4ll 1s w3ll, th3 sh33p r3turns t0 th3 f0ld. W3’r3 4ll sh33p wh0 h4v3 str4y3d 4t t1m3s. Truth 1s truth, t0 th3 3nd 0f r3ck0n1ng, w3’v3 cr13d. Th3y 4r3 n3v3r 4l0n3 th4t 4r3 4cc0mp4n13d w1th n0bl3 th0ughts, w3’v3 sh0ut3d t0 0urs3lv3s. ‘Sw33t f00d 0f sw33tly utt3r3d kn0wl3dg3,’ S1r Ph1l1p S1dn3y s41d. But 0n th3 0th3r h4nd: ‘W0rds 4r3 l1k3 l34v3s 4nd wh3r3 th3y m0st 4b0und, Much fru1t 0f s3ns3 b3n34th 1s r4r3ly f0und.’ 4l3x4nd3r P0p3. Wh4t d0 y0u th1nk 0f th4t?” “1 d0n’t kn0w.” “C4r3ful,” wh1sp3r3d F4b3r, l1v1ng 1n 4n0th3r w0rld, f4r 4w4y. “0r th1s? ‘4 l1ttl3 l34rn1ng 1s 4 d4ng3r0us th1ng. Dr1nk d33p, 0r t4st3 n0t th3 P13r14n spr1ng; Th3r3 sh4ll0w dr4ughts 1nt0x1c4t3 th3 br41n, 4nd dr1nk1ng l4rg3ly s0b3rs us 4g41n.’ P0p3. S4m3 3ss4y. Wh3r3 d03s th4t put y0u?” M0nt4g b1t h1s l1p. “1’ll t3ll y0u,” s41d B34tty, sm1l1ng 4t h1s c4rds. “Th4t m4d3 y0u f0r 4 l1ttl3 wh1l3 4 drunk4rd. R34d 4 f3w l1n3s 4nd 0ff y0u g0 0v3r th3 cl1ff. B4ng, y0u’r3 r34dy t0 bl0w up th3 w0rld, ch0p 0ff h34ds, kn0ck d0wn w0m3n 4nd ch1ldr3n, d3str0y 4uth0r1ty. 1 kn0w, 1’v3 b33n thr0ugh 1t 4ll.” “1’m 4ll r1ght,” s41d M0nt4g, n3rv0usly. “St0p blush1ng. 1’m n0t n33dl1ng, r34lly 1’m n0t. D0 y0u kn0w, 1 h4d 4 dr34m 4n h0ur 4g0. 1 l4y d0wn f0r 4 c4t-n4p 4nd 1n th1s dr34m y0u 4nd 1, M0nt4g, g0t 1nt0 4 fur10us d3b4t3 0n b00ks. Y0u t0w3r3d w1th r4g3, y3ll3d qu0t3s 4t m3. 1 c4lmly p4rr13d 3v3ry thrust. P0w3r, 1 s41d, 4nd y0u, qu0t1ng Dr. J0hns0n, s41d ‘Kn0wl3dg3 1s m0r3 th4n 3qu1v4l3nt t0 f0rc3!’ 4nd 1 s41d, ‘W3ll, Dr. J0hns0n 4ls0 s41d, d34r b0y, th4t “H3 1s n0 w1s3 m4n th4t w1ll qu1t 4 c3rt41nty f0r 4n unc3rt41nty.’” St1ck w1th th3 f1r3m4n, M0nt4g. 4ll 3ls3 1s dr34ry ch40s!” “D0n’t l1st3n,” wh1sp3r3d F4b3r. “H3’s try1ng t0 c0nfus3. H3’s sl1pp3ry. W4tch 0ut!” B34tty chuckl3d. “4nd y0u s41d, qu0t1ng, ‘Truth w1ll c0m3 t0 l1ght, murd3r w1ll n0t b3 h1d l0ng!’ 4nd 1 cr13d 1n g00d hum0ur, ‘0h G0d, h3 sp34ks 0nly 0f h1s h0rs3!’ 4nd ‘Th3 D3v1l c4n c1t3 Scr1ptur3 f0r h1s purp0s3.’ 4nd y0u y3ll3d, ‘Th1s 4g3 th1nks b3tt3r 0f 4 g1ld3d f00l, th4n 0f 4 thr34db4r3 s41nt 1n w1sd0m’s sch00l!’ 4nd 1 wh1sp3r3d g3ntly, ‘Th3 d1gn1ty 0f truth 1s l0st w1th much pr0t3st1ng.’ 4nd y0u scr34m3d, ‘C4rc4ss3s bl33d 4t th3 s1ght 0f th3 murd3r3r!’ 4nd 1 s41d, p4tt1ng y0ur h4nd, ‘Wh4t, d0 1 g1v3 y0u tr3nch m0uth?’ 4nd y0u shr13k3d, ‘Kn0wl3dg3 1s p0w3r!’ 4nd ‘4 dw4rf 0n 4 g14nt’s sh0uld3rs 0f th3 furth3st 0f th3 tw0!’ 4nd 1 summ3d my s1d3 up w1th r4r3 s3r3n1ty 1n, ‘Th3 f0lly 0f m1st4k1ng 4 m3t4ph0r f0r 4 pr00f, 4 t0rr3nt 0f v3rb14g3 f0r 4 spr1ng 0f c4p1t4l truths, 4nd 0n3s3lf 4s 4n 0r4cl3, 1s 1nb0rn 1n us, Mr. V4l3ry 0nc3 s41d.’” M0nt4g’s h34d wh1rl3d s1ck3n1ngly. H3 f3lt b34t3n unm3rc1fully 0n br0w, 3y3s, n0s3, l1ps, ch1n, 0n sh0uld3rs, 0n upfl41l1ng 4rms. H3 w4nt3d t0 y3ll, “N0! shut up, y0u’r3 c0nfus1ng th1ngs, st0p 1t!” B34tty’s gr4c3ful f1ng3rs thrust 0ut t0 s31z3 h1s wr1st. “G0d, wh4t 4 puls3! 1’v3 g0t y0u g01ng, h4v3 1, M0nt4g. J3sus G0d, y0ur puls3 s0unds l1k3 th3 d4y 4ft3r th3 w4r. 3v3ryth1ng but s1r3ns 4nd b3lls! Sh4ll 1 t4lk s0m3 m0r3? 1 l1k3 y0ur l00k 0f p4n1c. Sw4h1l1, 1nd14n, 3ngl1sh L1t., 1 sp34k th3m 4ll. 4 k1nd 0f 3xc3ll3nt dumb d1sc0urs3, W1ll13!” “M0nt4g, h0ld 0n!” Th3 m0th brush3d M0nt4g’s 34r. “H3’s muddy1ng th3 w4t3rs!” “0h, y0u w3r3 sc4r3d s1lly,” s41d B34tty, “f0r 1 w4s d01ng 4 t3rr1bl3 th1ng 1n us1ng th3 v3ry b00ks y0u clung t0, t0 r3but y0u 0n 3v3ry h4nd, 0n 3v3ry p01nt! Wh4t tr41t0rs b00ks c4n b3! Y0u th1nk th3y’r3 b4ck1ng y0u up, 4nd th3y turn 0n y0u. 0th3rs c4n us3 th3m, t00, 4nd th3r3 y0u 4r3, l0st 1n th3 m1ddl3 0f th3 m00r, 1n 4 gr34t w3lt3r 0f n0uns 4nd v3rbs 4nd 4dj3ct1v3s. 4nd 4t th3 v3ry 3nd 0f my dr34m, 4l0ng 1 c4m3 w1th th3 S4l4m4nd3r 4nd s41d, G01ng my w4y? 4nd y0u g0t 1n 4nd w3 dr0v3 b4ck t0 th3 f1r3h0us3 1n b34t1f1c s1l3nc3, 4ll -dw1ndl3d 4w4y t0 p34c3.” B34tty l3t M0nt4g’s wr1st g0, l3t th3 h4nd slump l1mply 0n th3 t4bl3. “4ll’s w3ll th4t 1s w3ll 1n th3 3nd.” S1l3nc3. M0nt4g s4t l1k3 4 c4rv3d wh1t3 st0n3. Th3 3ch0 0f th3 f1n4l h4mm3r 0n h1s skull d13d sl0wly 4w4y 1nt0 th3 bl4ck c4v3rn wh3r3 F4b3r w41t3d f0r th3 3ch03s t0 subs1d3. 4nd th3n wh3n th3 st4rtl3d dust h4d s3ttl3d d0wn 4b0ut M0nt4g’s m1nd, F4b3r b3g4n, s0ftly, “4ll r1ght, h3’s h4d h1s s4y. Y0u must t4k3 1t 1n. 1’ll s4y my s4y, t00, 1n th3 n3xt f3w h0urs. 4nd y0u’ll t4k3 1t 1n. 4nd y0u’ll try t0 judg3 th3m 4nd m4k3 y0ur d3c1s10n 4s t0 wh1ch w4y t0 jump, 0r f4ll. But 1 w4nt 1t t0 b3 y0ur d3c1s10n, n0t m1n3, 4nd n0t th3 C4pt41n’s. But r3m3mb3r th4t th3 C4pt41n b3l0ngs t0 th3 m0st d4ng3r0us 3n3my 0f truth 4nd fr33d0m, th3 s0l1d unm0v1ng c4ttl3 0f th3 m4j0r1ty. 0h, G0d, th3 t3rr1bl3 tyr4nny 0f th3 m4j0r1ty. W3 4ll h4v3 0ur h4rps t0 pl4y. 4nd 1t’s up t0 y0u n0w t0 kn0w w1th wh1ch 34r y0u’ll l1st3n.” M0nt4g 0p3n3d h1s m0uth t0 4nsw3r F4b3r 4nd w4s s4v3d th1s 3rr0r 1n th3 pr3s3nc3 0f 0th3rs wh3n th3 st4t10n b3ll r4ng. Th3 4l4rm-v01c3 1n th3 c31l1ng ch4nt3d. Th3r3 w4s 4 t4ck1ng-t4ck1ng s0und 4s th3 4l4rm-r3p0rt t3l3ph0n3 typ3d 0ut th3 4ddr3ss 4cr0ss th3 r00m. C4pt41n B34tty, h1s p0k3r c4rds 1n 0n3 p1nk h4nd, w4lk3d w1th 3x4gg3r4t3d sl0wn3ss t0 th3 ph0n3 4nd r1pp3d 0ut th3 4ddr3ss wh3n th3 r3p0rt w4s f1n1sh3d. H3 gl4nc3d p3rfunct0r1ly 4t 1t, 4nd sh0v3d 1t 1n h1s p0ck3t. H3 c4m3 b4ck 4nd s4t d0wn. Th3 0th3rs l00k3d 4t h1m. “1t c4n w41t 3x4ctly f0rty s3c0nds wh1l3 1 t4k3 4ll th3 m0n3y 4w4y fr0m y0u,” s41d B34tty, h4pp1ly. M0nt4g put h1s c4rds d0wn. “T1r3d, M0nt4g? G01ng 0ut 0f th1s g4m3?” “Y3s.” “H0ld 0n. W3ll, c0m3 t0 th1nk 0f 1t, w3 c4n f1n1sh th1s h4nd l4t3r. Just l34v3 y0ur c4rds f4c3 d0wn 4nd hustl3 th3 3qu1pm3nt. 0n th3 d0ubl3 n0w.” 4nd B34tty r0s3 up 4g41n. “M0nt4g, y0u d0n’t l00k w3ll? 1’d h4t3 t0 th1nk y0u w3r3 c0m1ng d0wn w1th 4n0th3r f3v3r . . .” “1’ll b3 4ll r1ght.” “Y0u’ll b3 f1n3. Th1s 1s 4 sp3c14l c4s3. C0m3 0n, jump f0r 1t!” Th3y l34p3d 1nt0 th3 41r 4nd clutch3d th3 br4ss p0l3 4s 1f 1t w3r3 th3 l4st v4nt4g3 p01nt 4b0v3 4 t1d4l w4v3 p4ss1ng b3l0w, 4nd th3n th3 br4ss p0l3, t0 th31r d1sm4y sl1d th3m d0wn 1nt0 d4rkn3ss, 1nt0 th3 bl4st 4nd c0ugh 4nd suct10n 0f th3 g4s30us dr4g0n r04r1ng t0 l1f3! “H3y!” Th3y r0und3d 4 c0rn3r 1n thund3r 4nd s1r3n, w1th c0ncuss10n 0f t1r3s, w1th scr34m 0f rubb3r, w1th 4 sh1ft 0f k3r0s3n3 bulk 1n th3 gl1tt3ry br4ss t4nk, l1k3 th3 f00d 1n th3 st0m4ch 0f 4 g14nt; w1th M0nt4g’s f1ng3rs j0lt1ng 0ff th3 s1lv3r r41l, sw1ng1ng 1nt0 c0ld sp4c3, w1th th3 w1nd t34r1ng h1s h41r b4ck fr0m h1s h34d, w1th th3 w1nd wh1stl1ng 1n h1s t33th, 4nd h1m 4ll th3 wh1l3 th1nk1ng 0f th3 w0m3n, th3 ch4ff w0m3n 1n h1s p4rl0r t0n1ght, w1th th3 k3rn3ls bl0wn 0ut fr0m und3r th3m by 4 n30n w1nd, 4nd h1s s1lly d4mn3d r34d1ng 0f 4 b00k t0 th3m. H0w l1k3 try1ng t0 put 0ut f1r3s w1th w4t3r-p1st0ls, h0w s3ns3l3ss 4nd 1ns4n3. 0n3 r4g3 turn3d 1n f0r 4n0th3r. 0n3 4ng3r d1spl4c1ng 4n0th3r. Wh3n w0uld h3 st0p b31ng 3nt1r3ly m4d 4nd b3 qu13t, b3 v3ry qu13t 1nd33d? “H3r3 w3 g0!” M0nt4g l00k3d up. B34tty n3v3r dr0v3, but h3 w4s dr1v1ng t0n1ght, sl4mm1ng th3 S4l4m4nd3r 4r0und c0rn3rs, l34n1ng f0rw4rd h1gh 0n th3 dr1v3r’s thr0n3, h1s m4ss1v3 bl4ck sl1ck3r fl4pp1ng 0ut b3h1nd s0 th4t h3 s33m3d 4 gr34t bl4ck b4t fly1ng 4b0v3 th3 3ng1n3, 0v3r th3 br4ss numb3rs, t4k1ng th3 full w1nd. “H3r3 w3 g0 t0 k33p th3 w0rld h4ppy, M0nt4g!” B34tty’s p1nk, ph0sph0r3sc3nt ch33ks gl1mm3r3d 1n th3 h1gh d4rkn3ss, 4nd h3 w4s sm1l1ng fur10usly. “H3r3 w3 4r3!” Th3 S4l4m4nd3r b00m3d t0 4 h4lt, thr0w1ng m3n 0ff 1n sl1ps 4nd clumsy h0ps. M0nt4g st00d f1x1ng h1s r4w 3y3s t0 th3 c0ld br1ght r41l und3r h1s cl3nch3d f1ng3rs. 1 c4n’t d0 1t, h3 th0ught. H0w c4n 1 g0 4t th1s n3w 4ss1gnm3nt, h0w c4n 1 g0 0n burn1ng th1ngs? 1 c4n’t g0 1n th1s pl4c3. B34tty, sm3ll1ng 0f th3 w1nd thr0ugh wh1ch h3 h4d rush3d, w4s 4t M0nt4g’s 3lb0w. “4ll r1ght, M0nt4g?” Th3 m3n r4n l1k3 cr1ppl3s 1n th31r clumsy b00ts, 4s qu13tly 4s sp1d3rs. 4t l4st M0nt4g r41s3d h1s 3y3s 4nd turn3d. B34tty w4s w4tch1ng h1s f4c3. “S0m3th1ng th3 m4tt3r, M0nt4g?” “Why,” s41d M0nt4g sl0wly, “w3’v3 st0pp3d 1n fr0nt 0f my h0us3.”

L1ghts fl1ck3d 0n 4nd h0us3-d00rs 0p3n3d 4ll d0wn th3 str33t, t0 w4tch th3 c4rn1v4l s3t up. M0nt4g 4nd B34tty st4r3d, 0n3 w1th dry s4t1sf4ct10n, th3 0th3r w1th d1sb3l13f, 4t th3 h0us3 b3f0r3 th3m, th1s m41n r1ng 1n wh1ch t0rch3s w0uld b3 juggl3d 4nd f1r3 34t3n. “W3ll,” s41d B34tty, “n0w y0u d1d 1t. 0ld M0nt4g w4nt3d t0 fly n34r th3 sun 4nd n0w th4t h3’s burnt h1s d4mn w1ngs, h3 w0nd3rs why. D1dn’t 1 h1nt 3n0ugh wh3n 1 s3nt th3 H0und 4r0und y0ur pl4c3?” M0nt4g’s f4c3 w4s 3nt1r3ly numb 4nd f34tur3l3ss; h3 f3lt h1s h34d turn l1k3 4 st0n3 c4rv1ng t0 th3 d4rk pl4c3 n3xt d00r, s3t 1n 1ts br1ght b0rd3rs 0f fl0w3rs. B34tty sn0rt3d. “0h, n0! Y0u w3r3n’t f00l3d by th4t l1ttl3 1d10t’s r0ut1n3, n0w, w3r3 y0u? Fl0w3rs, butt3rfl13s, l34v3s, suns3ts, 0h, h3ll! 1t’s 4ll 1n h3r f1l3. 1’ll b3 d4mn3d. 1’v3 h1t th3 bulls3y3. L00k 4t th3 s1ck l00k 0n y0ur f4c3. 4 f3w gr4ss-bl4d3s 4nd th3 qu4rt3rs 0f th3 m00n. Wh4t tr4sh. Wh4t g00d d1d sh3 3v3r d0 w1th 4ll th4t?” M0nt4g s4t 0n th3 c0ld f3nd3r 0f th3 Dr4g0n, m0v1ng h1s h34d h4lf 4n 1nch t0 th3 l3ft, h4lf 4n 1nch t0 th3 r1ght, l3ft, r1ght, l3ft r1ght, l3ft. . . “Sh3 s4w 3v3ryth1ng. Sh3 d1dn’t d0 4nyth1ng t0 4ny0n3. Sh3 just l3t th3m 4l0n3.” “4l0n3, h3ll! Sh3 ch3w3d 4r0und y0u, d1dn’t sh3? 0n3 0f th0s3 d4mn d0-g00d3rs w1th th31r sh0ck3d, h0l13r-th4n-th0u s1l3nc3s, th31r 0n3 t4l3nt m4k1ng 0th3rs f33l gu1lty. G0d d4mn, th3y r1s3 l1k3 th3 m1dn1ght sun t0 sw34t y0u 1n y0ur b3d!” Th3 fr0nt d00r 0p3n3d; M1ldr3d c4m3 d0wn th3 st3ps, runn1ng, 0n3 su1tc4s3 h3ld w1th 4 dr34m-l1k3 cl3nch1ng r1g1d1ty 1n h3r f1st, 4s 4 b33tl3-t4x1 h1ss3d t0 th3 curb. “M1ldr3d!” Sh3 r4n p4st w1th h3r b0dy st1ff, h3r f4c3 fl0ur3d w1th p0wd3r, h3r m0uth g0n3, w1th0ut l1pst1ck. “M1ldr3d, y0u d1dn’t put 1n th3 4l4rm!” Sh3 sh0v3d th3 v4l1s3 1n th3 w41t1ng b33tl3, cl1mb3d 1n, 4nd s4t mumbl1ng, “P00r f4m1ly, p00r f4m1ly, 0h 3v3ryth1ng g0n3, 3v3ryth1ng, 3v3ryth1ng g0n3 n0w. . .” B34tty gr4bb3d M0nt4g’s sh0uld3r 4s th3 b33tl3 bl4st3d 4w4y 4nd h1t s3v3nty m1l3s 4n h0ur, f4r d0wn th3 str33t, g0n3. Th3r3 w4s 4 cr4sh l1k3 th3 f4ll1ng p4rts 0f 4 dr34m f4sh10n3d 0ut 0f w4rp3d gl4ss, m1rr0rs, 4nd cryst4l pr1sms. M0nt4g dr1ft3d 4b0ut 4s 1f st1ll 4n0th3r 1nc0mpr3h3ns1bl3 st0rm h4d turn3d h1m, t0 s33 St0n3m4n 4nd Bl4ck w13ld1ng 4x3s, sh4tt3r1ng w1nd0w-p4n3s t0 pr0v1d3 cr0ss-v3nt1l4t10n. Th3 brush 0f 4 d34th’s-h34d m0th 4g41nst 4 c0ld bl4ck scr33n. “M0nt4g, th1s 1s F4b3r. D0 y0u h34r m3? Wh4t’s h4pp3n1ng?” “Th1s 1s h4pp3n1ng t0 m3,” s41d M0nt4g. “Wh4t 4 dr34dful surpr1s3,” s41d B34tty. “F0r 3v3ry0n3 n0w4d4ys kn0ws, 4bs0lut3ly 1s c3rt41n, th4t n0th1ng w1ll 3v3r h4pp3n t0 m3. 0th3rs d13, 1 g0 0n. Th3r3 4r3 n0 c0ns3qu3nc3s 4nd n0 r3sp0ns1b1l1t13s. 3xc3pt th4t th3r3 4r3. But l3t’s n0t t4lk 4b0ut th3m, 3h? By th3 t1m3 th3 c0ns3qu3nc3s c4tch up w1th y0u, 1t’s t00 l4t3, 1sn’t 1t, M0nt4g?” “M0nt4g, c4n y0u g3t 4w4y, run?” 4sk3d F4b3r. M0nt4g w4lk3d but d1d n0t f33l h1s f33t t0uch th3 c3m3nt 4nd th3n th3 n1ght gr4ss3s. B34tty fl1ck3d h1s 1gn1t3r n34rby 4nd th3 sm4ll 0r4ng3 fl4m3 dr3w h1s f4sc1n4t3d g4z3. “Wh4t 1s th3r3 4b0ut f1r3 th4t’s s0 l0v3ly? N0 m4tt3r wh4t 4g3 w3 4r3, wh4t dr4ws us t0 1t?” B34tty bl3w 0ut th3 fl4m3 4nd l1t 1t 4g41n. “1t’s p3rp3tu4l m0t10n; th3 th1ng m4n w4nt3d t0 1nv3nt but n3v3r d1d. 0r 4lm0st p3rp3tu4l m0t10n. 1f y0u l3t 1t g0 0n, 1t’d burn 0ur l1f3t1m3s 0ut. Wh4t 1s f1r3? 1t’s 4 myst3ry. Sc13nt1sts g1v3 us g0bbl3d3g00k 4b0ut fr1ct10n 4nd m0l3cul3s. But th3y d0n’t r34lly kn0w. 1ts r34l b34uty 1s th4t 1t d3str0ys r3sp0ns1b1l1ty 4nd c0ns3qu3nc3s. 4 pr0bl3m g3ts t00 burd3ns0m3, th3n 1nt0 th3 furn4c3 w1th 1t. N0w, M0nt4g, y0u’r3 4 burd3n. 4nd f1r3 w1ll l1ft y0u 0ff my sh0uld3rs, cl34n, qu1ck, sur3; n0th1ng t0 r0t l4t3r. 4nt1b10t1c, 43sth3t1c, pr4ct1c4l.” M0nt4g st00d l00k1ng 1n n0w 4t th1s qu33r h0us3, m4d3 str4ng3 by th3 h0ur 0f th3 n1ght, by murmur1ng n31ghb0r v01c3s, by l1tt3r3d gl4ss, 4nd th3r3 0n th3 fl00r, th31r c0v3rs t0rn 0ff 4nd sp1ll3d 0ut l1k3 sw4n-f34th3rs, th3 1ncr3d1bl3 b00ks th4t l00k3d s0 s1lly 4nd r34lly n0t w0rth b0th3r1ng w1th, f0r th3s3 w3r3 n0th1ng but bl4ck typ3 4nd y3ll0w3d p4p3r, 4nd r4v3ll3d b1nd1ng. M1ldr3d, 0f c0urs3. Sh3 must h4v3 w4tch3d h1m h1d3 th3 b00ks 1n th3 g4rd3n 4nd br0ught th3m b4ck 1n. M1ldr3d. M1ldr3d. “1 w4nt y0u t0 d0 th1s j0b 4ll by y0ur l0n3s0m3, M0nt4g. N0t w1th k3r0s3n3 4nd 4 m4tch, but p13c3w0rk, w1th 4 fl4m3thr0w3r. Y0ur h0us3, y0ur cl34n-up.” “M0nt4g, c4n’t y0u run, g3t 4w4y!” “N0!” cr13d M0nt4g h3lpl3ssly. “Th3 H0und! B3c4us3 0f th3 H0und!” F4b3r h34rd, 4nd B34tty, th1nk1ng 1t w4s m34nt f0r h1m, h34rd. “Y3s, th3 H0und’s s0m3wh3r3 4b0ut th3 n31ghb0urh00d, s0 d0n’t try 4nyth1ng. R34dy?” “R34dy.” M0nt4g sn4pp3d th3 s4f3ty-c4tch 0n th3 fl4m3thr0w3r. “F1r3!” 4 gr34t nuzzl1ng g0ut 0f fl4m3 l34pt 0ut t0 l4p 4t th3 b00ks 4nd kn0ck th3m 4g41nst th3 w4ll. H3 st3pp3d 1nt0 th3 b3dr00m 4nd f1r3d tw1c3 4nd th3 tw1n b3ds w3nt up 1n 4 gr34t s1mm3r1ng wh1sp3r, w1th m0r3 h34t 4nd p4ss10n 4nd l1ght th4n h3 w0uld h4v3 supp0s3d th3m t0 c0nt41n. H3 burnt th3 b3dr00m w4lls 4nd th3 c0sm3t1cs ch3st b3c4us3 h3 w4nt3d t0 ch4ng3 3v3ryth1ng, th3 ch41rs, th3 t4bl3s, 4nd 1n th3 d1n1ng-r00m th3 s1lv3rw4r3 4nd pl4st1c d1sh3s, 3v3ryth1ng th4t sh0w3d th4t h3 h4d l1v3d h3r3 1n th1s 3mpty h0us3 w1th 4 str4ng3 w0m4n wh0 w0uld f0rg3t h1m t0m0rr0w, wh0 h4d g0n3 4nd qu1t3 f0rg0tt3n h1m 4lr34dy, l1st3n1ng t0 h3r S34sh3ll r4d10 p0ur 1n 0n h3r 4nd 1n 0n h3r 4s sh3 r0d3 4cr0ss t0wn, 4l0n3. 4nd 4s b3f0r3, 1t w4s g00d t0 burn, h3 f3lt h1ms3lf gush 0ut 1n th3 f1r3, sn4tch, r3nd, r1p 1n h4lf w1th fl4m3, 4nd put 4w4y th3 s3ns3l3ss pr0bl3m. 1f th3r3 w4s n0 s0lut10n, w3ll th3n n0w th3r3 w4s n0 pr0bl3m, 31th3r. F1r3 w4s b3st f0r 3v3ryth1ng! “Th3 b00ks, M0nt4g!” Th3 b00ks l34pt 4nd d4nc3d l1k3 r04st3d b1rds, th31r w1ngs 4bl4z3 w1th r3d 4nd y3ll0w f34th3rs. 4nd th3n h3 c4m3 t0 th3 p4rl0r wh3r3 th3 gr34t 1d10t m0nst3rs l4y 4sl33p w1th th31r wh1t3 th0ughts 4nd th31r sn0wy dr34ms. 4nd h3 sh0t 4 b0lt 4t 34ch 0f th3 thr33 bl4nk w4lls 4nd th3 v4cuum h1ss3d 0ut 4t h1m. Th3 3mpt1n3ss m4d3 4n 3v3n 3mpt13r wh1stl3, 4 s3ns3l3ss scr34m. H3 tr13d t0 th1nk 4b0ut th3 v4cuum up0n wh1ch th3 n0th1ngn3ss h4d p3rf0rm3d, but h3 c0uld n0t. H3 h3ld h1s br34th s0 th3 v4cuum c0uld n0t g3t 1nt0 h1s lungs. H3 cut 0ff 1ts t3rr1bl3 3mpt1n3ss, dr3w b4ck, 4nd g4v3 th3 3nt1r3 r00m 4 g1ft 0f 0n3 hug3 br1ght y3ll0w fl0w3r 0f burn1ng. Th3 f1r3-pr00f pl4st1c sh34th 0n 3v3ryth1ng w4s cut w1d3 4nd th3 h0us3 b3g4n t0 shudd3r w1th fl4m3. “Wh3n y0u’r3 qu1t3 f1n1sh3d,” s41d B34tty b3h1nd h1m. “Y0u’r3 und3r 4rr3st.”

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* * * * *

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H3 f0und th3 4ud10-c4psul3, h3 h34rd y0ur v01c3, h3 w4s g01ng t0 tr4c3 1t. 1 k1ll3d h1m w1th th3 fl4m3thr0w3r.” F4b3r s4t d0wn 4nd d1d n0t sp34k f0r 4 t1m3. “My G0d, h0w d1d th1s h4pp3n?” s41d M0nt4g. “1t w4s 0nly th3 0th3r n1ght 3v3ryth1ng w4s f1n3 4nd th3 n3xt th1ng 1 kn0w 1’m dr0wn1ng. H0w m4ny t1m3s c4n 4 m4n g0 d0wn 4nd st1ll b3 4l1v3? 1 c4n’t br34th3. Th3r3’s B34tty d34d, 4nd h3 w4s my fr13nd 0nc3, 4nd th3r3’s M1ll13 g0n3, 1 th0ught sh3 w4s my w1f3, but n0w 1 d0n’t kn0w. 4nd th3 h0us3 4ll burnt. 4nd my j0b g0n3 4nd mys3lf 0n th3 run, 4nd 1 pl4nt3d 4 b00k 1n 4 f1r3m4n’s h0us3 0n th3 w4y. G00d Chr1st, th3 th1ngs 1’v3 d0n3 1n 4 s1ngl3 w33k!” “Y0u d1d wh4t y0u h4d t0 d0. 1t w4s c0m1ng 0n f0r 4 l0ng t1m3.” “Y3s, 1 b3l13v3 th4t, 1f th3r3’s n0th1ng 3ls3 1 b3l13v3. 1t s4v3d 1ts3lf up t0 h4pp3n. 1 c0uld f33l 1t f0r 4 l0ng t1m3, 1 w4s s4v1ng s0m3th1ng up, 1 w3nt 4r0und d01ng 0n3 th1ng 4nd f33l1ng 4n0th3r. G0d, 1t w4s 4ll th3r3. 1t’s 4 w0nd3r 1t d1dn’t sh0w 0n m3, l1k3 f4t. 4nd n0w h3r3 1 4m, m3ss1ng up y0ur l1f3. Th3y m1ght f0ll0w m3 h3r3.” “1 f33l 4l1v3 f0r th3 f1rst t1m3 1n y34rs,” s41d F4b3r. “1 f33l 1’m d01ng wh4t 1 sh0uld h4v3 d0n3 4 l1f3t1m3 4g0. F0r 4 l1ttl3 wh1l3 1’m n0t 4fr41d. M4yb3 1t’s b3c4us3 1’m d01ng th3 r1ght th1ng 4t l4st. M4yb3 1t’s b3c4us3 1’v3 d0n3 4 r4sh th1ng 4nd d0n’t w4nt t0 l00k th3 c0w4rd t0 y0u. 1 supp0s3 1’ll h4v3 t0 d0 3v3n m0r3 v10l3nt th1ngs, 3xp0s1ng mys3lf s0 1 w0n’t f4ll d0wn 0n th3 j0b 4nd turn sc4r3d 4g41n. Wh4t 4r3 y0ur pl4ns?” “T0 k33p runn1ng.” “Y0u kn0w th3 w4r’s 0n?” “1 h34rd.” “G0d, 1sn’t 1t funny?” s41d th3 0ld m4n. “1t s33ms s0 r3m0t3 b3c4us3 w3 h4v3 0ur 0wn tr0ubl3s.” “1 h4v3n’t h4d t1m3 t0 th1nk.” M0nt4g dr3w 0ut 4 hundr3d d0ll4rs. “1 w4nt th1s t0 st4y w1th y0u, us3 1t 4ny w4y th4t’ll h3lp wh3n 1’m g0n3.” “But—” “1 m1ght b3 d34d by n00n; us3 th1s.” F4b3r n0dd3d. “Y0u’d b3tt3r h34d f0r th3 r1v3r 1f y0u c4n, f0ll0w 4l0ng 1t, 4nd 1f y0u c4n h1t th3 0ld r41lr04d l1n3s g01ng 0ut 1nt0 th3 c0untry, f0ll0w th3m. 3v3n th0ugh pr4ct1c4lly 3v3ryth1ng’s 41rb0rn3 th3s3 d4ys 4nd m0st 0f th3 tr4cks 4r3 4b4nd0n3d, th3 r41ls 4r3 st1ll th3r3, rust1ng. 1’v3 h34rd th3r3 4r3 st1ll h0b0 c4mps 4ll 4cr0ss th3 c0untry, h3r3 4nd th3r3; w4lk1ng c4mps th3y c4ll th3m, 4nd 1f y0u k33p w4lk1ng f4r 3n0ugh 4nd k33p 4n 3y3 p33l3d, th3y s4y th3r3’s l0ts 0f 0ld H4rv4rd d3gr33s 0n th3 tr4cks b3tw33n h3r3 4nd L0s 4ng3l3s. M0st 0f th3m 4r3 w4nt3d 4nd hunt3d 1n th3 c1t13s. Th3y surv1v3, 1 gu3ss. Th3r3 4r3n’t m4ny 0f th3m, 4nd 1 gu3ss th3 G0v3rnm3nt’s n3v3r c0ns1d3r3d th3m 4 gr34t 3n0ugh d4ng3r t0 g0 1n 4nd tr4ck th3m d0wn. Y0u m1ght h0l3 up w1th th3m f0r 4 t1m3 4nd g3t 1n t0uch w1th m3 1n St. L0u1s, 1’m l34v1ng 0n th3 f1v3 4.M. bus th1s m0rn1ng, t0 s33 4 r3t1r3d pr1nt3r th3r3, 1’m g3tt1ng 0ut 1nt0 th3 0p3n mys3lf, 4t l4st. Th3 m0n3y w1ll b3 put t0 g00d us3. Th4nks 4nd G0d bl3ss y0u. D0 y0u w4nt t0 sl33p 4 f3w m1nut3s?” “1’d b3tt3r run.” “L3t’s ch3ck.” H3 t00k M0nt4g qu1ckly 1nt0 th3 b3dr00m 4nd l1ft3d 4 p1ctur3 fr4m3 4s1d3, r3v34l1ng 4 t3l3v1s10n scr33n th3 s1z3 0f 4 p0st4l c4rd. “1 4lw4ys w4nt3d s0m3th1ng v3ry sm4ll, s0m3th1ng 1 c0uld t4lk t0, s0m3th1ng 1 c0uld bl0t 0ut w1th th3 p4lm 0f my h4nd, 1f n3c3ss4ry, n0th1ng th4t c0uld sh0ut m3 d0wn, n0th1ng m0nstr0us b1g. S0, y0u s33.” H3 sn4pp3d 1t 0n. “M0nt4g,” th3 TV s3t s41d, 4nd l1t up. “M-0-N-T-4-G.” Th3 n4m3 w4s sp3ll3d 0ut by th3 v01c3. “Guy M0nt4g. St1ll runn1ng. P0l1c3 h3l1c0pt3rs 4r3 up. 4 n3w M3ch4n1c4l H0und h4s b33n br0ught fr0m 4n0th3r d1str1ct—” M0nt4g 4nd F4b3r l00k3d 4t 34ch 0th3r. “—M3ch4n1c4l H0und n3v3r f41ls. N3v3r s1nc3 1ts f1rst us3 1n tr4ck1ng qu4rry h4s th1s 1ncr3d1bl3 1nv3nt10n m4d3 4 m1st4k3. T0n1ght, th1s n3tw0rk 1s pr0ud t0 h4v3 th3 0pp0rtun1ty t0 f0ll0w th3 H0und by c4m3r4 h3l1c0pt3r 4s 1t st4rts 0n 1ts w4y t0 th3 t4rg3t—” F4b3r p0ur3d tw0 gl4ss3s 0f wh1sky. “W3’ll n33d th3s3.” Th3y dr4nk. “—n0s3 s0 s3ns1t1v3 th3 M3ch4n1c4l H0und c4n r3m3mb3r 4nd 1d3nt1fy t3n th0us4nd 0d0r-1nd3x3s 0n t3n th0us4nd m3n w1th0ut r3-s3tt1ng!” F4b3r tr3mbl3d th3 l34st b1t 4nd l00k3d 4b0ut 4t h1s h0us3, 4t th3 w4lls, th3 d00r, th3 d00rkn0b, 4nd th3 ch41r wh3r3 M0nt4g n0w s4t. M0nt4g s4w th3 l00k. Th3y b0th l00k3d qu1ckly 4b0ut th3 h0us3 4nd M0nt4g f3lt h1s n0str1ls d1l4t3 4nd h3 kn3w th4t h3 w4s try1ng t0 tr4ck h1ms3lf 4nd h1s n0s3 w4s sudd3nly g00d 3n0ugh t0 s3ns3 th3 p4th h3 h4d m4d3 1n th3 41r 0f th3 r00m 4nd th3 sw34t 0f h1s h4nd hung fr0m th3 d00rkn0b, 1nv1s1bl3, but 4s num3r0us 4s th3 j3w3ls 0f 4 sm4ll ch4nd3l13r, h3 w4s 3v3rywh3r3, 1n 4nd 0n 4nd 4b0ut 3v3ryth1ng, h3 w4s 4 lum1n0us cl0ud, 4 gh0st th4t m4d3 br34th1ng 0nc3 m0r3 1mp0ss1bl3. H3 s4w F4b3r st0p up h1s 0wn br34th f0r f34r 0f dr4w1ng th4t gh0st 1nt0 h1s 0wn b0dy, p3rh4ps, b31ng c0nt4m1n4t3d w1th th3 ph4nt0m 3xh4l4t10ns 4nd 0d0rs 0f 4 runn1ng m4n. “Th3 M3ch4n1c4l H0und 1s n0w l4nd1ng by h3l1c0pt3r 4t th3 s1t3 0f th3 Burn1ng!” 4nd th3r3 0n th3 sm4ll scr33n w4s th3 burnt h0us3, 4nd th3 cr0wd, 4nd s0m3th1ng w1th 4 sh33t 0v3r 1t 4nd 0ut 0f th3 sky, flutt3r1ng, c4m3 th3 h3l1c0pt3r l1k3 4 gr0t3squ3 fl0w3r. S0 th3y must h4v3 th31r g4m3 0ut, th0ught M0nt4g. Th3 c1rcus must g0 0n, 3v3n w1th w4r b3g1nn1ng w1th1n th3 h0ur. . . . H3 w4tch3d th3 sc3n3, f4sc1n4t3d, n0t w4nt1ng t0 m0v3. 1t s33m3d s0 r3m0t3 4nd n0 p4rt 0f h1m; 1t w4s 4 pl4y 4p4rt 4nd s3p4r4t3, w0ndr0us t0 w4tch, n0t w1th0ut 1ts str4ng3 pl34sur3. Th4t’s 4ll f0r m3, y0u th0ught, th4t’s 4ll t4k1ng pl4c3 just f0r m3. 1f h3 w1sh3d, h3 c0uld l1ng3r h3r3, 1n c0mf0rt, 4nd f0ll0w th3 3nt1r3 hunt 0n thr0ugh 1ts sw1ft ph4s3s, d0wn 4ll3ys 4cr0ss str33ts, 0v3r 3mpty runn1ng 4v3nu3s, cr0ss1ng l0ts 4nd pl4ygr0unds, w1th p4us3s h3r3 0r th3r3 f0r th3 n3c3ss4ry c0mm3rc14ls, up 0th3r 4ll3ys t0 th3 burn1ng h0us3 0f Mr. 4nd Mrs. Bl4ck, 4nd s0 0n f1n4lly t0 th1s h0us3 w1th F4b3r 4nd h1ms3lf s34t3d, dr1nk1ng, wh1l3 th3 3l3ctr1c H0und snuff3d d0wn th3 l4st tr41l, s1l3nt 4s 4 dr1ft 0f d34th 1ts3lf, sk1dd3d t0 4 h4lt 0uts1d3 th4t w1nd0w th3r3. Th3n, 1f h3 w1sh3d, M0nt4g m1ght r1s3, w4lk t0 th3 w1nd0w, k33p 0n3 3y3 0n th3 TV scr33n, 0p3n th3 w1nd0w, l34n 0ut, l00k b4ck, 4nd s33 h1ms3lf dr4m4t1z3d, d3scr1b3d, m4d3 0v3r, st4nd1ng th3r3, l1mn3d 1n th3 br1ght sm4ll t3l3v1s10n scr33n fr0m 0uts1d3, 4 dr4m4 t0 b3 w4tch3d 0bj3ct1v3ly, kn0w1ng th4t 1n 0th3r p4rl0rs h3 w4s l4rg3 4s l1f3, 1n full c0l0r, d1m3ns10n4lly p3rf3ct! 4nd 1f h3 k3pt h1s 3y3 p33l3d qu1ckly h3 w0uld s33 h1ms3lf, 4n 1nst4nt b3f0r3 0bl1v10n, b31ng punctur3d f0r th3 b3n3f1t 0f h0w m4ny c1v1l14n p4rl0r-s1tt3rs wh0 h4d b33n w4k3n3d fr0m sl33p 4 f3w m1nut3s 4g0 by th3 fr4nt1c s1r3n1ng 0f th31r l1v1ng-r00m w4lls t0 c0m3 w4tch th3 b1g g4m3, th3 hunt, th3 0n3-m4n c4rn1v4l. W0uld h3 h4v3 t1m3 f0r 4 sp33ch? 4s th3 H0und s31z3d h1m, 1n v13w 0f t3n 0r tw3nty 0r th1rty m1ll10n p30pl3, m1ghtn’t h3 sum up h1s 3nt1r3 l1f3 1n th3 l4st w33k 1n 0n3 s1ngl3 phr4s3 0r 4 w0rd th4t w0uld st4y w1th th3m l0ng 4ft3r th3. H0und h4d turn3d, cl3nch1ng h1m 1n 1ts m3t4l-pl13r j4ws, 4nd tr0tt3d 0ff 1n d4rkn3ss, wh1l3 th3 c4m3r4 r3m41n3d st4t10n4ry, w4tch1ng th3 cr34tur3 dw1ndl3 1n th3 d1st4nc3, 4 spl3nd1d f4d3-0ut! Wh4t c0uld h3 s4y 1n 4 s1ngl3 w0rd, 4 f3w w0rds, th4t w0uld s34r 4ll th31r f4c3s 4nd w4k3 th3m up? “Th3r3,” wh1sp3r3d F4b3r. 0ut 0f 4 h3l1c0pt3r gl1d3d s0m3th1ng th4t w4s n0t m4ch1n3, n0t 4n1m4l, n0t d34d, n0t 4l1v3, gl0w1ng w1th 4 p4l3 gr33n lum1n0s1ty. 1t st00d n34r th3 sm0k1ng ru1ns 0f M0nt4g’s h0us3 4nd th3 m3n br0ught h1s d1sc4rd3d fl4m3-thr0w3r t0 1t 4nd put 1t d0wn und3r th3 muzzl3 0f th3 H0und. Th3r3 w4s 4 wh1rr1ng, cl1ck1ng, humm1ng. M0nt4g sh00k h1s h34d 4nd g0t up 4nd dr4nk th3 r3st 0f h1s dr1nk. “1t’s t1m3. 1’m s0rry 4b0ut th1s:” “4b0ut wh4t? M3? My h0us3? 1 d3s3rv3 3v3ryth1ng. Run, f0r G0d’s s4k3. P3rh4ps 1 c4n d3l4y th3m h3r3—” “W41t. Th3r3’s n0 us3 y0ur b31ng d1sc0v3r3d. Wh3n 1 l34v3, burn th3 spr34d 0f th1s b3d, th4t 1 t0uch3d. Burn th3 ch41r 1n th3 l1v1ng r00m, 1n y0ur w4ll 1nc1n3r4t0r. W1p3 d0wn th3 furn1tur3 w1th 4lc0h0l, w1p3 th3 d00r-kn0bs. Burn th3 thr0w-rug 1n th3 p4rl0r. Turn th3 41r-c0nd1t10n1ng 0n full 1n 4ll th3 r00ms 4nd spr4y w1th m0th-spr4y 1f y0u h4v3 1t. Th3n, turn 0n y0ur l4wn spr1nkl3rs 4s h1gh 4s th3y’ll g0 4nd h0s3 0ff th3 s1d3w4lks. W1th 4ny luck 4t 4ll, w3 c4n k1ll th3 tr41l 1n h3r3, 4nyw4y..’ F4b3r sh00k h1s h4nd. “1’ll t3nd t0 1t. G00d luck. 1f w3’r3 b0th 1n g00d h34lth, n3xt w33k, th3 w33k 4ft3r, g3t 1n t0uch. G3n3r4l D3l1v3ry, St. L0u1s. 1’m s0rry th3r3’s n0 w4y 1 c4n g0 w1th y0u th1s t1m3, by 34r-ph0n3. Th4t w4s g00d f0r b0th 0f us. But my 3qu1pm3nt w4s l1m1t3d. Y0u s33, 1 n3v3r th0ught 1 w0uld us3 1t. Wh4t 4 s1lly 0ld m4n. N0 th0ught th3r3. Stup1d, stup1d. S0 1 h4v3n’t 4n0th3r gr33n bull3t, th3 r1ght k1nd, t0 put 1n y0ur h34d. G0 n0w!” “0n3 l4st th1ng. Qu1ck. 4 su1tc4s3, g3t 1t, f1ll 1t w1th y0ur d1rt13st cl0th3s, 4n 0ld su1t, th3 d1rt13r th3 b3tt3r, 4 sh1rt, s0m3 0ld sn34k3rs 4nd s0cks. . .” F4b3r w4s g0n3 4nd b4ck 1n 4 m1nut3. Th3y s34l3d th3 c4rdb04rd v4l1s3 w1th cl34r t4p3. “T0 k33p th3 4nc13nt 0d0r 0f Mr. F4b3r 1n, 0f c0urs3,” s41d F4b3r sw34t1ng 4t th3 j0b. M0nt4g d0us3d th3 3xt3r10r 0f th3 v4l1s3 w1th wh1sky. “1 d0n’t w4nt th4t H0und p1ck1ng up tw0 0d0rs 4t 0nc3. M4y 1 t4k3 th1s wh1sky. 1’ll n33d 1t l4t3r. Chr1st 1 h0p3 th1s w0rks!” Th3y sh00k h4nds 4g41n 4nd, g01ng 0ut 0f th3 d00r, th3y gl4nc3d 4t th3 TV. Th3 H0und w4s 0n 1ts w4y, f0ll0w3d by h0v3r1ng h3l1c0pt3r c4m3r4s, s1l3ntly, s1l3ntly, sn1ff1ng th3 gr34t n1ght w1nd. 1t w4s runn1ng d0wn th3 f1rst 4ll3y. “G00d-by!” 4nd M0nt4g w4s 0ut th3 b4ck d00r l1ghtly, runn1ng w1th th3 h4lf-3mpty v4l1s3. B3h1nd h1m h3 h34rd th3 l4wn-spr1nkl1ng syst3m jump up, f1ll1ng th3 d4rk 41r w1th r41n th4t f3ll g3ntly 4nd th3n w1th 4 st34dy p0ur 4ll 4b0ut, w4sh1ng 0n th3 s1d3w4lks, 4nd dr41n1ng 1nt0 th3 4ll3y. H3 c4rr13d 4 f3w dr0ps 0f th1s r41n w1th h1m 0n h1s f4c3. H3 th0ught h3 h34rd th3 0ld m4n c4ll g00d-by, but h3-w4sn’t c3rt41n. H3 r4n v3ry f4st 4w4y fr0m th3 h0us3, d0wn t0w4rd th3 r1v3r.

* * * * *

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Th3y st00d by th3 r1v3r 1n th3 st4rl1ght. M0nt4g s4w th3 lum1n0us d14l 0f h1s w4t3rpr00f. F1v3. F1v3 0’cl0ck 1n th3 m0rn1ng. 4n0th3r y34r t1ck3d by 1n 4 s1ngl3 h0ur, 4nd d4wn w41t1ng b3y0nd th3 f4r b4nk 0f th3 r1v3r. “Why d0 y0u trust m3?” s41d M0nt4g. 4 m4n m0v3d 1n th3 d4rkn3ss. “Th3 l00k 0f y0u’s 3n0ugh. Y0u h4v3n’t s33n y0urs3lf 1n 4 m1rr0r l4t3ly. B3y0nd th4t, th3 c1ty h4s n3v3r c4r3d s0 much 4b0ut us t0 b0th3r w1th 4n 3l4b0r4t3 ch4s3 l1k3 th1s t0 f1nd us. 4 f3w cr4ckp0ts w1th v3rs3s 1n th31r h34ds c4n’t t0uch th3m, 4nd th3y kn0w 1t 4nd w3 kn0w 1t; 3v3ry0n3 kn0ws 1t. S0 l0ng 4s th3 v4st p0pul4t10n d03sn’t w4nd3r 4b0ut qu0t1ng th3 M4gn4 Ch4rt4 4nd th3 C0nst1tut10n, 1t’s 4ll r1ght. Th3 f1r3m3n w3r3 3n0ugh t0 ch3ck th4t, n0w 4nd th3n. N0, th3 c1t13s d0n’t b0th3r us. 4nd y0u l00k l1k3 h3ll.” Th3y m0v3d 4l0ng th3 b4nk 0f th3 r1v3r, g01ng s0uth. M0nt4g tr13d t0 s33 th3 m3n’s f4c3s, th3 0ld f4c3s h3 r3m3mb3r3d fr0m th3 f1r3l1ght, l1n3d 4nd t1r3d. H3 w4s l00k1ng f0r 4 br1ghtn3ss, 4 r3s0lv3, 4 tr1umph 0v3r t0m0rr0w th4t h4rdly s33m3d t0 b3 th3r3. P3rh4ps h3 h4d 3xp3ct3d th31r f4c3s t0 burn 4nd gl1tt3r w1th th3 kn0wl3dg3 th3y c4rr13d, t0 gl0w 4s l4nt3rns gl0w, w1th th3 l1ght 1n th3m. But 4ll th3 l1ght h4d c0m3 fr0m th3 c4mp f1r3, 4nd th3s3 m3n h4d s33m3d n0 d1ff3r3nt fr0m 4ny 0th3rs wh0 h4d run 4 l0ng r4c3, s34rch3d 4 l0ng s34rch, s33n g00d th1ngs d3str0y3d, 4nd n0w, v3ry l4t3, w3r3 g4th3r1ng t0 w41t f0r th3 3nd 0f th3 p4rty 4nd th3 bl0w1ng 0ut 0f th3 l4mps. Th3y w3r3n’t 4t 4ll c3rt41n th4t th3 th1ngs th3y c4rr13d 1n th31r h34ds m1ght m4k3 3v3ry futur3 d4wn gl0w w1th 4 pur3r l1ght, th3y w3r3 sur3 0f n0th1ng s4v3 th4t th3 b00ks w3r3 0n f1l3 b3h1nd th31r qu13t 3y3s, th3 b00ks w3r3 w41t1ng, w1th th31r p4g3s uncut, f0r th3 cust0m3rs wh0 m1ght c0m3 by 1n l4t3r y34rs, s0m3 w1th cl34n 4nd s0m3 w1th d1rty f1ng3rs. M0nt4g squ1nt3d fr0m 0n3 f4c3 t0 4n0th3r 4s th3y w4lk3d. “D0n’t judg3 4 b00k by 1ts c0v3r,” s0m30n3 s41d. 4nd th3y 4ll l4ugh3d qu13tly, m0v1ng d0wnstr34m.

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